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biointensive Struggling with biointensive ('How to Grow More Vegetables' book) 13 Charli Wilson 20 minutes ago
Xep Arkonatitlan
market garden Creating New Beds for a Market Garden 0 Jerry Ward 42 minutes ago
Jerry Ward
plants Landrace Squash photos and discussion
[ 1, 2 ]
52 William Schlegel 45 minutes ago
David Joly
fungi Help identifying a beautiful tree! 0 Robert Swan 1 hour ago
Robert Swan
woodworking Farmhouse table 0 Rufus LaRossa 1 hour ago
Rufus LaRossa
bugs caterpillar identification? Green with horn on his arse. 4 r ranson 1 hour ago
Deb Rebel
fungi How to redesign a small food forest after parasitic fungus contamination ? 10 Erwin Decoene 1 hour ago
Xep Arkonatitlan
bugs Post Cool Bug Pics 24 Scott Foster 1 hour ago
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
plants How to vegetatively propagate Cnidoscolus stimulosus? 3 Benton Lewis 1 hour ago
Benton Lewis
wheaton laboratories a couple of pics
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ]
208 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
Jocelyn Campbell
personal care if you can regenerate decaying teeth maybe you can cure most things 14 rob o'dochartaigh 1 hour ago
rob o'dochartaigh
bugs Wow! I discovered wasps are good for something 0 r ranson 1 hour ago
r ranson
recycling ! mending our you?
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
81 Judith Browning 2 hours ago
bobbie joh
forest garden Animals eat sugar cane, pawpaw? 7 Katie Jarvis 3 hours ago
Su Ba
chickens Why won't all my hens lay eggs? 7 Darrin Neagoy 3 hours ago
Darrin Neagoy
fungi Paul Stamets New Lecture - fungi, bees, trees, bears and resistance to viruses and colony collapse. 29 allen lumley 3 hours ago
Mike Lansing
earthship Attached greenhouse questions 19 Jim Grieco 3 hours ago
Tania Thorn
personal care shark week: pads, tampons, cups, free bleeding, etc.
[ 1, 2 ]
54 paul wheaton 3 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
textile tools What do I have here? 4 Rachel Howe 3 hours ago
r ranson
intentional community 30 Acre Farm surrounded by trees 0 Josie Filbert 4 hours ago
Josie Filbert
pollinators This year's visitors to my Garden. 2 Remi McDuff 5 hours ago
Remi McDuff
repair Repairing cracked ceramics 12 r ranson 5 hours ago
Edwin Snell
meaningless drivel I've had it with "pet chickens" 24 Will Holland 5 hours ago
William Bronson
rocket mass heaters " Fake fire brick "
[ 1, 2 ]
41 allen lumley 5 hours ago
Steve Shelton
natural building Pole barn with cordwood walls in central arkansas frosts depth of 12". 0 Phillip Benjamin 6 hours ago
Phillip Benjamin
critter care We have Monarch butterflies and caterpillars: Creating a Monarch Habitat
[ 1, 2 ]
46 Anne Miller 6 hours ago
Anne Miller
tinkering with this site Please test: Buy digital market threads without logging in 8 Devaka Cooray 7 hours ago
paul wheaton
medicinal herbs herbs for smoke inhalation or respiratory stress from dust, etc. 6 Jocelyn Campbell 7 hours ago
Joshua Parke
gardening for beginners Frost got us last night - What to do about squash and sweet potatoes? 13 Mike Jay 7 hours ago
Mike Jay
forest garden Drought & Killer Heat Wave 4 Marianne Cicala 7 hours ago
Marianne Cicala
cooking Basil Flower Vinegar 1 Ryan Hobbs 8 hours ago
Elanor Pog
fermentation Anyone know how to measure Apple Cider Vinegar acidity without fancy equipment? 7 Mike Jay 8 hours ago
Elanor Pog
meaningless drivel it's fall - mother-@!*$%s! 18 Jocelyn Campbell 8 hours ago
John Pollard
meaningless drivel doom and gloom movie laughter 13 r ranson 8 hours ago
Elanor Pog
permaculture singles 58 yo SWF in NC foothills 14 Sharon Reece 9 hours ago
Sharon Reece
meaningless drivel Arrrr, here be treasure: The value of knowing your property well 5 Nicole Alderman 10 hours ago
Harry Soloman
dvds, movies, videos and documentaries !!!!!!!!! Farming, rangeland, and environmental movies in Arabic : preventing the next war 1 hans muster 10 hours ago
hans muster
greening the desert Permaculture attempt in high desert of California
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
103 Sam Fel 17 hours ago
Guadagno Attilio-Cesare
greening the desert Ice Stupa Artificial Glacier Project 21 Claudio Nirvana 17 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
meaningless drivel This was how I was taught to talk to a black bear 4 r ranson 18 hours ago
bob day
woodland Working orchards into an existing forest in western wa 15 Robert Swan 18 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
passive solar PVC pipe for earth tubes, Kansas City area 6 Pearl Sutton 19 hours ago
bob day
medicinal herbs Natural relief for hot flashes/night sweats 12 Karen Donnachaidh 19 hours ago
Karen Donnachaidh
rocket mass heaters Shippable cores - progress report 10 Brian James 19 hours ago
Brian James
rainwater catchment siphoning hack--a solution that sucks! (for right-now transferring needs) 6 Joshua Myrvaagnes 20 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
meaningless drivel hot dogs around the world 11 paul wheaton 20 hours ago
Deb Rebel
food as medicine helping a senior couple eat for health and mental clarity 25 Jocelyn Campbell 21 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
plants Can you grow rice in zone 8 (pacific northwest)? 15 Brandon Karhu 23 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
digital market Care and Feeding of Rocket Mass Heaters - HD streaming (30 minutes) W paul wheaton 1 day ago
Ellie Strand
decision making National Preparedness Month: What are you doing/have done to prepare? 4 Nicole Alderman 1 day ago
Deb Rebel
pdc artifacts Food Forest Card Game - Game Forum 21 Karl Treen 1 day ago
Karl Treen
cascadia Moved !! Growing rice in PNW USDA Zone 8 3 Scott McBride 1 day ago
Scott McBride
tinkering with this site Please test: Gift digital market thread 5 Devaka Cooray 1 day ago
Devaka Cooray
cascadia !!!!! coordinators needed for 2017 NW Permaculture Convergence 1 Laura Sweany 1 day ago
Jocelyn Campbell
permaculture purple permaculture vs. brown permaculture
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
139 paul wheaton 1 day ago
Tim Pasanen
organic Turning new ground. hints and tips required. 5 Skandi Rogers 1 day ago
Steve Farmer
volunteer offerings NEOregon small farm looking for helper in exchange for rent 6 Laura Skovlin 1 day ago
Laura Skovlin
plants Too late to divide comfrey? 1 Dar Helwig 1 day ago
Roberto pokachinni
trees Advice on first time peach tree blooming 31 Bruce Woodford 1 day ago
Bruce Woodford