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plants ! Which "weed" do you dislike the most?
[ 1, 2 ]
55 Steve Thorn 1 minute ago
Ryan Hobbs
urban Can I get something to grow in a tiny backyard with 5 small dogs trampling about? 4 Marlo Blythe 37 minutes ago
Marlo Blythe
plants Ground cover id - Vinca minor, Periwinkle 3 Chris Emerson 43 minutes ago
Chris Emerson
forest garden Kicking Off the 2019 Maple Syrup Season 0 Matt Leger 43 minutes ago
Matt Leger
fruit trees Fruit Trees and Berries that Grow Best in Your Area Naturally- Temperate Zone 8 W Steve Thorn 44 minutes ago
Sara Rosenberg
pex / pep brainstorming for natural medicine
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
W Nicole Alderman 1 hour ago
BeeDee marshall
repair Relics from my parents barn 12 Brian Rodgers 1 hour ago
Timothy Markus
wheaton laboratories a couple of pics
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <22, 23, 24 ]
239 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
Jocelyn Campbell
crowdfunding Need suggestions for Interview questions for the authors of Building a Better World in Your Backyard 6 Tracy Wandling 1 hour ago
wayne fajkus
agile work Patreon is changing to a three plan system 1 r ranson 1 hour ago
Timothy Markus
tiny house Natural foundation for log cabin 9 Dustin Fife 2 hours ago
Simon Malik
permaculture One time only till 5 Eleanor Froelich 2 hours ago
wayne fajkus
intentional community Southern Colorado GaiaPermaFarm 0 Dave Rod 2 hours ago
Dave Rod
projects Ludi's Projects 2019 4 Tyler Ludens 2 hours ago
wayne fajkus
upcycling What is a new purpose for these? Ideas? 9 Jenn Bertrand 3 hours ago
Pearl Sutton
city repair What's right about grocery stores? 23 Joshua Myrvaagnes 3 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
plants Temperate climate warming spices 2 L. Tims 4 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
chickens Crazy Chicken Lady 3 Kelly Beck 4 hours ago
thomas rubino
food as medicine Seeking foods that help heal nerve and spinal cord damage 31 r ranson 4 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
pex / pep PEP Badge: Animal Care W Shawn Klassen-Koop 5 hours ago
Dave Burton
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.sprouts- Grow Sprouts for Chickens W Dave Burton 5 hours ago
Dave Burton
blatant advertising To all organic gardeners and farmers 1 Yury Smirnov 5 hours ago
paul wheaton
goats, sheep and llamas Question about deer and fencing 6 nate sherve 5 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
rocket mass heaters A linear RMH design idea for my tiny house. 5 john Harper 5 hours ago
thomas rubino
permaculture real estate Permaculture farm with Huge potential for eco turism and permaculture center, Ocean front, Tenerife 1 Michael Sol 5 hours ago
Michael Sol
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.catchbees- Catch a Honey Bee Swarm W Dave Burton 7 hours ago
Michael Cox
rocket mass heaters Help needed for a 6" rocket stove conversion to a cyclone batch style stove 3 Orin Raichart 7 hours ago
Peter van den Berg
cooking Ryan's Pasta Megapost (with some pictures) 4 Ryan Hobbs 7 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
urban What sprouts/microgreens are edible? 5 Hank Fletcher 7 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
solar Solar shower gravity hot water project 12 Malcolm Thomas 8 hours ago
Malcolm Thomas
natural building Using Wood Ash as Floor Insulation..? 10 trish beebe 8 hours ago
trish beebe
rocket ovens Added another rack to Rocket Oven. 0 Mart Hale 8 hours ago
Mart Hale
intentional community Sedona, AZ affordable residence for artists 0 Maxeem Konrardy 9 hours ago
Maxeem Konrardy
cob Earthen Plasters & Paints, Middletown CA April 19-21, 2019 0 Brenda Quintero 10 hours ago
Brenda Quintero
cob Empowering Women ~ Sculpted Cob Basics 3-day Workshop 0 Brenda Quintero 10 hours ago
Brenda Quintero
meaningless drivel hot water heater vs cold water heater 5 William LeMieux 11 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
homestead Heirloom organic seeds for your garden! 3 Yury Smirnov 11 hours ago
Yury Smirnov
solar Through the wall solar oven 1 Orin Raichart 11 hours ago
Hugo Morvan
permaculture Amazing ploskorez - to replace usual spade, hoe, rakes etc... 28 Yury Smirnov 11 hours ago
Yury Smirnov
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.haybale- Make One Bale of Hay W Dave Burton 11 hours ago
Dave Burton
soil Till, cover crop and till again? 20 Chris Emerson 12 hours ago
Chris Emerson
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.fecaltest- Fecal Parasite Test W Dave Burton 12 hours ago
Dave Burton
writing Input from Radicals... urban permaculture methods 9 Patrick Stanton 12 hours ago
Ryan Hobbs
pex / pep Metal working badge brainstorming 30 Peter Ellis 12 hours ago
David Huang
wheaton laboratories Robbie's Permaculture Bootcamp experience
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
45 Robbie Bassen 12 hours ago
Robbie Bassen
mulch Sheet mulching around 2 apple and 1 cherry trees for spring companion planting? (Olympia, WA) 9 Margaret Townsend 12 hours ago
Chris Emerson
woodworking Can one make cedar shingles without a froe-like device? 16 Nicole Alderman 12 hours ago
Gerry Parent
conservation Tank or tankless water heaters - what's better? 6 John Weiland 13 hours ago
frank li
hugelkultur Permaculture architect? Zone 5b central Illinois 1 Cheryl lyrehc 13 hours ago
Dillon Nichols
tinkering with this site Issue with video embbeding and quotes not working 4 Devin Lavign 13 hours ago
Devin Lavign
pex / pep PEP BB Animal.sand.insect - Build an insect hotel W Mike Jay 13 hours ago
Mike Jay
pex / pep PEP BB Animal.sand.bat - Build a bat house W Mike Jay 13 hours ago
Mike Jay
meaningless drivel what would you want in a permies women's retreat at wheaton labs? 21 Jocelyn Campbell 14 hours ago
Katie Green
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.bonesauce- Make Holzer Bone Sauce W Dave Burton 14 hours ago
Dave Burton
rocket mass heaters Identifying Fire Brick 10 Alex Veidel 14 hours ago
Gerry Parent
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.livetrap- Live Mouse Trap W Dave Burton 14 hours ago
Dave Burton
pex / pep PEP BB Animal.sand.ladybug - Build a ladybug house W Mike Jay 14 hours ago
Mike Jay
pex / pep PEP BB animal.sand.milking- Milk Cow or Goat W Dave Burton 14 hours ago
Dave Burton
pex / pep PEP BB Animal.sand.bee - Build a mason bee house W Mike Jay 14 hours ago
Mike Jay
soil the quest for super soil
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
116 Bryant RedHawk 14 hours ago
Hans Quistorff