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since May 23, 2011
One and a quarter acre.  This year (2012) installing hugelkulture beds and incoroporating all techniques suggested by Bill Mollison for Zone 1.
Midlands, South Carolina Zone 7b/8a
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Ditto what Su Ba said, at least 12 months, I've heard that most bananas need an 18 month growing 'cycle' to produce fruit and that would make sense that they would flower around the 12 month point.

1 month ago
Rob, LOL, I understand.

This is an Urban lot (in town) and there was already a house circa 1957.  Sort of a working class ranch style neighborhood.  Most of the houses are one bathroom but this one has two full baths.  Fairly plain but comfortable and sturdy house.

As for earth bag construction  - I do not have experience with it but I will assume that it would hold up fine.  I believe that there are some communities in the Asheville area that might have some experience with these types of construction. 
1 month ago
Rob, I do have a house on the lot. My husband and I live here.  I'm not sure about your question "what did you go with?". Sorry, I'm easily confused :-)
1 month ago
Introducing The Urban Permaculture Project

Hello Permies People,
There are so many new folks here since I was last a regular contributor that I feel that I should make an introduction. I spent about 10ish years developing a semi rural permaculture demonstration farmlette that some of you may have seen in my previous posts and photos.  That is gone now and in it’s place is…..

The Urban Permaculture Project (UPP) is my new(ish) project, just about 4 years old.
The core of the UPP is an urban corner lot in Sumter, South Carolina and branching out from that core are many assorted projects.  I am currently working with The Friendship Community Garden, about a mile from here, restoring an old 70s model Schwinn to be used for transportation, consulting with a local commercial grower who is incorporating sustainable methods into his farming operation, and finishing up Master Gardener course certification.

Recently retired (2 years ago) I now also have time to do more traveling.  I returned from a trip to Cuba a couple of months ago and learned so many new things that I want to try and share.  Next week I am leaving for a short trip to Peru to hike the Inca Trail.  That to is a learning opportunity that I am eager to experience.

For today’s first photo I am featuring a picture of the ‘mini pond’.  This water feature is the standard Lowes model that a friend has had in her yard for about 10 or more years.  She didn’t want it anymore so I dug it up and installed it here at the UPP. 

I believe that some sort of water feature is essential to every growing situation.  It produces toads and frogs, dragonflies, nutrient laden water to feed plants and so on and so forth.

We are fortunate here to have an actual sidewalk – they seem to be disappearing in the USA – and I believe that sidewalks are so important to strong communities in so many ways.  Hopscotch and other artwork is displayed on the sidewalk and friends and neighbors are encouraged to contribute. 

This year, 2018, is the first year that ANYTHING has grown successfully on this barren sandy soil.  The previous 3 years of composting and mulching appears to be paying off.  There are lots of projects in the planning stages; food forest, book share, food/plant share, etc.

In my area winter time is my FAVORITE time to garden so I’m gearing up for a very active winter garden.  Looking forward to sharing those posts with you.

1 month ago
Does anyone in the southeast have garlic for sale?

I have companies in mind to order from but I always prefer to purchase from an individual when possible, especially someone who is growing in my region.

I’m looking for true garlic and elephant garlic.

I had AMAZING success years ago on another property with some elephant garlic sent to me from a man in Alabama.
Yes Leslie, I live in the Sandhills area of South Carolina. I bury wood and compost all of the time.  Many areas here are pure sand and I find burying organic matter the best way to build a good soil.  If you want to help it along even further add some worms to the hole or trench. 
6 months ago
My best gift to myself ever, the Lightning Pack.

Had to have my scooter hauled into my local Yamaha dealer because I let it sit for over a year (bad scooter mom).

One of the first things he did was whip out this little rectangle thing and start the scooter with it.  I was in total amazement as I had never seen one before.  He said he starts his hunting buddies truck with it all of the time.

I had to have one immediately.  It is part of my emergency kit.  Starts cars, scooters, charges cell phones, computers. Has flashlight and beacon.  Every kind of charging cord comes with it.  I bought mine from my local yamaha dealer but this link is to Home Depot.|THD|google|&mid=sBW7BiWnK|dc_mtid_8903tb925190_pcrid_195274179091_pkw__pmt__product_206079525_slid_&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyZLSBRDpARIsAH66VQIG5EjrCSxsv_WvhdCCl-rOwM9U65BGxrZB7P9Y3q5m2_BU6kKnJzAaAqnJEALw_wcB

7 months ago
Please send me a message and tell me how much your seeds are.  I have no idea how much it costs to mail them from France or if they would make it through customs - but I am certainly interested.
Would like to buy passion flower seeds, specifically Passiflora edulis.

I can search on other sites but I like to try buying from the permies folks first before going elsewhere.

I was told to detox by a traditional (meaning not modern medicine) doctor about 15 years ago.

Modern medicine doctors wanted to put me on lifetime meds, do surgery, etc., etc. for a multitude of problems.

My doctor also warned me that when he said detox he did NOT mean that I should take additional supplements, purge or anything else of the sort.

He said what he meant was to stop putting bad stuff in my body.  He said that the body is naturally set up to heal and detox on it’s own - but it cannot do that when it is constantly trying to heal from a daily barrage of toxins that we put into it.

He told me to drink only clean chemical free water, teas from clean plants (not sprayed or commercially processed), and real food from sources that I can depend on - grown and raised without chemicals or additives of any kind. Stop using antiperspirant, no artificial scents in the house, no fabric softener liquid or sheets, and the list of daily chemicals we use goes on and on.

This was VERY difficult to do but sourcing this food and water is what eventually led me to permaculture. Previously I had never read labels or questioned what each and every ingredient was. 

I initially went on an alkaline diet and the fatigue, joint problems, skin problems and brain fog cleared up in an amazingly short period of time.  Then I gradually included more foods in my diet but continued to ‘eat clean’ for many years.

I have fallen off the clean food wagon for the last 3 years and have paid a ‘heavy’ price; I’ve gained weight, joints are swollen and painful, skin problems are back --- so here I am - getting back on the clean food wagon again.  And it is harder than one would think to ensure that we keep toxins out of our bodies.
8 months ago