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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
plants Must grow plants 12 elle sagenev 9 seconds ago
elle sagenev
permaculture singles Single Christian Female Homesteader 2 Shae Mitchell 14 minutes ago
Nathan May
social justice November 19 is International Men's Day 3 paul wheaton 31 minutes ago
Joylynn Hardesty
permaculture singles 37 gay male in Tennessee 4 Beau de Mello 43 minutes ago
James Legra
rocket stoves Starter material for rocket stoves 19 Jason Broom 45 minutes ago
Graham Chiu
rocket stoves Pollution from traditional wood burning stoves versus rocket stoves? Any emissions data? 2 Graham Chiu 50 minutes ago
Graham Chiu
financial strategy FIRE: (financial independence, retire early) 21 raven ranson 1 hour ago
Darren Tasker
solar 100 watt panels or 250 watt? Trying to figure it out, I need your help, please. 2 Greg Canicio 1 hour ago
Matt Coston
meaningless drivel Stress, Anxiety, Grief, and Its Manifestations 6 Dave Burton 1 hour ago
Stacy Witscher
permaculture Drip Irrigation 3 Ryan Popple 1 hour ago
Ryan Popple
conservation making the best of electric heat
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <8, 9, 10 ]
380 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
Creighton Samuiels
plumbing Permies opinions on the purity of potable PEX? 22 Mike Arr 1 hour ago
elle sagenev
tinkering with this site Classifieds? 2 Ben Mitchell 1 hour ago
Joylynn Hardesty
wofati and earth berm How to protect untreated wood posts for 200 years? 38 Jp Wagner 2 hours ago
Dan Grubbs
natural building Timber Framed, Earth Sheltered "Wheelhouse" 1 Sean Kettle 2 hours ago
Sean Kettle
plants Perennial Clumping Multiplier Leek 2 Jondo Almondo 2 hours ago
Jondo Almondo
biochar Biochar and electricity 1 Cody DeBaun 2 hours ago
Matt Coston
roundwood and timber framing Coppicing, Debarking, Associated Projects... 5 Joylynn Hardesty 2 hours ago
Joylynn Hardesty
frugality I cut 87% off of my electric heat bill
[ 1, 2 ]
41 paul wheaton 2 hours ago
Ray Okoyo
fermentation fermenting chilis 6 Tobias Ber 3 hours ago
Anne Miller
ergonomics Exercise and pain, after childbirth 1 Galadriel Freden 3 hours ago
elle sagenev
trees Inspiration for a coppiced wood - help me plan 15 raven ranson 3 hours ago
Dustin Rhodes
rocket mass heaters RMH for Dummies! Please help guide me through my first build!
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <5, 6, 7 ]
276 Staci Kopcha 3 hours ago
Staci Kopcha
jobs wanted Natural Builder for Hire- Natural Plasters, Cob, Straw Bale 0 Yitzhak Gabriel 3 hours ago
Yitzhak Gabriel
southwest usa !!!!!!!!!! 37 Acre site in Northwestern AZ for sale -- good wells -- priced at $22,000 but value is ~$40k 2 Jesse Blaine 4 hours ago
S Bengi
cob Need advice on cob filled pallet house with sawdust insulation 1 William Egan 4 hours ago
Miles Flansburg
fairy grove creations The Official Permies.Com Paul Wheaton Action Figure! 5 Nicole Alderman 4 hours ago
Chris Kott
fruit trees Seedling peach tree success/proof that it's worth it to grow from seed. 15 Dan Allen 4 hours ago
Galadriel Freden
frugality Frugal or just being smug...have you scored a real deal recently? 38 Deb Rebel 4 hours ago
Irene Kightley
earthworks Swale is no longer draining 11 Radhe Webster 4 hours ago
Cristo Balete
ergonomics How to Make Your Kitchen Work? Share your Ideas,Tips, Photos ... 11 Anne Miller 4 hours ago
Greg Mamishian
cooking Coconut cream “cheese” or something 1 Pearl Sutton 5 hours ago
Deb Stephens
plants Looking for Canadian Source of Mashua and Yacon tubers. And also neem plants or fresh seed. 8 Zach Thomas 5 hours ago
Rick Hatchh
nomadic housing Veterans Living in a Van 1 Dave Burton 5 hours ago
Deb Stephens
rocket mass heaters Brick Bell Shop Heater 27 thomas rubino 5 hours ago
Gerry Parent
appalachia Starting out in the Piedmont of NC 8 Mike Smithy 5 hours ago
Mike Smithy
projects The Black Bread Lodge
[ 1, 2 ]
48 Francis Mallet 5 hours ago
Francis Mallet
rocket mass heaters Fire proof cement vs. fireproof bricks 2 Oystein Tandberg 6 hours ago
Fox James
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <7, 8, 9 ]
331 Joseph Lofthouse 6 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
hugelkultur Citrus fruits in a hugelbed? 8 Amanda Launchbury-Rainey 6 hours ago
Amanda Launchbury-Rainey
fungi Alternatives to mountains of disposable plastic bags 5 Owen Cramer 6 hours ago
Chris Kott
earthworks iPhone app for making swales 5 scott mack 7 hours ago
Chris Kott
cooking Food Storage Use and Recipe Project 1 Anne Miller 7 hours ago
wayne fajkus
hugelkultur Hugelculture raised bed for tree propogation? Too many rodent problems? 4 ryan the smith 7 hours ago
Chris Kott
ergonomics Going Shoeless: A discussion about barefoot living
[ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
133 Joseph Lofthouse 7 hours ago
Dave Burton
trees Brown scale on peach tree 5 Charli Wilson 7 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
cooking How to Have a Well Stocked Food Storage Pantry
[ 1, 2 ]
66 Anne Miller 7 hours ago
Lucrecia Anderson
hugelkultur Tropical Hugelkultur 1 Simon Scott 8 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
fungi Oyster Mushroom growing at home issue 14 Ss Prasad 8 hours ago
Dennis Bangham
soil DIY Soil Inoculant 9 Luiz Eduardo Piá de Andrade 8 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
ergonomics Working on the computer all day - what do you sit on? 23 Destiny Hagest 9 hours ago
Mart Hale
fungi Mushroom Slurry for Garden 7 Rob Clinch 9 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
cob Cob Building in the Ozarks 4 Sarah Crow 9 hours ago
William Egan
rocket mass heaters New by the book build. Back drafting bad! 20 Jay Breckheimer 9 hours ago
Jay Breckheimer
fruit trees Most Drought Tolerant Fruit and Nut Trees for the Pacific Northwest 11 James Landreth 10 hours ago
S Bengi
fairy grove creations About Fairy Grove Creations 0 Nicole Alderman 14 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
projects Dale's cob house, in the Philippines
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
87 Dale Hodgins 16 hours ago
Ed Hoffman
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Come visit us! Central California Homestead, looking for visitors & potentially people to join us! 8 alisa daar 16 hours ago
Dawn Taillon
goats, sheep and llamas !!!!!!!!!!! Backyard Dairy Goats on Kickstarter! 32 Kate Downham 16 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
rabbits meat rabbit getting overweight 6 jens cannie 16 hours ago
Audreyy Victoria