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Southern alps, on the French side of the french /italian border 5000ft high Southern alpine climate.
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Recent posts by Satamax Antone

Andrew, often the forms are juste burned, ans yes you need to clean fly ash. Often you make a removable top, or a cleanout door
9 hours ago
Jérémy. I think laying a Bell against your wall, if it's masonry, would be clever.

Something like this,

But may be flatter.  Along those lines.
3 days ago
Jeremy, it's been done. That's for sure. And, iirc, it's better to do the burn tunnel tall and narrow, than shallow and wide. I have always heard that the burn tunnel should be the narrowest point in the whole system, if there is a point that has to be narrower.

Tho, it's better to keep the system size constant.

Making the burn tunnel narrow or wide has effects.

First, embers and fuel exposed.

If tall and narrow, less embers and fuel are exposed to air keeping the burn hot,  but might have lots of excess air going over the burn.

Low and wide, more fuel is exposed, and embers too, to incoming air, which might cool off the fire too much.

Low and wide also has the tendency to block from embers accumulation.

Lately, i'm onto a batch and J mixture, in this case, it's real tall and real narrow.

3 days ago

John Harrison wrote:Well done Thomas! I wish we could get hold of fireclay and splits at that price over on this side of the pond... (Wales, UK)

C'mon John. You're un the land of clay ans bricks.
4 days ago
Andreas, if you cob your pipes, you don't need to seal them. Otherwise, chimney pipe aluminium tape.

And as for the top gap, You have to understand CSA or cross sectional area.

The csa is the number of square inches or centimeters the cross section of your pipe has.

And in a normal J tube, you shoot for 1.5 to 3 times that number, in ring projection.

To explain ring projection, the top of the pipe makes a ring, at which point, it's the narrowest point between top of the barrel and pipe, like if the pipe continued to the very top, touching it. In reality it is not. But you can calculate the circumference of the tube, by the top gap, and that will give you a surface, which should be at the very least 1.5 times the CSA of the pipe, and a good idea would be to have a goo 3X the csa. , if you don't care about cooking on top of the barrel. Maximum gap doesn't exist. Well, if does, when your internal surface area (isa) reaches the point gases cool down against the walls of the barrel, (or bell) and stall the drafting of the stove.
1 week ago
If you can, laying the 4 bricks on top of the burn tunnel flat, and use jst two, that would reduce the mass a bit. And adding a "P channel" would be a good idea too.
1 week ago

Satamax Antone wrote:Today's test.

Well, that latest test was very good in my opinion.  No smoke, no overfueling. Pulsating a bit. So, i know i need a bit more air, primary air, i would think.

But this core seems to raise no interest whatsoever. I thought top load was really interesting. As i don't like to bend over to load the firebox. I get less surface for cooking, but it heats up faster. Only problems i see, the riser being real close to what would be the front of the bell. And the riser that i haven't managed to shorten yet.

If some are interested, please give me your opinion, i need feedback.

1 week ago
Well, i see the problem!

I prefer it that way, flat behind the port, to increase the depression zone. I wonder what Peter has to say. It might not be that important. It's just old studies, about mechanics, and a smidge of fluid mechanics, which makes me think this way.
1 week ago
Benen, i would remove the two angled bricks behind the port here.

To create low presure areas behind the port, so the ram horns form better.

1 week ago
Well, i haven't read this book. To me, i would fit dôme rockwool, or superwool around the joint you created. Then bricks or mud around. On, may be 4" height.
2 weeks ago