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tiny house Using car decking as the floor in a tiny house? 2 anna het 3 minutes ago
anna het
soil Liquid verses granular and the sprayer 2 Adam Oaktree 21 minutes ago
Adam Oaktree
tinkering with this site advertising on W paul wheaton 23 minutes ago
paul wheaton
soil Is it all enough to get life into your soil in order to have good soil and great results ? 4 mostafa ismail 25 minutes ago
mostafa ismail
forest garden Viney mess to destroy...maybe 2 Jaime Chestnut 26 minutes ago
Jaime Chestnut
greenhouses Geodesic domes 6 Michael Scarboro 39 minutes ago
Frederic Constant
plants Perennial Pumpkin - Cucurbita ficifolia 28 Burra Maluca 48 minutes ago
Kris Mendoza
natural building can I build a temporary house and later convert it into an auxiliary structure? 7 Alex Grish 52 minutes ago
Fred King
market garden How to build foot traffic for a small town Farmer's Market 6 Merry Bolling 57 minutes ago
Merry Bolling
earthworks Building Stairs 10 Maureen Atsali 1 hour ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket mass heaters Questions for you Rocketeers 0 Eugene Howard 1 hour ago
Eugene Howard
plants Paddle Cactus, Nopales.... my quest for lots of fruits to help control blood pressure 2 Deb Rebel 1 hour ago
Dan Boone
toxin-ectomy Poo-less and conditioner-less for Curly hair?? 9 Miranda Converse 1 hour ago
Liz Hoxie
soil Composting fabrics 3 jared strand 1 hour ago
Bryant RedHawk
rainwater catchment LDPE pond liner as roofing membrane for workshop? 8 Paul Ryan 1 hour ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket mass heaters Insurance company OK's my RMH! 7 Bruce Woodford 1 hour ago
Eugene Howard
plants Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium 10 Rory Turnbull 1 hour ago
Anne Miller
ducks and geese Duck bedding around pond and run? 3 Steve Stanek 1 hour ago
Steve Stanek
gardening for beginners Please help I cant germinate eggplant seeds 9 cameron johnson 2 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
cattle Cell grazing: Where do I separate my bull to? 7 Rosco Angel 2 hours ago
Wes Hunter
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Wanna Build a Farm? Boulder CO 2 Alec Solimeo 2 hours ago
Andrea Redenbaugh
market garden Marketing long distance 7 Dan Reimer 3 hours ago
Travis Johnson
market garden Creating soil in a new garden on the side of a hill 7 Pavel Mikoloski 3 hours ago
Maureen Atsali
vegan vegan acne treatments 3 Alisa Corwin 3 hours ago
Alisa Corwin
wind Energy return on investment
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85 Satamax Antone 3 hours ago
Travis Johnson
politics Dear non-anarchists,
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
102 evan l pierce 3 hours ago
Dawn Hoff
tinkering with this site !! Thread Boost feature 14 paul wheaton 5 hours ago
Judith Browning
plants Harvesting seeds from your groceries
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96 R Ranson 7 hours ago
Rez Zircon
homestead Homesteading in Northern California or Oregon 7 Kristen Phillips 7 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
frugality Using coconut oil as a face moisturizer? 8 Annah Rachel 7 hours ago
Leona Allen
workshops So, there is a hope .... urban permaculture workshops in Warsaw, Poland 0 Richard Gorny 7 hours ago
Richard Gorny
soil !!!!!!!!!! Eat Your Dirt - The Online Summit you don't want to miss! 7 Tracy Wandling 8 hours ago
Marisol Dunham
cattle Water on Rented Pasture 4 Stephanie Bradshaw 8 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
gardening for beginners Newbie question- Vege garden location has no sun mid winter. No good? 4 N Taylor 9 hours ago
Marco Banks
market garden Ruth Stout style market garden, is it worth it? 4 Dave Dahlsrud 9 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
hugelkultur pine trees for H.K. 7 adam gamble 9 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
living art Garden picture exchange!
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453 Mark Boucher 10 hours ago
Abbie john
market garden Permaculture in the tropics, cloud rainforest 0 Tomás Dozier 10 hours ago
Tomás Dozier
permaculture design course listings PDC in Brazil 0 Andre Soares 10 hours ago
Andre Soares
online learning Sites for folks to go, for spreading Permacultural Ideas? 19 Roberto pokachinni 11 hours ago
Angela Aragon
midwest usa Looking for a permaculture designer in Missouri 2 Bill Seidlitz 13 hours ago
Jami Gaither
workshops Cob workshops in the midwest 1 Lakin Allen 13 hours ago
Jami Gaither
social justice The Little Guy Won! 6 Travis Johnson 13 hours ago
Bill Erickson
medicinal herbs treating infections without antibiotics 13 Cassie Langstraat 13 hours ago
Angelika Maier
market garden Second career as market gardener? 2 Brandy Armstrong 13 hours ago
Angelika Maier
medicinal herbs any herbs that heal the mind like psychedelics but are not hallucinogens nor are scary? 19 Wesley johnsen 14 hours ago
Angelika Maier
grey water Discharging grey and black water through dormant reed beds in winter - what happens? 5 Greg B Smith 14 hours ago
Angelika Maier
gardening for beginners Gardening under trees 11 Jeffery pinkston 14 hours ago
Angelika Maier
solar How to Make Your Own Emergency Home Battery Bank.
[ 1, 2 ]
40 Cassie Langstraat 14 hours ago
Ty Morrison
gear Electric water pump, for irrigation from a creek 9 Seva Tokarev 14 hours ago
Ty Morrison
alternative energy Low-tech DIY storage battery 25 Ty Morrison 14 hours ago
Ty Morrison
alternative energy DIY batteries 7 Bill Bianchi 14 hours ago
Ty Morrison
plants Yams (Dioscorea Alata) 0 Caspar Winterstein 14 hours ago
Caspar Winterstein
market garden Balancing efficiency with diversity 4 Wes Hunter 15 hours ago
Zach Loeks
cascadia Huge problem with blossom end rot, looking for advice 9 Kathleen Driscoll 15 hours ago
Kathleen Driscoll
tinkering with this site Permaculture Inner-circle Elite (PIE)
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W paul wheaton 16 hours ago
Deb Rebel
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
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109 Joseph Lofthouse 17 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
earthworks Waynes water projects 24 wayne fajkus 17 hours ago
wayne fajkus
rainwater catchment Is non-potable water OK for washing/rinsing dishes? 8 Jami Gaither 18 hours ago
Mike Byrne