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cascadia Looking for land in Western WA (suggestions please) 6 Andrew Tuttle 23 minutes ago
Devin Lavign
projects Building a Future on the Prairie: My whole-tree passive solar house.
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58 S Haze 39 minutes ago
Julia Winter
cascadia This is a great time of year to cut himalayan blackberries 2 Dave Miller 55 minutes ago
Brian Hackethal
cascadia 5th Cascadia Grains Conference 2 Karen Maddox 58 minutes ago
Brian Hackethal
natural fibers and materials old spinning wheel photos and questions
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49 Judith Browning 58 minutes ago
R Ranson
cascadia Huge Opportunity - PTPermaForest 1 steve barker 59 minutes ago
Brian Hackethal
financial strategy a guide on buying land "for poor people"!--haven't read it but it looks worth checking out 2 Joshua Myrvaagnes 1 hour ago
Devin Lavign
meaningless drivel jokes
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216 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
Mike Feddersen
wood burning stoves !!!!! Walker Wood Fired Masonry Cookstove and Oven Introduction Video 15 Matt Walker 1 hour ago
Devin Lavign
goats, sheep and llamas Sheep breeders- Northern MN 4 Aleza Johnson 1 hour ago
Aleza Johnson
southwest usa increadible 200+ fruit trees, urban garden in phoenix arizona 0 duane hennon 1 hour ago
duane hennon
cattle Feeding my cows trees
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104 Cj Sloane 1 hour ago
Cj Sloane
rural Downsides of Living Rural
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50 Su Ba 2 hours ago
Brian Hackethal
passive solar Passive solar floor plan contradiction 7 Bill Watters 2 hours ago
S Haze
solar Can off grid solar be done on a budget? 5 Chris Brooks 2 hours ago
Devin Lavign
natural building An outdoor hole in need of proper bearing walls 7 Kasper Jensen 2 hours ago
Kasper Jensen
cooking whats for dinner
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163 Leah Sattler 2 hours ago
Burra Maluca
homestead Barn Building: 30 X 48 for $4450 4 Travis Johnson 2 hours ago
Travis Johnson
urban Cold climate + apartment + moringa ?!? 3 hagrid small 3 hours ago
Michelle Bisson
paul wheaton's pseudo blog be nice; don't be a dick; be a dick 11 paul wheaton 4 hours ago
R Ranson
biogas Woodgas build in the Yukon 18 Byron Gagne 4 hours ago
Byron Gagne
apple trees Using pruning thinnings for smoking? 11 Wes Hunter 4 hours ago
Craig Dobbelyu
homestead Finally going back to basics, taking what we have.... 4 Jimmy Smith 4 hours ago
Jimmy Smith
roundwood and timber framing A timber frame barn 5 Jimmy Smith 4 hours ago
Jimmy Smith
passive solar Sizing overhangs for passive solar 6 Ben de Leiris 4 hours ago
Irene Kightley
solar Do I need to futz with my mppt controller? 5 Jeremy Franklin 5 hours ago
chad duncan
kids Annenberg Learner - Teacher's Resources 0 Anne Miller 5 hours ago
Anne Miller
greenhouses glass panes with wood framing instead of metal? 5 Gilbert Fritz 5 hours ago
Roy Hinkley
rabbits Here's (yet another) rabbit hutch design 1 Heather Petersen 5 hours ago
James Landreth
passive solar Window glass selection for southern exposure 12 Ed Sitko 5 hours ago
Roy Hinkley
wheaton laboratories permaculture bootcamp - boots-to-roots
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52 paul wheaton 6 hours ago
Dakota Mihelich
introductions Suburbanite 26 Casie Becker 6 hours ago
Casie Becker
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Tomato Breeding - F1 hybrid Habrochaites Grow Journal 2 Karl Trepka 7 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
scandinavia Seed exchange in Scandinavia 14 Janne Lassila 7 hours ago
Tina Horsefield
midwest usa Anyone in Minnesota?
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69 Shelly Stern 7 hours ago
Aleza Johnson
permaculture singles SWM 41, Homesteader, looking for SWF. Southern IN, near Louisville 11 J Scarnucci 7 hours ago
J Scarnucci
organic using partially treated sewerage successfully for community development organic farming 1 hayley sheppard 8 hours ago
Burra Maluca
wood burning stoves !!! what fuel other than wood? 7 hayley sheppard 8 hours ago
David Livingston
bugs Easy meal worm farming 5 Charli Wilson 8 hours ago
Charli Wilson
roundwood and timber framing Mold forming on roundwood timbers after stripping bark 2 Brian Rader 8 hours ago
Jeremy Franklin
alternative energy Heating without electricity 18 Sue Copher 8 hours ago
Judith Browning
fungi Beginners Guide? 4 Della Miller 9 hours ago
Dennis Bangham
financial strategy I'm a beginner looking for resources 4 Megan McGee 9 hours ago
David Livingston
financial strategy looking for a decent webdesigner 4 Marianne Cicala 11 hours ago
Marianne Cicala
rocket mass heaters Flue length - batch heater 2 Kelly Pridgen 12 hours ago
Byron Campbell
rocket mass heaters I can't seem to get this part of RMH 2 Panagiotis Panagiotou 12 hours ago
Satamax Antone
natural building Bathroom Remodel/Retrofitting with Natural Materials 26 Kieran Chapman 12 hours ago
Andrew Grant
cooking Cooking with Dry Beans and Peas
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153 R Ranson 12 hours ago
Maureen Atsali
pasture Direct Sowing into Pasture during rains? 7 Tokunbo Popoola 14 hours ago
Tokunbo Popoola
rocket mass heaters Better Wood Heat: DIY Rocket Mass Heaters (4 DVD Set)
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64 Destiny Hagest 14 hours ago
Burra Maluca
gardening for beginners Vege gardener newbie - Sloping ground okay for veges? 6 N Taylor 15 hours ago
N Taylor
plants Survival seed banks 13 Todd Parr 16 hours ago
Sue Rine
chickens Soaking the grains for feed 23 Bethany Dutch 16 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
forest garden What are some cool edibles that are good for diabetics? 16 Kevin Goheen 16 hours ago
Andy Green
cover crops Crimson Clover 15 Aida Alene 16 hours ago
Crt Jakhel
plants Where to buy strawberry seeds, bulk, cheap? (organic, non-F1) 8 Benny Jeremiah 17 hours ago
Andy Green
cattle !!!!!!!! Portable Milking Stanchion How to 0 Dave Dahlsrud 17 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
cattle Winter Housing for our Dairy Cow-Strawbale Milking Shed 1 Dave Dahlsrud 17 hours ago
Dave Dahlsrud
permaculture VIDEO: The Work of a Permaculture Designer 0 Beau Brotherton 17 hours ago
Beau Brotherton