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cover crops Is it too late for cover crop in zone 7a? 4 Dominic Basile 5 minutes ago
Richard Kastanie
gardening for beginners Seed Saving Procedures? 15 Talasi Caslin 7 minutes ago
Hans Quistorff
apple trees Making nitrogen from grass 0 Adam Oaktree 17 minutes ago
Adam Oaktree
apple trees Browning hedgerows 0 Adam Oaktree 19 minutes ago
Adam Oaktree
apple trees poorly planted Fruit Trees 6 Adam Oaktree 27 minutes ago
Adam Oaktree
plants Plant suggestions for south facing wall 2 alex hackett 31 minutes ago
Mike Jay
plants Do all grains produce an herbicide? 1 Rebecca Branham 38 minutes ago
Scott Foster
chickens Turkeys -- how does feed affect flavor? Or does it? 0 Kim Williams-Guillen 43 minutes ago
Kim Williams-Guillen
rocket mass heaters tiny house rocket mass heater: the cyclone batch style 13 paul wheaton 48 minutes ago
Kirk Mobert
plants processing quinoa seeds 1 Philip Heinemeyer 53 minutes ago
Scott Foster
ethics and philosophy earth care, people care .... future care 16 paul wheaton 55 minutes ago
Olga Booker
pigs Why on earth won't my pigs eat apples? 10 Kim Williams-Guillen 59 minutes ago
Kim Williams-Guillen
pasture What to plant in my pasture... 3 Mary Leonard 1 hour ago
Avery Nisbet
biodiesel Generator motor 2 Cody Goins 2 hours ago
Cody Goins
hydro Pumps, Noria, and the Water Battery 11 Ryan Hobbs 2 hours ago
Travis Johnson
greenhouses Better late than never! Walapini build. 1 jim hughes 2 hours ago
Miles Flansburg
composting Composting Beauty Bark 7 Morgan Cosgrove 2 hours ago
Morgan Cosgrove
web sites Bejosh Farm Blog 1 Su Ba 2 hours ago
Balogun Owomide
intentional community fallacy vs. logic and reason
[ 1, 2 ]
62 paul wheaton 2 hours ago
jim dee
chickens Can hens "hold it"? 5 Mike Jay 3 hours ago
Mike Jay
soil !!!!!!!!!!!! the quest for super soil 15 Bryant RedHawk 4 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
rocket mass heaters using metal in the burn tunnel and heat riser
[ 1, 2 ]
49 paul wheaton 4 hours ago
Bruce Woodford
soil Ph Meter 2 Scott Martucci 4 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
food preservation Hard boiled eggs 1 Larry Bock 4 hours ago
Ken W Wilson
woodland ! Can planting trees near a waterlogged space help drain this space? 34 Maryse Cloutier-Gelinas 4 hours ago
Lacia Lynne Bailey
wild harvesting Need help identifying lactuca species 1 Zac Smart 4 hours ago
Ken W Wilson
natural building Rammed Earth Truss Joinery 5 Sally Valley 5 hours ago
Sally Valley
gardening for beginners Need Help with my Garden Plan Challenges - Drought, Grass and Rocks 17 Anne Miller 5 hours ago
Anne Miller
jobs wanted Family of 3 seeking employment opportunity 0 Kendra Roark 5 hours ago
Kendra Roark
apple trees Apple Guild, starting in October 1 Michele Ess 5 hours ago
Scott Foster
recycling scrounging for biomass and outside materials 0 Taryn Hesse 5 hours ago
Taryn Hesse
dvds, movies, videos and documentaries Why Do YOU Love Permaculture? New Permaculture YouTube series. 19 Lucie Bardos 6 hours ago
Lucie Bardos
gardening for beginners Propagate from cuttings 3 Scott Foster 6 hours ago
Scott Foster
solar Will solid-electrolyte battery make northern p.v. cost effective? 2 Joel Bercardin 7 hours ago
Joel Bercardin
rocket mass heaters Shippable cores - progress report 29 Brian James 7 hours ago
Brian James
europe Cob building in France, anyone? 4 Rosa Bo 7 hours ago
Peter Shield
rainwater catchment first flush rainwater collection system that looked good on paper 16 Levente Andras 8 hours ago
John Walsh
rocket mass heaters Rocket Stove for Heating Bathing water Pot 3 Ratnesh Mathur 8 hours ago
Ratnesh Mathur
woodworking DIY Outdoor Sign 4 Jeremy Galbraith 8 hours ago
Jeremy Galbraith
dogs and cats Wanted: LGD for chicken flock 5 Allison Gessner 9 hours ago
Allison Gessner
plants Weed ID, What is our field telling us? 3 James Whitelaw 9 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
pasture Managing excess iron & acid soil 10 Katie Jarvis 9 hours ago
Avery Nisbet
iberia Lost everything in Portugal forest fires 4 Andreas Schäfer 10 hours ago
Peter Shield
food as medicine helping a senior couple eat for health and mental clarity 26 Jocelyn Campbell 10 hours ago
Thekla McDaniels
plants Siberian Pea Shrub woes 4 Todd Parr 11 hours ago
Todd Parr
homestead Newbie Pre-Homesteader Log 34 Yolande Brown-Conran 12 hours ago
Yolande Brown-Conran
digital market Permaculture Playing Cards by Paul Wheaton and Alexander Ojeda W Destiny Hagest 12 hours ago
paul wheaton
tinkering with this site Pie? Or hot dog? 9 Wes Hunter 13 hours ago
Burra Maluca
wheaton laboratories 2017 Rocket Mass Heater Workshop Jamboree
[ 1, 2 ]
W paul wheaton 14 hours ago
Satamax Antone
soil Making use of garden waste producing biochar - feasible? 22 Angelika Maier 16 hours ago
Michael Cox
decision making National Preparedness Month: What are you doing/have done to prepare? 20 Nicole Alderman 19 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
rocket stoves Thickness of perlite layer around the fire box inside manifold 7 Rikka Tavi 19 hours ago
Satamax Antone
meaningless drivel Unicorn ice-cream and dragon gold 0 r ranson 19 hours ago
r ranson
wheaton laboratories workshops at wheaton labs in 2018 and beyond! 8 Jocelyn Campbell 19 hours ago
Ash Jackson
forest garden Two questions about forest gardens and food forests 24 r ranson 22 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
earthen floor Earthen floors and ants 5 Ionel Catanescu 22 hours ago
Laura Kelly
intentional community Starting small intentional permie place. 1 Eric VonRaderson 22 hours ago
Alder Burns
plants Bell Peppers in Texas? 6 Casie Becker 23 hours ago
Joylynn Hardesty