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Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater - tiny download version
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DVD 1: cob style

If a person was going to get just one DVD, this would be the one. A cob style rocket mass heater is "the old reliable". We have two projects to demonstrate this technique. One in a log home and one in a tipi. We put one in a tipi as part of an experiment to test how warm a person can be with a rocket mass heater and zero insulation. We interview the couple that stayed in the tipi for the first winter, with a strong focus on how comfortable they were when it was 26 degrees below zero.

This video is available here as a standalone. We tried to make it dual purpose, something that could fit within the new 4-DVD set, and something that could also fit for people that want just one video.


This is one mp4 file.  640x360.  We are trying to keep the file size small, so people can have lots of videos on their phone or similar contraptions.

This version is provided for people that are tech savvy and have limited internet stuff.  If you are not sure about what this is all about, then don't get the download version!  You want the HD streaming version HERE.

bwh-cob-640x360.mp4:   665 mb

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