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Forum Name Topic Replies Topic Starter Last Post
chickens Outdoor burner for scalding chickens 0 Susan Pruitt 18 seconds ago
Susan Pruitt
parenting What/who inspired your parenting style? (Today I realized I'm "Mama Bear") 1 Nicole Alderman 11 minutes ago
Tina Hillel
workshops Natural Building Courses in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! 0 Colleen Donovan 11 minutes ago
Colleen Donovan
dogs and cats Sustainable Dog Food 37 Erin Dee 13 minutes ago
James N Mast
rocket stoves Rocket Mass Heater outside of home for inhome purposes 11 ram krish 25 minutes ago
William Bronson
plants Which "weed" do you like the most? 13 Nina Jay 39 minutes ago
Bryant RedHawk
biochar Bone char vs composting Bones 3 Tim Siemens 42 minutes ago
Bryant RedHawk
permaculture singles 15 year old Homestead needs repopulated 17 Kate Michaud 57 minutes ago
Hunter Wright
beavers Building a beaver dam 29 Daron Williams 59 minutes ago
Daron Williams
intentional community Want to join an Intentional Community In Western NC? 7 Paul Chew 1 hour ago
Paul Chew
homestead Alaskan homestead seeking able-bodied help 15 Beatrice Hitchcock 1 hour ago
Hunter Wright
cattle Where do Cows go in Winter? 1 Cindy Skillman 1 hour ago
Miles Flansburg
plants What is your take on corn gluten meal? 4 Brian Rodgers 1 hour ago
Brian Rodgers
plants Which "weed" do you dislike the most? 17 Steve Thorn 1 hour ago
Gilbert Fritz
intentional community Island of Misfit Souls 5 Dante DiBiase 1 hour ago
Dante DiBiase
gardening for beginners !!!!! Build abundance with chop-and-drop 2 Daron Williams 1 hour ago
Daron Williams
paul wheaton's pseudo blog paul's patreon stuff got his videos and podcasts running again!
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
160 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
paul wheaton
tinkering with this site Where To Post - Building Pole Barn 1 Jerry Ward 1 hour ago
Miles Flansburg
homestead !!!!! Methods for preparing land for future planting at the garden/homestead scale 28 Daron Williams 2 hours ago
Daron Williams
chickens Is there a way to mark/tag chickens to keep track of age classes? 19 Mike Jay 2 hours ago
Mike Barkley
meaningless drivel Are Libraries Still Relevant? 34 raven ranson 2 hours ago
Lucrecia Anderson
crowdfunding Building a Permaculture centre in Colombia.. Need your help!! 3 Russ Manning 2 hours ago
Russ Manning
rocket mass heaters Epic-greenhouse-rocket-mass-heater 2 Mart Hale 2 hours ago
thomas rubino
forest garden my forest garden project - vision, strategies, problems 4 Levente Andras 2 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
pex / pep !! brainstorming community badges 4 paul wheaton 2 hours ago
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters RMH - How narrow is too narrow? 15 errol hall 2 hours ago
errol hall
hugelkultur Hugelkultur and Natural Burial 15 Walt Patrick 3 hours ago
Mike Barkley
straw bale house Roofing material options for a geodesic dome in the wet dry tropics 2 Russ Manning 3 hours ago
Russ Manning
toxin-ectomy Processed meats (including bacon) and cancer 9 Rufus Laggren 3 hours ago
Chris Kott
wheaton laboratories 2018 Peasant Permaculture Design Course in Montana
[ 1, 2 ]
W Tracy Wandling 3 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
honey bees Forage for Bees in the Pacific Northwest 6 James Landreth 3 hours ago
Mike Barkley
rabbits What's the best tip you have for raising rabbits? 0 Celise Musarra 3 hours ago
Celise Musarra
cooking How to Make a Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake 0 Anne Miller 3 hours ago
Anne Miller
gear Do you have an old-fashioned sawbuck? Do you have ANY sawbuck? How'd you make it? Let us see it! 27 Dan Boone 4 hours ago
Jerry Ward
trees Can I bury my young fig trees in leaves for winter protection? 8 David Mayes 4 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
financial strategy Questions on Budgeting for the Ideal Life 36 David Winchester 4 hours ago
Nina Jay
rocket mass heaters New Build - Need some help 33 LuAnne Welch 5 hours ago
Edward Agaev
rocket mass heaters Rocket mass heater in a barn 3 Jesse Grimes 5 hours ago
Edward Agaev
goats, sheep and llamas Breeding virgin milker goats 6 Nina Jay 6 hours ago
Xisca Nicolas
music Need help burning a DVD/CD for Christmas Music 2 selena Kim 8 hours ago
Casomer Puner
homestead Can you store or reheat mulled hard cider? 3 Jambo Reece 8 hours ago
Carla Burke
fermentation Sourdough bread 15 Daniel McGinnis 9 hours ago
Jo Hunter-Adams
food choices IndieGoGo on the usefulness of ruminants for saving the world 2 Julia Winter 9 hours ago
Julia Winter
hugelkultur Buried Wood Bed (sunken hugelculture) and Terrace Combo 18 s. ayalp 9 hours ago
Natasha Abrahams
plants Are there any Cucurbita moschata squash that taste like kabocha? 4 Luna Vehmas 10 hours ago
Natasha Abrahams
plants Potential tree guild: apple/fruit, hazel, locust? 5 R Spencer 10 hours ago
James Landreth
volunteers volunteer visa? (Schengen Countries) 7 schwabauer Hatfield 10 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
home care wood ash as a cleaning agent? 5 raven ranson 10 hours ago
F Agricola
introductions Hello from Ann Arbor, Michigan 2 Shane DeMeulenaere 10 hours ago
S Bengi
permaculture singles 37 gay male in Tennessee 6 Beau de Mello 10 hours ago
James Landreth
intentional community Ten (10) rules we used to build our sustainable community 7 Coralee Palmer 10 hours ago
Chris Wang
homestead Former(ish) zombie looking for advice on getting started 9 Nathan Wilkes 11 hours ago
Joylynn Hardesty
tinkering with this site Post incorrectly flagged? 5 Jondo Almondo 12 hours ago
Burra Maluca
bugs Please help save me from ants 22 Pamela Melcher 12 hours ago
devin thomus
permaculture design course listings Permaculture Design Certificate Online - OSU Informal Survey 21 GregA Aronoff 13 hours ago
S Bengi
greenhouses How to keep my poor hoop house barely warm 15 John Jay 14 hours ago
S Bengi
pigs Pigerator 11 Cindy Skillman 14 hours ago
Cindy Skillman
rocket mass heaters Working with Morgan Superwool Plus ceramic blanket 24 thomas rubino 14 hours ago
Ralph Kettell
rocket mass heaters Making a plug for rocket stove intake 12 D Allen Troy 15 hours ago
Graham Chiu
forest garden Alternatives to Mulch for starting a Forest Garden 18 Kio Starfield 15 hours ago
S Bengi