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This is a tutorial on how to make a review so it will show up in the review grid.


Pick a Forum to Post in

Pick an appropriate forum for your review. For example, if reviewing:

  • A book, you might want: books
  • A seed source, you might want:  seed saving / exchange / plant breeding
  • A seed company or plant nursery, you might want: resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc. or fruit trees

  • The forum DOES NOT need to be the same one that the review grid is, though it can be if that's the most suitable forum.


    Make (or Find) a Thread

    First, check to make sure there isn't already an existing thread about the book or plant source you're reviewing. The easiest way to do this is probably just to read (or ctrl+F and search) through the appropriate review grid.

    If there's an existing thread, go to that thread and post a reply!

    If there isn't an existing thread about it, you can make a new topic for your review. If you want to go above and beyond, you can make the topic a wiki. If you make it a wiki, have the first post be a quick summary of what the company is about. Then, make a reply to your wiki thread and.....


    Post Your Review

    The important thing here is to use this specific phrase: "I give this _____ # out of 10 acorns" as your first sentence. The _____ can be whatever term best describes the thing you're reviewing. The # has to be a numeral, not word (say "I give this ____ 7 out of 10 acorns" not "I give this _____ seven out of ten acorns"). You can even use decimals, if you want! Here's some correct examples:

  • I give this book 7 out of 10 acorns
  • I give this seed source 9.75 out of 10 acorns
  • I give this nursery 5 out of 10 acorns

  • If you're writing a review for The Book Review Grid, it's best for our search filters if you use the term "book." So, your first sentence would be: "I give this book # out of 10 acorns."

    If you're writing a review for Seed and Plant Review Grid, it's best for our search filters if you use the terms "seed source" for seed suppliers and companies, and "nursery" for sources for plants. So, your first sentence would be "I give this seed source # out of 10 acorns" or "I give this nursery # out of 10 acorns."

    After you write your  "I give this _____ # out of 10 acorns" as your first sentence, you can then go into detail as to why you gave them that review.


    Alert a Moderator that You Made a Review

    We might not see your review, because we're busy, or because we might have thought someone else took care of it. So, the easiest way to make sure it gets added is to just click the little "report" button on your post and say something like "Could someone add this to the review grid?" A moderator will see that alert, and then refresh the grid so it shows your review!

    That's it!

    P.S. One reason you might not be showing up on the review grid is because our grids can only hold 24 reviewers. Those with the most reviews show up in the grid. So, you might need to make a few more reviews to show up in the grid!
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