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since Sep 24, 2011
Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft high Southern alpine climate.
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Using this space to host a pic!

1 week ago
I find that horendously expensive for splits.
1 week ago
Concrete piers ans floor reinforcement should do the trick.
3 weeks ago

Nathan Prince wrote:Sourcing materials for a RMH, cabin is 250-300sqft, r-20 walls, r-30 roof&floor, in hardieness zone 3.  As a primary heating source,   what would be an ideal flue size and bench mass volume.  Other than the heat riser and bench mass, the construction will be heavy steel (at least 1/4").
Because common pipe is in whole inches, what consideration should be given to interior diameter through the tubes?

No no no and no!

1 month ago
Bryan,  my design doesn't require much welding, if at all.

You van skip metal containers if you wish. Replacing these with double skin bells. There is tons of solutions.

I would say, go for batch. Forget thé jays.
1 month ago

Thomas Holm wrote:ISA is to spec, approx 7,7sqm.

Mass is approx 2000 kg in bricks alone. Add to that cob/clay/stone filling.

Well, explain then.

One barrel above the riser, i count 1.86m².

By the looks of your drawing, i wee two half barrels, so that's a bit less than 1.86, since the plunger tube doesn't go down to the floor. Only the active part is taken into account, not floors.
1 month ago
The convective heat is good imho, and the conductive heat in the wall is good too. Nowhere near perfect. The worse bit, is all the dust that hot air brings upstairs. It's a workshop below.
1 month ago