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organic Drying mold? 0 Joellen Anderson 17 minutes ago
Joellen Anderson
market garden Okra help, I really need it 23 Deb Rebel 42 minutes ago
Deb Rebel
market garden We're Growing (love you Joseph Lofthouse, too) 2 Deb Rebel 1 hour ago
Deb Rebel
fungi ID? A polypore that digests OSB plywood 1 Fredy Perlman 1 hour ago
John Saltveit
trees Sparse fruit on ungrafted Cherry tree 4 Esther Platt 1 hour ago
Nicole Alderman
small farm Panic at Sunrise 8 Kaye Harris 2 hours ago
Maureen Atsali
straw bale house Straw bale post & beam 0 D. Moonstone 2 hours ago
D. Moonstone
wheaton laboratories evan's ant village log
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1014 evan l pierce 3 hours ago
Julia Winter
tinkering with this site Where are the links ? 1 J Mein 3 hours ago
raven ranson
midwest usa Smitten for the Mitten
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
101 Brad Davies 3 hours ago
Chris Watson
wheaton laboratories PDC Photos of the Day! 0 Priscilla Smith 3 hours ago
Priscilla Smith
predators Repel raccoons with peppermint? 12 Joel Bercardin 4 hours ago
Joel Bercardin
digital market permaculture playing cards e-book download
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W Tracy Wandling 4 hours ago
Ashley Reyson
alternative energy Wash your car without water? Or don't wash it at all? 7 MJ Solaro 5 hours ago
raven ranson
wheaton laboratories PDC Photos of the Day! 0 Priscilla Smith 5 hours ago
Priscilla Smith
homestead The age old question; where to homestead? 9 Jen Fan 5 hours ago
Mike Jay
grey water Any thoughts on treating greywater for long term storage? 1 Peter VanDerWal 6 hours ago
Tyler Ludens
living art Garden picture exchange!
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478 Mark Boucher 6 hours ago
Sarah Houlihan
trees Wanted: Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes for Hardiness Zone 5b - Racine, Wisconsin 10 Will Harvill 6 hours ago
Will Harvill
trees Persimmons, zone 8a/desert of Utah, video from start to finish, rain water harvesting. 12 Scott Tenorman 6 hours ago
Will Harvill
plumbing kitchen plumbing 2 Rigoberto De La Portilla 7 hours ago
Peter VanDerWal
tiny house Detachable trailer 2 Leonard Allen 7 hours ago
Leonard Allen
wheaton laboratories We need cushions for the PDC & ATC! 23 Tracy Wandling 7 hours ago
paul wheaton
horses, donkeys and mules what animals with a horse ? 18 Guy De Pompignac 8 hours ago
tamara dutch
wood burning stoves Thermosyphon radiant floor heating with wood stove? 2 D. Moonstone 8 hours ago
bob ellis
rocket mass heaters Clay in Newfoundland 0 Dave Fisher 8 hours ago
Dave Fisher
wheaton laboratories 2017 Homesteaders PDC (permaculture design course) & ATC (appropriate technology course) in Montana
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W paul wheaton 8 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
plant fibers ! Linen Flax - Flax plant for spinning and weaving
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106 raven ranson 8 hours ago
raven ranson
city repair For the neighbors. 0 Roger Rhodes 9 hours ago
Roger Rhodes
permaculture singles GAY - Looking for permaculture social groups 0 Frank Cabas 9 hours ago
Frank Cabas
pigs piggy paradise in peril ! 6 thomas rubino 9 hours ago
thomas rubino
kids Anyone have kids for sale? 16 Dale Hodgins 9 hours ago
Larry Bock
meaningless drivel Volunteers that make you go Hmm! 6 Rebecca Norman 9 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
permaculture singles GAY -- Adventure lover -- SWM 4 Single Man 4 peter Tink 9 hours ago
Frank Cabas
bread Kefir Bread Recipes 8 Daniel Ray 9 hours ago
Thekla McDaniels
wheaton laboratories Does Wheaton labs have a vehicle co-op? 1 Sydney Cohn 9 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
projects Rhubarb Micro Village Challenge 4 evan l pierce 9 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
appalachia Farm needs some help - Talbott, TN 0 Edward Stanley 9 hours ago
Edward Stanley
earth bag Ultra-efficient underground earthbag cones 14 bob ellis 10 hours ago
Bill Smythe
blatant advertising Sunroots For Sale: Genetically diverse. Prolifically Seeding. 18 Joseph Lofthouse 10 hours ago
Casie Becker
tinkering with this site kickstarter rewards testing
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115 paul wheaton 11 hours ago
Dea Frost
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding ! Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
163 Joseph Lofthouse 11 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
hugelkultur Design Advice for Newbie's Backyard 2 Paul Rowe 11 hours ago
Paul Rowe
paul wheaton PDC and ATC video (~220 hours) live, download and HD instant view - coming soon W Tracy Wandling 11 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
meaningless drivel Me and my screws today, hardware Ladies and Gents 3 Larry Bock 11 hours ago
Casie Becker
permaculture design course listings !!!!! 2017 permaculture design course & alternative technology course - live streaming kickstarter
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
169 Tracy Wandling 11 hours ago
paul wheaton
trees Master Trees or something 1 Valerie Zutavern 12 hours ago
Caroline Rodgers
goats, sheep and llamas Hair sheep preference 9 Taylor Cleveland 12 hours ago
Jon Wisnoski
digital market Permaculture Design Course Teacher's Notes by Tim Barker (DRAFT) W Tracy Wandling 13 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
cattle IBC Totes for Cattle Water at 1880 Farm 3 Josh Kunkel 13 hours ago
Josh Kunkel
mulch How to get wood chips - the Permie White Whale 2 Tj Jefferson 13 hours ago
Deb Rebel
homestead I want a barn 14 raven ranson 14 hours ago
raven ranson
permaculture singles 25 year old mama of a 3 month old boy seeking like minds 11 Sandra Harriette 15 hours ago
Larry Bock
mulch Do you mulch between garden beds/hugels? With what? 8 Nicole Alderman 15 hours ago
Marco Banks
gear Dale's battery powered transformation nearly complete. No gas landscaping and travel. 11 Dale Hodgins 17 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
gear Dale's office chair chainsaw mill. 5 Dale Hodgins 17 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
plumbing Dale's dry soil toilet 0 Dale Hodgins 17 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
gardening for beginners Piper Nigrum substitute for Zone 7b. 11 John Todd 18 hours ago
John Todd
woodland poison ivy in wooded area 33 Devin Gray 19 hours ago
Larry Bock
homestead A new homestead in the woods... 11 Sarah Houlihan 19 hours ago
Larry Bock