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grains and pseudograins Do you wonder how long humans have raised grains? 20 Bryant RedHawk 2 minutes ago
Dale Hodgins
plants How long until nitrogen fixers fix nitrogen? 26 Todd Parr 51 minutes ago
Rebecca Norman
wild harvesting Giant puff balls edible ? 11 David Livingston 57 minutes ago
Dale Hodgins
appalachia Transgender Woman in TN Seeks to Join Compatible Southern IC 2 Krissy Ramsey 1 hour ago
Rebecca Norman
cover crops New to cover crops looking for ideas. 12 Travis Stumpf 1 hour ago
Travis Stumpf
rocket mass heaters Non-cylindrical Oil tank For RMH? 5 Nolan Zemanski 1 hour ago
Nolan Zemanski
horses, donkeys and mules Why burros,donkeys,or mules? 7 Ben Mosley 1 hour ago
Ben Mosley
permaethos Announce !!!!! PermaEthos PDC - Huge Sale and Last Chance to Get In 6 Josiah Wallingford 1 hour ago
Josiah Wallingford
roundwood and timber framing Need advice, gotta get a real roof on my cabin offgrid im living in it
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61 Dustin Nemos 3 hours ago
Mike Jay
biochar small explosion - a cautionary tale 15 Todd Parr 3 hours ago
Ryan Hobbs
greenhouses Seasonal greenhouse cover for my porch 4 sarah wilson 4 hours ago
Gail Moore
natural fibers and materials organic tank top - making my own? 7 r ranson 4 hours ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
nibblers Protecting new fruit trees from voles 3 Callandra Caufield 5 hours ago
Gail Moore
frugality Repurposing a deep freeze as a root cellar without digging? 9 Wes Hunter 5 hours ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
nibblers Snail farming - making good use of a "pest" 17 Wj Carroll 5 hours ago
Wj Carroll
biodynamic Culturing Uric Acid Loving Bacteria from Enzyme Cleaners 0 Amy Escobar 6 hours ago
Amy Escobar
meaningless drivel Happiness is ... 0 Todd Parr 6 hours ago
Todd Parr
soil !!!!!!! What we need to know about Soil
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82 Bryant RedHawk 9 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
finishes Stucco on a roof 7 William Bronson 10 hours ago
William Bronson
tinkering with this site Better Wood Heat: Digital Download (Scubbly) support thread
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
107 Destiny Hagest 10 hours ago
Bobby Emory
transportation Garden Monorail 16 Henry Jabel 11 hours ago
William Bronson
pigs New, seeking advice starting up a pastured pork business 1 Ron Metz 11 hours ago
Ferne Reid
plants Autumn Olives dying 9 Todd Parr 11 hours ago
Todd Parr
tinkering with this site Improving Fiber Arts category 2 r ranson 11 hours ago
Judith Browning
gardening for beginners Starting our raised annual bed 1 Callandra Caufield 11 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
tinkering with this site 2016 kickstarter support for physical dvds of "Better Wood Heat"
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58 paul wheaton 11 hours ago
paul wheaton
bugs identifying bees vs. yellowjackets 24 paul wheaton 11 hours ago
Kyle Neath
animal fibers Hand spinning on a production scale - tools of the trade 11 r ranson 12 hours ago
r ranson
tiny house Very tiny house on trailer 0 Dale Hodgins 12 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
workshops 3D Printer Build Workshop - August 12, 2017 0 Marcin Jakubowski 12 hours ago
Marcin Jakubowski
rockies Wyoming PBS Farm to Fork Programs 18 Miles Flansburg 14 hours ago
Miles Flansburg
electrical Solar noob seeks advice, offgrid two months now. 35 Dustin Nemos 14 hours ago
Steven George
dvds, movies, videos and documentaries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Great American Farm Tour 36 Justin Rhodes 14 hours ago
Miles Flansburg
trees Need your advice on trees... 3 Rebecca Lavallee 15 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
wheaton laboratories permaculture bootcamp - learn permaculture through a little hard work
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
132 paul wheaton 15 hours ago
paul wheaton
trees Grafting american chestnut to beech? 17 Maxime bisson 15 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
composting Probiotics for the Soil? 6 Anne Miller 16 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
natural building homecrete 4 tony uljee 16 hours ago
tony uljee
tiny house Psychology and Tiny Houses 33 Kevin EarthSoul 16 hours ago
Deb Rebel
finishes Came across a cheap steel structure - any ideas on ways to make it more livable/green 4 Scott Rawz 16 hours ago
Anne Miller
roundwood and timber framing Roundwood arbor, on ledge? 6 Sarah Houlihan 17 hours ago
Travis Johnson
meaningless drivel jokes
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243 paul wheaton 17 hours ago
duane hennon
frugality Bicycle inner tubes? 9 Genevieve Higgs 17 hours ago
tony uljee
medicinal herbs Common weed kills cancer 1 John Saltveit 21 hours ago
Burra Maluca
digital market double chamber cob oven plans - download 16 Cassie Langstraat 22 hours ago
Rachel Gooker
market garden How to build foot traffic for a small town Farmer's Market 9 Merry Bolling 23 hours ago
Lila Stevens
apple trees tree training 10 Beth Mouse 1 day ago
Beth Mouse
cascadia Lodging-for-Building Exchange on Marrowstone Island, Washington 0 Lisa Van Horn 1 day ago
Lisa Van Horn
plants Raspberry plant problems 16 Melissa Albanese 1 day ago
Marcus Billings
natural building balecob home on earthbag foundation--building progress 8 Daniel Ray 1 day ago
Daniel Ray
rainwater catchment Prepare site for large tanks 11 Figmo Madonna 1 day ago
Figmo Madonna
small farm The Post-Apocalyptic Permaculture Pig
[ 1, 2 ]
45 Ross Raven 1 day ago
Nicole Alderman
ponds Series of ponds along seasonal stream 18 Daron Williams 1 day ago
Daron Williams
volunteer offerings Seeking Permaculture People 3 steve barker 1 day ago
Peter Oakland
woodland Woodlanders - A crowd funded series documenting forest cultures 11 Sam White 1 day ago
Wj Carroll
plants Plant ID help please 3 Todd Parr 1 day ago
Todd Parr
plant fibers ! Linen Flax - Flax plant for spinning and weaving
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
111 r ranson 1 day ago
Joseph Lofthouse
urban bamboo in containers for summer shade? 3 Steven Kovacs 1 day ago
Bryant RedHawk
hugelkultur Plastic-free wicking bed? 9 A. M. Watters 1 day ago
A. M. Watters
rainwater catchment calculating water needs in Mediterranean clime 8 r ranson 1 day ago
r ranson