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Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters 8-DVD Set as tiny download
This is eight mp4 files.  640x360.  We are trying to keep the file sizes small, so people can have lots of videos on their phone on similar contraptions.

This version is provided for people that are tech savvy and have limited internet stuff.  If you are not sure about what this is all about, then don't get the download version!  You want the HD streaming version HERE.

HD instant view$15$38$38$55
tiny (SD) download$20$45$45$65
physical DVDs (US shipping)$30$75$75$110
physical DVDs (non-US shipping)$50$95$95$130

wbs2-fire-science-640x360.mp4: 632 mb
wbs2-sneaky-heat-640x360.mp4: 853 mb
wbs2-boom-squish-640x360.mp4: 622 mb
wbs2-hot-rocket-640x360.mp4: 602 mb
bwh-cob-640x360.mp4:   665 mb
bwh-pebble-640x360.mp4:   634 mb
bwh-shippable-640x360.mp4:   600 mb
bwh-innovators-640x360.mp4:   682 mb

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Seller paul wheaton
Filename: wbs2-fire-science-640x360.mp4
File size: 617271 Kbytes
[Download wbs2-fire-science-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: wbs2-sneaky-heat-640x360.mp4
File size: 833187 Kbytes
[Download wbs2-sneaky-heat-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: wbs2-boom-squish-640x360.mp4
File size: 607253 Kbytes
[Download wbs2-boom-squish-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: wbs2-hot-rocket-640x360.mp4
File size: 587386 Kbytes
[Download wbs2-hot-rocket-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: bwh-cob-640x360.mp4
File size: 649554 Kbytes
[Download bwh-cob-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: bwh-pebble-640x360.mp4
File size: 618788 Kbytes
[Download bwh-pebble-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: bwh-shippable-640x360.mp4
File size: 585869 Kbytes
[Download bwh-shippable-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
Filename: bwh-innovators-640x360.mp4
File size: 665571 Kbytes
[Download bwh-innovators-640x360.mp4] Download Attachment
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