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since May 23, 2011
One and a quarter acre.  This year (2012) installing hugelkulture beds and incoroporating all techniques suggested by Bill Mollison for Zone 1.
Midlands, South Carolina Zone 7b/8a
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For both chickens and horses I found that it is best to leave those things alone. 

I have had horses with malignant tumors that were able to function normally until a ripe old age of 30 something. 

And a vet actually once told a buyer to leave a 'spot' alone and it would be fine.  She started picking at it and it spread to the horse's entire body.

As long as the animal is clean, has a good appetite, and is otherwise vigorous, then I just leave it alone.
2 weeks ago
I have had that on roosters in the past and it was of no consequence.  HOWEVER,

They can be the result of frostbite, pox, bruising or scratching in underbrush, fighting with other birds, etc.

Best bet is to watch the birds behavior, appetite , excrement, etc.

2 weeks ago
So what if you don't pay for any supplement?  I am covered by the VA but am planning for my husbands medical. 

If you just get medicare with no supplemental insurance - then what?  Is there anyone that does this?
2 weeks ago

Madison Woods wrote:This is my latest kestrel. All of the color came from my own paints that I make from local stones and clay. If you’re interested in the paint, I have them listed at my website ( They’re called “Paleo Paints” 😁 The painting is sold.

I am very interested in your paints.  When I was in Cuba recently a children's art program was teaching a technique of painting that used clay, coffee, and dirt.  The paintings were beautiful. 

I like the idea of using the found, recycled, and less toxic resources around me to create art.  I currently have a studio full of oil paints and acrylics but eventually I would like to transition completely to all natural and recycled products.
2 weeks ago
Since retiring I have been able to devote somewhat full time to my art - of course there is still 'growies' and cycling - so I'm not sure what full time means. 

But I love that there is an art forum here at permies and I am in awe of the posts here - some truly beautiful work.

So here is one of my favorites.  The Age of Innocence was inspired by two children playing at a local farmers market.  In this world of data, plastics, ipods games and tablets......these two children were completely fascinated with the rocks and dirt and leaves.  They were totally unaware that a large group had formed around them and were taking pictures of them. 

J Jacildone Art for Sale
2 weeks ago
I used BLURB to self publish a book for my mother. 

For a first timer with absolutely no experience I was happy with the results.  We ended up with a quality product and BLURB allows for total inexperience mode where it guides you every step of the way - to very experienced where you can set up, change, organize however you want.

Expensive product, yes. That is the downside.  However, if I decide to do it again I will use BLURB.  I am thinking about making a catalog of my art. 

2 weeks ago
"Thank you everyone. Now, I get it. What I have isn't sand. It is, fertile soil in training!"

Great attitude!!

I live in an area called the Sandhills of South Carolina so you can guess what our soil is like.  On a previous property I spent over 10 years converting sand to rich earth with what I think was great success.

I am on a new-to-me property now, all sand of course. Worm holes are the number one tool that I use along with mulching leaves into the lawn for those areas that I mow, piles of wood chips and packing green grass clippings around the base of plants.

For wormholes I do the following:

Dig a hole about three feet deep and one foot in diameter.  Put empty the daily kitchen scraps into the hole and cover with a stone or paver to keep animals out.  Keep filling until it is full cover with a bit of soil and move to another location. 

I have lizards and toads that like to move into my wormholes so I currently have three holes that I am leaving open because I don't want to disturb the two lizards and one toad that have taken up residence. 

Roses, banana plants, apples trees, citrus trees are all planted next to wormholes and doing well.  I think their roots grow into the hole.
I have been adding citrus peels to my 'wormholes' for 4 years now and my sandlot yard is converting nicely into soil that things actually grow in.  Here is a video that I recently saw about using citrus as compost.

Also, my FAVORITE thing to do with citrus, as someone mentioned above, is Limoncello. I had a really nice batch of it from lemons that I picked while in Florida.  But it's gone now.  Time to make more!!

Restoring the Amazon with citrus peels
3 weeks ago
Ditto what Su Ba said, at least 12 months, I've heard that most bananas need an 18 month growing 'cycle' to produce fruit and that would make sense that they would flower around the 12 month point.

3 months ago
Rob, LOL, I understand.

This is an Urban lot (in town) and there was already a house circa 1957.  Sort of a working class ranch style neighborhood.  Most of the houses are one bathroom but this one has two full baths.  Fairly plain but comfortable and sturdy house.

As for earth bag construction  - I do not have experience with it but I will assume that it would hold up fine.  I believe that there are some communities in the Asheville area that might have some experience with these types of construction. 
3 months ago