affiliate program

Become an affiliate, and start earning coin!

We have two kinds of affiliate programs:

  • Digital market affiliate: When people buy products using a link with your affiliate code, you get a percentage of that sale!

  • Thread-boost affiliate: Create a thread for a product, service, event, etc.  Convince the seller to boost that thread and earn 40%! The rest of this page is about the digital market affiliate program.  For more information about the thread boost affiliate program, click here.

Sign up to the affiliate program

Click here and follow the prompts.  There is no approval process.  You can start making affiliate links immediately.

That's it! You are now an official permies affiliate!

You will then see your personal affiliate console, which would look like this:

You can access your affiliate console at any time through this link:

As you can see under the "Explore Products" tab at the bottom, there is a list of products you can become an affiliate of. Choose a product and click the "become affiliate" button next to it.

It will then take you to a page that shows you a list of links. Each of these links contain a 'code' that identifies the affiliate, which, in fact, is you. Feel free to share any of these links as you wish, and whenever someone follows one of these link, we will make sure to work that out to your affiliate account.

You can also use your f-code to become an affiliate of any product that we sell on . For example, if your f-code is 68, you can simply append ?f=68 to any link.

For instance, here is a link to our rocket mass heater DVDs on

If your f-code is 68, your affiliate link to this product would be

Share this link, and whenever someone follows this link to buy anything on richsoil or permies, you will get your affiliate commission.

To know your f-code, take a look at the top-right corner of your affiliate console. It should show your f-code in a yellow-ish background: