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since Jul 28, 2011
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I've worked in demolition and salvage, construction, real estate, ... Currently developing bus business and expanding my knowledge on a wide array of subjects related to land development and ecologically sound energy and food production. I'm a hard core skeptic and strong believer in science. Athiest, idealist, pragmatist, inventor, thinker, learner. Developing a grand plan for turning my property into a model of energy and resource efficiency.
Victoria British Columbia-Canada
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Lots of people grow hay or other crops under power lines. If the land is suitable for that, They might let you take over management. Where I live, the land owner can take over management of stuff like that, so long as they agree that no tree will grow beyond a certain height. Those eight acres could be used for grazing or for anything else that prevents things from growing up into the power line. You may have to sign a contract, agreeing to do that, but power companies aren't looking for weeds to cut.

If you are going to take over management, it would be a good idea to gather up every bit of trash, and then see if the power company has a giant brush hog that could come in and mow everything down. Once that's done, you take over.
2 days ago
Joseph has a much more robust neck. I'd be worried about our cartoon guy if he ever took up boxing, with that chicken neck.

I've seen many people posed to look like the painting American Gothic
3 days ago
If we ruled out all of the property that had something bad done to it, there would be no where for anyone to live. It sounds like mostly surface litter. The thing to be really worried about are fluids that can seep into the ground water. Big piles of wood with lead paint on them can also be a problem. It sounds like you may need to spend a few hundred or a few thousand , getting that stuff to the dump and you'll have a nice property. Use the mess as leverage to get a better price. And maybe turn that little section into forest, instead of putting your garden there.
3 days ago
All attempts to find out who Tech times are, has failed for me. I searched it a dozen different ways, and the only information I can find is information produced by them. To me this is a red flag. I tried to find a Wikipedia page, instead I came to a page created by Tech times, explaining to me what Wikipedia is. I've experienced a similar situation when trying to find out about Infowars or others who pedal nonsense news. I'm not saying that this particular thing is nonsense, just that my inability to find information on them, leaves me to doubt.

I tried a different way. I searched the 90% thing and numerous news companies have reported the same thing. So, it sounds more legitimate now.

If anyone has any sort of review of tech times that's produced by someone not associated, I'd be interested in seeing it.
6 days ago
The rocks seem to have a bit of mildew in the cracks, but they are otherwise pretty clean. This area faces the Sun and gets quite hot in the summer. The same wall, surrounded by big fir trees, would almost certainly have some lichen on it.
1 week ago
I'm at a public park and somebody left the power box unlocked. I'm going to take it to mean that this is available for public use. I may be wrong. So I'm cooking some green beans.

I have a small insulated container that this kettle will fit into. It would be fun to make soup at Starbucks. I'll cut everything up and get it in the container, along with water, then just walk in as usual, set myself down and plug in my phone, as I always do. Then I'll plug in my luggage. I'll switch it off just as it boils. Me and Al Capone. Throwing caution to the wind and breaking the rules.
1 week ago
I am extremely outspoken. I found it's not a good idea to pretend that I'm not, because it's going to come out. This can make you friends and enemies. There are those who appreciate someone who has well-thought-out opinions, and there are those who decide that it's arrogance.

I've always had a simple rule that I will not buy alcohol for a woman. Dating sites are filled with women who would like you to take them out drinking. When it's clearly stated that you don't use the stuff and don't buy it for others, that only eliminates those who are not compatible, and at the same time sends a very positive message to like-minded women.
I witnessed some really poor behavior from many of the young men in Kenya. Some would ride by on a bike or motorcycle and hoot at the girls or yell something inappropriate. That was meant to entertain male friends that were with them. I didn't see anybody do it when he was on his own. This was certainly not the norm, but it happened often enough that I realized it was definitely a thing. A guy might get away with that in Nairobi, but many of them lived in small towns, where he would develop a reputation as that kind of guy. The girls had derogatory names for them that far exceed the publishing standards of this site.

My driver, Caleb, was always a gentleman. When he witnessed this behavior he said, "he is never going to find a good wife."  He certainly won't find one who has seen him doing that.
This is Tony. He is a quite fit 90 year old. His wife is 89. They get plenty of exercise working on their yard. I did a  house  moving job beside them last week. Tony is a major scrounge and he saved every little bit of aluminum that came off the building. He has a nice house overlooking the ocean, so he doesn't need the money, but once a scrap hound, always a scrap hound.

When he first bought the property 65 years ago, he started building the retaining wall at the front. This took a couple years, working on it whenever his job allowed. The neighborhood was developing at that time, and everyone knew that he would take every stray rock. The base of this wall is 18 in wide and it tapers to one foot. It has stood here for 65 years.

He also did lots of work at the back of the house. It was finished 60 years ago. During this time, there has been very little maintenance of any kind. The occasional touch-up of mortar. He has never had a stone fall out of it.

Tony was in the Navy and later moved into hazardous material removal. He always wore his mask and looked after himself. You don't meet many people who have lived at the same house for 65 years. Every plant, and little pond and other features were installed by Tony and his wife. They did everything as they could afford it and haven't had a mortgage in 60 years.

 Everything that Tony has built, including the house, will last much longer than he will. He did everything right and he did it once.
1 week ago

I was waiting for a flight to Kenya, at the Frankfurt Airport, when two young Kenyan guys were both walking around looking for somewhere to plug in. But it turned out that neither had a suitable plug for the electricity available in Germany. I had brought a fully charged power bank with two charge ports.

 So,  I let them plug in and we chatted about many things. It turns out that the one young fellow was deathly afraid of striking up conversations with girls. He was short and rather funny looking. I asked if he had any tricks up his sleeve, and after talking for a few minutes, I believe he has no game whatsoever. None.

So, I asked the fellows why we were all sitting together. "Because we're chatting." Yes, but the availability of electricity brought us together.

 "Get yourself a power bank and girls will sit beside you at restaurants and bus stops, for half an hour or more. Beyond that, I can't help you."

The better looking fellow sprung to his feet and proclaimed, "You have changed my life. I'm getting a power bank."

Then I asked them to consider other simple ways that they could be of service, and meet girls in the process. I told them how I always used to carry a short extension cord with 5 outlets, when visiting coffee shops in Canada. It's hot in Kenya and people are often stuck waiting for transportation in difficult places. I asked them what would happen if they always had a little bag of fruit and some water with them. "We could share it", my pupil responded. Yes, you could, and not just with young girls. Old ladies have daughters and granddaughters. Offer your seat on the bus to the old lady, and the granddaughter with her will definitely notice. They looked at me like they were talking to Hugh Hefner. Such an amazing ideas.

I have no doubt but the young fellow who already had some game, has added some of this to his repertoire.

Does anyone else have ideas to help a fellow out. I've always found that sitting in a prominent place, looking handsome, can work. But what about those who need some help. Does anyone have some tips for them.