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Dennis Mitchell

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since Sep 28, 2011
7b desert southern Idaho
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Connected to the internet, a map of your house exists on line. Which the NSA and the black helicopters could use for their no knock raid when you are found to be illegally harvesting government rain water.....
1 hour ago
I want to eat junk food. My brain does not crave salad. So I discipline myself to eat vegetables. As I eat them I enjoy them, but come the next meal my brain is back to craving fat, sugar, and salt. This is a similar thinking pattern as experienced by a drug addict. When I eat healthy I feel healthy. When I eat crap I feel crappy. Everybody I know eats crap. When I don’t eat crap I’m a social outcast. I don’t want to feel like crap, so I eat my vegetables. I have concluded that my brain is out to kill me.
1 day ago
My experience tells me a good school is not that important. Having a good teacher makes all the difference in the world. I’ve found them in rural Idaho and urban California. I don’t think the money a school district has makes that much difference. Lots of funding can get sucked up in administration and  never reach the student. Maybe more important than a good teacher is a good student. If they are raised with curiosity and a love of learning, they will find the teacher. On the other side a bad teacher...should not be teaching!
4 days ago
Harvested my first winecaps for the year, day before yesterday. I had close to a gallon of them. I wanted to try drying them and I knew they would not air dry. I spent three hours drying them in the oven. After all that I had less than a cup of mushrooms. Which my cat decided to eat. Later that night he tossed them up with various mouse parts. Maybe I’ll stick to freezing them!
4 days ago
Have you tried transplanting your winecap mycelium? My woodchips have become mulch for trees and pathways. I am planning another bed, but I can only do so much with out hurting my back. Progress is slow. I’m hesitant to plant in it because I started this for the mushroom crop.
1 week ago
I hear the coyotes and it sounds like they are right next door. We had chickens for years with zero problem, then they slowly started disappearing. We blamed the coyotes. Till one morning I saw the fox. So 40 years in the country, zero coyote problems. I’m happy to let them help keep the voles in check. If you don’t see a coyote killing, you just don’t know. Wild dogs, skunks, foxes, bob cats, and the occasional disturbed human are just as likely.
1 week ago
I heard them and thought my single hive had swarmed because I did not get around to checking to see if they needed a new super. I quit bee keeping because I got tired of having them die over winter. I’ve had this one hive for two years that I’ve never cracked open. It was left by my stepson. So I don’t know how I feel about having a second hive.
I do know seeing a swarm of bees always excites me. It is one of those rare occurrences that I treasure.
So I put them in an old box. Now it is up to the queen if she wants to live with us. I went ahead and put a super on the existing hive. They looked well populated so I can’t say where the swarm came from.
1 week ago
After thousands of families have lost their farms, the survivors seem to be particularly greedy and selfish. I seen this happen around our family farm. The neighbors who use to go out of their way to help have been replaced by the economic equivalent of war lords. Brave new world.
Mom died of a cancer she connected to her spraying herbicide.
2 weeks ago
I’ve always had success with corn. Even a few stocks can be hand pollinated. A garden favorite.
2 weeks ago