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Recent posts by hebrewfamily9 McCoy

We are looking at canning our elk and deer this year. 

Does any one have recipe they care to share? 

We are looking at pressure canning and also looking at the long heat process. Any ideas?
7 years ago
We burned it for the first 4 years. 
It seam to spread the stuff faster.

I must say i am thinking of a chemical solution at this point just not sure it will help and i hate to do that to the soil.
7 years ago
Not sure if i am in the right category.  If not feel free to move.

We have some ground the is covered with cheatgrass, Our Goats will not eat it, it dries out and be comes a big fire hazard (I have been told it has more BTU's then gasoline) is there any way to get rid of it?  I would like to plant some barley in its place have had little to no success competing with the stuff.
7 years ago
We are trying a new food mix for our milk goats, I thought I would share our results. 

We have been feeding 40% barley, 30% lentils, 20% oats, and 10% black sun flower seeds.  this has been resulting in about 4 1/2 gallons of milk a day for 4 milkers. 

Last week we started sprouting the same feed mix,  It cut our total pounds of feed down by about 40% and has not decreased our gallons of milk a day. 

Some pluses it takes them longer to eat giving more time to milk,  they love the sprouted mix a lot more, feed cost are down.

Some cons you have to remember to keep your spouts going. 

Any thoughts?
I think the amount they could forage it would depend on the season.  Less in winter and spring more in summer and fall.  We have noticed they are going after the cheat grass seed in our cheep hay that we bought for the goats.  One of the things that impressed me the most is they are fully grown in 28 days.  Not sure about the 7:1 ratio but we live in a wheat growing country so feed is cheap:)

Housing:  We moved an old shed from a foreclosed on home (Thanks Bank of America and "F" off) it is 12 x 8 we added a exterior fly for them for when we do not wish to let them fly.  I am thinking we could have as many as 70 birds in this space. 

Poop: Yep they like roofs and leave proof behind to prove it.  I have not seen one ever sit in a tree,  We are blessed with a stream, water ram, 4k in storage and shallow well for water not to mention 39 inches of rain a year.  So rain collection is not our thing.  I was looking online for some King Piegons I would like to try them but am not willing to pay the $90 shipping and $50 a bird.  The pigeon market is booming we will try to sell some next year if the $ is still working.


7 years ago
We have not eaten them yet, but planning on it when our numbers get up there.  We have 20 people in our committee to feed so need to "get our numbers up".

As I mentioned we started out with 3 breeding pairs that started laying in March, we now have 28 birds. 

We would like to get about 40 breading pairs. I have found that they lay eggs 2 sit on them about 20 days raise the young for 12 days then lay more eggs.  Our kids love to play with them, best pet in the world as they recognize individual people and are playful.

We feed 1/2 oz of food per day per bird. 40% cracked wheat, 40% black sunflower seeds, 20% pea screenings.

As I am sitting on our deck overlooking the pond typing this message I have about 14 birds flying figure 8's  over head. 

I would like to get some Kings or Giant Homers.
7 years ago
looking for pigeons any type will do.  I make trips from central Idaho to Yakima and Mt once a month. I can pick up. 
We were given 6 pigeon this last year, racing homers. They are great they eat the feed from our goats milking house and keep the barn area cleaned up.  They are cool to watch fly over our property.  I would like to get some more and different types.  Anyone have Pigeons they want to trade. 
7 years ago
We have 6 milk goats all giving us lots of milk a day.  We have been making cheese and freezing it.  I would love to find a way to can it so we do not have to use as much power.  Anyone have a good canned cheese recipe? 
7 years ago
Shalom all.

HebrewsWest is an intentional community(http://directory.ic.org/records/?action=view&page=view&record_id=23357) located in Kooskia Idaho.

We live on 16 beautiful acres with gardens, ponds, steams, and live stock.  This year we have had a couple of families start there own Homesteads leaving us with open housing and a shortage of help.  Projects that need completing for the summer, finish out door bread oven, finish pluming water ram to 4000 gallon cisterns, Helping out in the garden and green house, milking goats, storing fresh cheeses, and preserving produce.   If you are interested send us a email at Hebrewswest@hotmail.com