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Recent posts by Síla Rose

I am also curious to hear how the community and land is coming along.  Are you still looking for members and is there still paid work available?   This sounds like a beautiful opportunity and I hope things are going well for you!
9 months ago
Wow that climate sounds perfect, and growing all my favorite things!  We've always been interested in leaving the US but haven't managed to figure out the visa and residency logistics without a location independent income, yet.  Right now we're mini-homesteading in the Northern Marianas Islands.  Would love to hear how your new place is going!  🌅
Thank you for the suggestions and links!  I've tried using the tangen tangen twigs so far and it seems to work well.  I know the leaves are edible so I think the wood should be safe.  Avocado we also have on the island, I'll try that too!
1 year ago
I recently watched a video with Doug Simons, where he shows how to clean your teeth with a twig.  I am wondering what local woods would be safe to use. My two most prevalent options are noni (morinda citrifolia) and tangen tangen (Leucaena leucocephala).  Does anyone know if either of these would be ok?  Many thanks!!
1 year ago
I recently watched a video that suggested this for dental health.  I found a place to buy the powder but I'd ideally like to grow my own. It seems this plant is common most places, but I've never seen it here.  Because of my location (Saipan,
a US commonwealth) I can't ship in bare root plants but seeds or spores sent from the US are allowed.  Does anyone know where I could get spores from?  I've done a search and no luck yet.  Thanks!
1 year ago
It makes me so happy to hear this!  I am about halfway through the series and it's helping me remember things I already instinctively knew as a child, but forgot or repressed when I got stuck getting a full time job and living in the "modern society world".  Finally getting back to how I always knew humans were supposed to live :)). I know many people find the more magical things Anastasia does in the books unbelievable but I find it makes sense to me as well as have found similar theories in unrelated veins of research. Regardless, the message is wonderful and stands on its own which is obviously her intention. The purest truths I've found always come from people who do their best to avoid the limelight and become popular thru word of mouth.
I'm curious, how many foreigners are there joining the Russian communities?  Are they welcomed?  I hope more countries follow suit with the free hectare idea!
1 year ago
Hi Susan,
I am wondering how your homestead in the Azores is going?  My partner and I have been very interested in the Azores for about a year now and it feels to be our next step in life. We moved from the mainland US to the island of Saipan 3 years ago and have learned so much (mostly by trial and lots of error haha) on our little (rented) homestead here. We now have some experience growing fruit trees and various other edibles in the tropics and free range chickens, and look forward to learning and doing lots more to be self sufficient and live in harmony with Nature. We were musing over finding some islands with a slightly cooler climate, and suddenly my partner discovered the Azores, which neither of us had ever heard of before!  
I actually found this thread accidently while searching for someone I think I might know of from another group, who apparently replied to your thread.  So since I'm here now, I just thought I'd say Hi since I was obviously led here for some reason....;))
Take care and hope to hear from you!
1 year ago
I’m curious if you’ve moved to Dominica yet and what’s it’s like there?  How is it trying to find a place to live?  For some reason Dominica recently popped up on my radar, and while my partner and I aren’t really planning on moving anytime soon, we are always interested in learning about islands that are more permaculture aligned and offer affordable simple drama free living....for future potential ;)
There’s not much first hand info online re: actually living in Dominica as an expat so I’d be so interested to hear anything you feel like telling! :). Best of luck to you on your journey!
2 years ago
we've been considering doing something like this concept except the trees surrounding would be bananas, which are heavy feeders and super easy to grow here in the tropics. It never gets below mid 70s here so no risk of freezing. The only issue is making an adequate hole since our dirt is super rocky and hard to dig. What do you guys think, is it a good idea?
2 years ago
And thank you all for your advice! 🖤
I am really loving raising happy jungle chickens!  They are such characters.
2 years ago