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rainwater catchment Identifying a well or cistern 3 Pearl Sutton 47 minutes ago
Anne Miller
ecovillage Ecovillage and ownership? 11 Rosa Bosma 59 minutes ago
Dawn Hoff
eastern usa Moving to New Hampshire 3 Fred Orcutt 1 hour ago
Fred Orcutt
gardening for beginners Creating a Edible or Medicinal Garden for Your Use and for Butterflies to Enjoy 4 Anne Miller 2 hours ago
Anne Miller
permaculture Permaculture flower farming 6 Kevin Goheen 2 hours ago
Anne Miller
survival The first edibles of spring are emerging 4 Ginger Keenan 3 hours ago
Feidhlim Harty
tinkering with this site professional trolls, aka corporate trolls
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59 paul wheaton 4 hours ago
David Livingston
ethics and philosophy Saving the World 11 Amit Enventres 4 hours ago
David Livingston
rocket mass heaters Are You Interested in Free Plans for a Steel-Cored, Air Cooled RMH? 3 Bruce Woodford 5 hours ago
Burra Maluca
cascadia How to support yourself as a "Permaculture Enthusiast" 1 Coralee Palmer 6 hours ago
Coralee Palmer
farm income farm income strategy vs. "what if everybody ..." 24 paul wheaton 7 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
market garden My permaculture market garden 6 Tracy Wandling 7 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
cover crops Super short, perennial ground covers in annual beds 2 Jason Padvorac 7 hours ago
Sally Munoz
plants buckwheat questions 2 Angelika Maier 7 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
ponds Creating a pond with ducks 22 William Gray Iv 8 hours ago
William Gray Iv
paul wheaton's pseudo blog the solutions are simple
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209 paul wheaton 8 hours ago
Ian Rule
politics Dear non-anarchists,
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90 evan l pierce 9 hours ago
nancy sutton
cascadia Food forest in greenhouse 1 Kathleen Driscoll 9 hours ago
Steve Sherman
predators how to get rid of raccoon problems?? 21 Lily Caplan 9 hours ago
R Ranson
hugelkultur hugelkultur in desert arid land 17 mostafa ismail 9 hours ago
Joshua Myrvaagnes
wheaton laboratories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kai's Belated Posts 3 Kai Duby 9 hours ago
Kerry Rodgers
trees tree benefits - tree benefit calculator 0 Jocelyn Campbell 10 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
stone work Combining rocket mass heater and stone walls 16 Lantis Esquin 11 hours ago
Hans Quistorff
grey water Home sewage treatment plant discharge? 0 Greg B Smith 11 hours ago
Greg B Smith
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
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105 Joseph Lofthouse 11 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
cover crops cover crops in late winter in PNW? 11 christine shepherd 11 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
homestead Homesteading in Northern California or Oregon 2 Kristen Phillips 11 hours ago
Ben Zumeta
hugelkultur Hugelkultur - Good wood , Bad wood
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191 Dale Hodgins 12 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
survival Deep Pantry for people who like food
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76 Adrien Lapointe 12 hours ago
Denise Kersting
art Eco Printing and Dyeing 0 Dreama Blankenbeckler 12 hours ago
Dreama Blankenbeckler
gardening for beginners Urban veggie plan 0 Ciara Radecker 12 hours ago
Ciara Radecker
wheaton laboratories !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2017 Homesteaders PDC (permaculture design course) & ATC (appropriate technology course) in Montana
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W paul wheaton 13 hours ago
paul wheaton
homestead Where is the best place to Homestead & be a Survivalist 35 christinb McCoy 13 hours ago
Jon McGee
rocket mass heaters Rocket mass heater - your comparative experience? 7 Joel Bercardin 14 hours ago
Joel Bercardin
homestead Looking for Locals in the Ozarks 0 Nick Marlowe 15 hours ago
Nick Marlowe
forest garden Planting Trees Can be Profitable 10 Adrien Lapointe 15 hours ago
Cécile Stelzer Johnson
wells and springs DIY Hydroelectricity 0 Nick Marlowe 15 hours ago
Nick Marlowe
cooking Good hand-powered kitchen devices? 4 Ana Stowe 15 hours ago
Taryn Hesse
oklahoma and texas New plantings....etc 0 Roger Rhodes 15 hours ago
Roger Rhodes
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Auto-Hybridizing Tomatoes
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57 Joseph Lofthouse 17 hours ago
David Livingston
permaculture real estate USA, Hawai’i, Puna, $45K per acre of jungle in 6.6 acre Koa’e Place Land Trust. 0 Jon McGee 17 hours ago
Jon McGee
rocket mass heaters Insurance company OK's my RMH! 4 Bruce Woodford 17 hours ago
Dave Lot
plants Unfortunate bean landrace 8 André Troylilas 17 hours ago
André Troylilas
tinkering with this site !! Thread Boost feature 4 paul wheaton 17 hours ago
Fred Tyler
dogs and cats Dog running fence line and tearing up the yard. Ideas? 5 Dooley Tunner 18 hours ago
Galadriel Freden
mulch Help! My wood chips went everywhere! 2 Travis Light 18 hours ago
Travis Light
forest garden Seeking feedback - Grass to Food Forest 18 Daron Williams 19 hours ago
Daron Williams
appalachia We are three in KY with 62 acres, open for people to visit/join 0 Michael Beck 19 hours ago
Michael Beck
appalachia Good Locations to start a Permaculture Community in the Appalachia area 9 Eric Puro 19 hours ago
Michael Beck
cooking Cooking with Dry Beans and Peas
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155 R Ranson 19 hours ago
Deb Rebel
food as medicine Raw Milk cured my Allergies 2 Lynn Perkins 19 hours ago
Ana Stowe
homestead Unique Opportunity for Homesteaders who are ready to build their dream homestead but don't the $$. 1 Phil Shenke 19 hours ago
Michael Beck
rural Hello From Tennessee 2 Jamie Kennedy 20 hours ago
Ana Stowe
homestead Help finding land that meets my parameters 10 Eddie Conna 20 hours ago
Michael Beck
urban The Start of Our School Garden
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45 brandon gross 21 hours ago
brandon gross
trees Web worms 4 Ken W Wilson 21 hours ago
Ken W Wilson
wofati and earth berm wofati in tropical climate? 22 Inge Leonora-den Ouden 21 hours ago
Inge Leonora-den Ouden
homestead !!!!!!! Brandon and Nikki's Homestead
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267 brandon gross 22 hours ago
brandon gross
rabbits rabbits with chickens and ducks? 1 Mary Elizabeth 23 hours ago
Sunshine Thiry