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Sara Carver
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Ok, These are great, but I always wondered how to not let the stream go which ever way it wanted to while squatting. Now I SEE that they look like they are actually spreading their labia (sorry if tmi...I am a nurse) - and you know what guys do hold their penis while peeing to direct it - so what's the big deal I guess?! You're gonna clean your hands after anyways/hopefully lol. Ok so spread the labia to guide the stream!! I learned something.
Anna Birkas
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

This next video shows the Chickfly pants in ACTION...

Anna Birkas
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Hi Folks, I did this podcast a long time ago and have been working on the Chickfly pants ever since (as well as the peeing technique) . I am happy to announce that I will be launching on Kickstarter on January 12th. I would love to have your support. Please check out the webpage at, sign up for the mailing list so you can help spread the word and get updates, and have a look at some of our videos...
Rose Pinder
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Hi Anna, just wondering how the chick fly pee pants are going. Would you consider selling the pattern online for those of us that live far away?
Anna Birkas
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

I have sent the pants to the seamstress for a better prototype than my original and hope to have the kickstarter campaign up soon. I will post here as soon as I have it up. Glad to see there is interest- they a great pants - super comfy and look good too!
Corky Love
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

I really appreciated the sun-baked rock/driftwood as dabbers idea.

I've already posted how I handle outdoor urination in the main thread, but I feel that this tidbit was valuable - something to share with my daughter.

I would call the 'entire package' the crotch - from mons to perineum. The terms used in the podcast were perfectly accurate, thank you. Oddly, I like 'pink bits'. I've always associated 'yoni' directly with vagina - probably only my interpretation, so I really appreciate the use of vulva and all the other specific terms. I respect and feel respected when the 'pink bits' are properly and accurately named in clear and honest discussion.
Timothy Brogan
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Steph Michelle wrote:Is there any more information on those pants? Link to the kickstarter?

I asked if she had any links to her projects just before I posted this and she replied that she didn't at this time but would pass them along when she did. I imagine they will end up here when they are established.

Joy Brown
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Peeing outdoors is only as difficult as you make a woman with a bladder disease that needs to pee more often than anyone can think possible. I have learned ever way you can pee outdoors without total nudity on the interstate or in the forest.And the may products out there for helping those with the the need to pee..
Just ask I will be happy to enlighten anyone.
Steph Michelle
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Is there any more information on those pants? Link to the kickstarter?
Theresa Lim
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

Interesting and informative podcast but I must add that it is never a good idea to reserve urine till later. It can lead to UTI's in both men and women so it's always best to completly empty the bladder no matter how you have to accomplish it.
Timothy Brogan
Post     Subject: Podcast 211: Women Peeing Outdoors

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Paul brings up the subject of women peeing outdoors and mentions how he has been trying to make a video on this subject for a long time and the difficulties in getting women to participate.

Anna Birkas who is in the process of writing a book called "How to Pee Without TP", leads the conversation and describes in great detail the methods and maintenance of peeing in the great outdoors and doing so comfortably. She is also designing a line of pants for women that allow them to pee more easily when outdoors. Jocelyn adds her views and observations on the process as well.

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