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Gail Moore wrote:just coming to this party. and want to thank Joe for his great BOOKS

in addition to Humanure Handbook.
I really enjoyed Zero Point. I first read both of them in the 1990's and shared them with others.

OOOOPS. i meant to say your other book BALANCE POINT!

1 year ago
just coming to this party. and want to thank Joe for his great BOOKS

in addition to Humanure Handbook.
I really enjoyed Zero Point. I first read both of them in the 1990's and shared them with others.

peace love and COMPOST!
1 year ago
Hi Raven. for those of us just coming to this party, what is the best way to buy your book?

thanks to you and to the rrest of the posters here. this sounds like a good addition to my cleaning needs.

I used Lifetree products for over 25 years. and they were great. and no longer produced.
SO I'm going with you now!
1 year ago
Brett at US Wellness Meats mentioned they are looking for third party to produce Natural Pork Rinds for their large business to sell.

US Wellness Meats already has the lard and pork. They need someone to do the Natural Pork Rind production.

I have no idea what this would entail. Yet, I know there are folks on who may be interested in this opportunity.  

US Wellness Meats is located in Canton, Missouri. Their former supplier was based in southern MO. so it sounds like a producer could be based elsewhere, yet don't know how far away.

Here is Brett's email so you or someone can contact him to find out more:

Brett Davis <>

US Wellness Meat's website.
1 year ago
Quote from Jack Nelson's earlier post. "I got a great book in a Barnes & Noble in Sioux Falls the other day.  It's by Robert Kiyosaki, and it is entitled Fake: Fake Money, Fake Teachers, Fake Assets."

I am just humbly offering an opinion here, as I almost bought this book at a bookstore.But after I sat down at the store and scanned through the book, I decided not to buy it. There was a lot of redundancy of his earlier works. And pages were missing.

I am glad the book helped you, Jack.I also think it is good for folks to do due diligence before jumping on this author's latest book.

Read reviews, especially one star reviews, folks.


As far as this topic of alternatives to facebook, I am also hoping to find such. I attempted twice in the past decade to 'do facebook'. Each time i only stayed on a very short time to attempt to be in private groups. Facebook just always felt too creepy and Big Brother to me.

Have other folks gone to MeWe?

I am part of, as well as a worldwide educational training program which has their person to person stuff on a private facebook group. I miss a significant chunk of what is happening, as I refuse to do anything on facebook.

I'd Love to share with the group a much better alternative to facebook/giving away our lives to those who commoditize (sp?) us.
Hello dear souls.

this is a deep, deep thread to read and take in.

this is my first post in these forums in several years, as i had been bedridden and unable to focus on my permaculture research and participation.

i will keep this brief and share what has been the most helpful tool for assisting me in this new chapter of healing of my lifelong chronic illnesses, depression, hopelessness, and all.

i have spent more than fifty years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, dozens of doctors, and  used other healing modalities dealing with my health and healing.  and what i am about to share has helped me more in one month than all that put together

i am not selling anything, i am just very grateful about this and want to offer hope to you.

it is called faster EFT, Eutaptics. and it quickly changes our neural connections so that our bodies can heal. it is simple and easy. and PROFOUND.

online, there are more than 1,000 videos to watch--free sessions and training where Robert Smith, the developer of fasterEFT/Eutaptics is helping others.

PLEASE check it out.

if it is okay with the moderators, i will say to do a youtube search for faster eft then add "grief", "depression", "Lyme", "addiction", pain, rape, POTS, trauma, PTSD, thyroid, cancer, weight, claustrophobia, dementia, studying, whatever may be your various illness or condition.

there are videos with folks sharing their experiences with fasterEFT/ Eutaptics and how may of them were ready to end their lives and this is what turned their life around. there are videos which show the process of how to tap.

the online sessions are great because you can tap along on yourself

tapping along with the three sessions on childhood trauma, pain, and soda addiction is where i felt the first noticeable shifts in my own pain and conditions.

many bright blessings to all of you, and please for goodness sake, check it out.

you have nothing to lose and much to gain from this trying it \

how many of us have tried everything else? and perhaps considered that death would be better than the endless, unrelenting pain and illness?

if you have questions, simply contact the folks via their website/s. they are super helpful and compassionate. as they have all come from illnesses and emotional trauma, etc. as we all have had challenging lives.  and our unconscious has been 'driving the bus' driving our lives.
1 year ago
in ways to build an affordable rain roof / vestibule over a  doorway, I found this recently.

Here is a video from a person who developed a very inventive way to make cattle panel shed.

this is part 2 of 2 videos. part one shows how he did the construction.

A good idea for affordable shed/vestibule, which can be covered with a more water proof top covering than this man did.

He came up with a really good plan. though. and for just over $100 for a four-foot wide shed.

add some knee wall to make it taller to go over the doorway.

when I build one of these, I will use 6ml 4 year infrared, anti drip greenhouse film. over the top.

anti drip keeps dew/condensation from building up and dripping on you =)
this film can be found online. www.amleonard has a page for poly remnants
which may have a smaller piece for such a project.


yes, I think rock wool is also sometimes referred to as mineral wool. it is made from waste from the
steel industry.

As you mentioned,  even though rock wool does cost a bit more than fiberglass, etc.  
it is so much better than those choices.

Roxul also makes products for exterior rain screens, etc. which I have not researched yet.


Radiant barrier. and dead air space are two considerations.

having used reflectix and armafoil. I prefer armafoil with micro perforations. this allows the breathability
and to not hold moisture up a against a wall.  

creating a dead air space if you can certainly helps.

2 years ago
HI Carey.

Congratulations on your building adventure!

Transforming one thing into something else is always full of uncharted territory.

having also lived in some interesting non conforming locations with  tiny or no budget, for now I will offer I tiny
bit of input for insulation.

I know you are still early in this building process, and not quite ready for insulation, yet here goes:

and I know that rigid foam insulation is not 'permie' to many folks, yet if you are in need and on a small budget,
this will help many folks to conserve energy and stay cool/warmer depending on the season.

two kinds of insulation I like to use are Roxul/ Rock Wool and the free closed cell/rigid foam
which I can get from a local SIPS/Structural Insulated Panel manufacturer. they give away discards,
so it is being reused/repurposed. You may be able to find SIPs making compnies in the Atlanta area.

the rock wool insulation is made from waste products. is awesome because it repel water, insects and rodents  don't it piss and poop in it. has many advantages. is super easy to install.

it cuts down on air passage. and it compresses, so it pops right in between the studs and holds tightly.  Roxul makes numerous

I also feel that installing 'way more insulation that is 'code' or most folks say, is what I prefer.

I've done places with a combined R-42 in walls, ceiling and floor.  and then able to heat with one of the
oil filled radiator heaters, such as an older DeLonghi. I find those at thrift stores and yard sales. the newer ones are
not nearly as good of quality.

an interesting observation from using the rigid foam in a past project in a non conforming location.

I had no budget for steps into the dwelling. and had some 4-foot by 6, 10and 12 foot long pieces of the rigid foam.

so we laid them on the ground for the steps and porch. 12 foot on the bottom, then the 10-foot, then the 6-foot as the porch.

Many folks will say that this foam disintegrates in full sun. Yet, this foam was in full sun for over 4 1/2 years.
and held up remarkably well during that time.

many blessings on your adventures. and I look forward to gaining some wisdom from you =)

2 years ago
Greetings. Owen has been seriously ill since August. He also may not be able to stay in Thailand where he has established an amazing
naturally built homestead and forest garden over the past 12 years.

Kelly Hart has set up a fundraiser for Owen. I will allow Kelly to describe this situation.

Owen Geiger could use our help. He is currently in a hospital in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand, the town where he has made his home for the last dozen years. Owen fell ill in mid August, 2018, while traveling in Cambodia in order to comply with visa requirements. He became very weak while treating what he thought was intestinal parasites and eventually had to be transported by ambulance to a local hospital. The Thai family that Owen had been living with immediately responded by helping him return to his home town via several other ambulance trips.

Over the first couple of weeks Owen was sustained by tube feeding and artificial breathing, as he seemed to have an infection in his lungs. Now he is breathing and eating on his own, but is still quite weak and can barely talk. He does seem be slowly improving. All of this medical attention has cost Owen and his Thai family several thousand dollars.

Unfortunately the clock is ticking with how long Owen can remain in Thailand under his current visa situation. Even though Owen has found his home in that country and has created a homestead with an amazing food forest with a caring family, the government still considers him a tourist. What he needs in order to become a permanent resident with a retirement visa is about $25,000 in his personal bank account.

So we have set up this crowd funding opportunity to help Owen gain permanent residential status and help defray his medical expenses. If we were able to raise at least $30,000 we could accomplish these goals!

Owen has devoted his life to helping other less advantaged people obtain their dreams of having a proper home, wherever they live around the world. When living in the United States he worked with Habitat for Humanity and then helped establish Builders without Borders. He has designed emergency shelters and freely given these plans to those in need. He was actively assisting folks in Haiti and in Nepal after their horrendous natural disasters. He worked with Good Earth Global to educate governmental agencies about sustainable building practices, especially earthbag building. He has helped promote these ideals through the Natural Building Blog for nearly a decade, freely providing information and advice. Owen is definitely a force for GOOD and deserves some good help in his time of need.
2 years ago