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trees grass in an orchard
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50 Linda Depersis 13 minutes ago
Michael Cox
financial strategy Where do I begin? 8 Lakin Allen 24 minutes ago
Elizabeth Rose
rocket mass heaters 4" Firebrick riser for Esteban. 12 Satamax Antone 50 minutes ago
Satamax Antone
tinkering with this site New polinators 0 David Livingston 1 hour ago
David Livingston
rocket mass heaters top of riser to top of barrel 2 Robert Cloud Jr 1 hour ago
Peter van den Berg
tinkering with this site Permaculture success stories 24 Richard Gorny 1 hour ago
Richard Gorny
homestead The Solution Becomes the Problem that is the Solution 10 Travis Johnson 2 hours ago
David Livingston
stone work Fascinated with gabions? 20 Jay Hall 2 hours ago
John Macgregor
greenhouses Polycarbonate Roofing on House 12 S Fraser 2 hours ago
Ervine Fallis
plumbing pressure vs diameter 5 Stuart Smith 2 hours ago
Stuart Smith
ponds Creating a pond with ducks 13 William Gray Iv 3 hours ago
William Gray Iv
residual income streams a big list of REAL residual income streams 39 paul wheaton 3 hours ago
Coralee Palmer
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79 Judith Browning 4 hours ago
John Saltveit
permaculture Critters in permaculture
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73 Gilbert Fritz 4 hours ago
Cj Sloane
soil "as soon as the soil can be worked"? 28 R Ranson 4 hours ago
Kyrt Ryder
honey bees ! Hands-off bees 7 Heather Ward 4 hours ago
Chris Edwards
ulcer factory Is food the last thing to worry about post peak oil?
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57 Gilbert Fritz 5 hours ago
Cj Sloane
paul wheaton's pseudo blog !!!!!! the solutions are simple
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200 paul wheaton 5 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
projects Vermont site
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169 Cj Sloane 6 hours ago
Cj Sloane
resources: seeds, plants, honey, consulting, etc. Comfrey root cuttings, Bocking 14 cultivar 2 Raine Bradford 7 hours ago
Raine Bradford
rockies !!! Moving forward with Okanogan homestead got the land (with pics) 34 Devin Lavign 7 hours ago
Devin Lavign
food as medicine Anyone using lion's mane for brain health? 27 Amedean Messan 7 hours ago
Cj Sloane
critter care Getting off store bought sweet feed 13 Cj Sloane 7 hours ago
Cj Sloane
homeschooling Homeschool roll call
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79 Burra Maluca 8 hours ago
Alicia Winkler
meaningless drivel Breaking habits - getting healthy 21 Tracy Wandling 8 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
hugelkultur Hugelculture development in the winter 0 Sean Dembrosky 9 hours ago
Sean Dembrosky
tinkering with this site permies real sounding name policy
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63 paul wheaton 9 hours ago
R Ranson
earthship Straw bale Earthship hybrid....? 4 Greg Canicio 10 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
grains and pseudograins Growing, harvesting, and processing Einkorn, spelt, and emmer wheat 9 Kate Nudd 10 hours ago
Bill Erickson
meaningless drivel Well, that's one way to make Permaculture famous--viral video :D 3 Nicole Alderman 11 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
trees Persimmons, zone 8a/desert of Utah, video from start to finish, rain water harvesting. 2 Scott Tenorman 11 hours ago
Scott Tenorman
woodworking hand carving spoons 38 Judith Browning 12 hours ago
Peter Ellis
scythes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome Ian Miller - Author of The Scything Handbook 24 Tracy Wandling 12 hours ago
Devin Lavign
wood burning stoves Brisket bbq stove advice - using a cast iron oven/stove - fire box size 0 Annie Hope 12 hours ago
Annie Hope
rural Just saying hello! 5 Brian Hackethal 13 hours ago
Brian Hackethal
cattle Grazing a Flerd- Feeding minerals without allowing sheep to ingest copper? 10 Andre Lasle 13 hours ago
Ray South
trees Robinia neomexicana 4 Crt Jakhel 14 hours ago
Ray South
crowdfunding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Great American Farm Tour 5 Justin Rhodes 14 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
trees Mulberries in zone 3ish? 9 Koren Vangool 14 hours ago
Wybo Ottenbreit-Born
permaculture Best Online Permaculture Design Course? 12 Fred Neecha 15 hours ago
Josephine Howland
rocket mass heaters !! Mountain Dream Home - Rocket Mass Heater 7 Esther Emery 15 hours ago
paul wheaton
intentional community Potential problems with intentional community? 5 Esther Emery 15 hours ago
paul wheaton
books The Song of Increase: Returning to Our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees by Jacqueline Freeman 2 Cassie Langstraat 16 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
residual income streams stuff that has a 40% or higher affiliate fee 5 paul wheaton 16 hours ago
Thyri Gullinvargr
tinkering with this site bitcoin 25 paul wheaton 16 hours ago
Adrien Lapointe
pdc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ecosystem restoration camps: John D. Liu's new take on saving the planet 16 Justin Jones 17 hours ago
Michael Holland
rocket mass heaters 6" ceramic riser or 8" system 9 jonathan kedzierski 17 hours ago
jonathan kedzierski
gardening for beginners Vege gardener newbie - Sloping ground okay for veges? 5 N Taylor 17 hours ago
Casie Becker
midwest usa Looking for a permaculture designer in Missouri 1 Bill Seidlitz 17 hours ago
Lakin Allen
wool 88-year-old Saskatoon man makes thousands of socks for shelters 1 duane hennon 17 hours ago
Candy Johnson
permaculture design what is a permaculture design course (PDC)
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82 paul wheaton 18 hours ago
Tyler Ludens
wheaton laboratories heat a montana home all winter with a half cord of wood
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72 paul wheaton 18 hours ago
paul wheaton
trees Stratification 5 Ken W Wilson 18 hours ago
Ian Rule
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Colorado seed suppliers 2 Candy Johnson 18 hours ago
Candy Johnson
hugelkultur ! Where are they now? hugelkultur updates?
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45 Donald Kenning 19 hours ago
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
homestead Finally going back to basics, taking what we have.... 0 Jimmy Smith 19 hours ago
Jimmy Smith
bugs Grasshoppers! Seeking a natural solution 7 Jack Edmondson 19 hours ago
Candy Johnson
chickens Egg laying shift - temperature, daylight, feed amount, all of the above? 5 John Athayde 20 hours ago
John Athayde
meaningless drivel easy ways to get spoons? 4 Tobias Ber 20 hours ago
Tobias Ber