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roundwood and timber framing Timber Frame Basement 13 Wallace Crosby 20 minutes ago
Walt Chase
homestead Homestead in Brittany, France 0 Bethan Lewis 34 minutes ago
Bethan Lewis
cooking Lacto-Fermented Soda - Ginger Ale! 10 Jami McBride 48 minutes ago
Joellen Anderson
fermentation Ginger ale...what to do with the used ginger? 0 Joellen Anderson 52 minutes ago
Joellen Anderson
plants Buffalo Gourd as rootstock for squash, melons? 6 Gilbert Fritz 2 hours ago
Miles Flansburg
plants Ideas about growing all your own food 20 William Schlegel 4 hours ago
William Schlegel
intentional community 24 yo male searching for farms in Missouri 3 Bobby Fallon 4 hours ago
Josh evergreen
intentional community looking for WWOOF/intentional community in the Bay Area of California 5 Thurman Clark 4 hours ago
Josh evergreen
permaculture singles Looking for an off-grid partner 2 Thalia Ky 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
intentional community Intentional yogi on the land? 1 ajeet khalsa 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
soil !!!!!!!! the quest for super soil
[ 1, 2 ]
43 Bryant RedHawk 5 hours ago
Cinda Wood
permaculture singles 24 yr male in Missouri seeking female partner interested in sustainability 4 Matthew Rupert 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
blatant advertising !!!!!!!!!!!!! Landrace seeds from Joseph Lofthouse 7 Joseph Lofthouse 5 hours ago
William Schlegel
decision making 18 yo needs help finding spiritual/intentional community to move into 6 ender tecumseh 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
rocket mass heaters Pebble-Style 3-in-1 RMH questions 23 Caitlyn Pierce 5 hours ago
Caitlyn Pierce
intentional community 21 Seeking internship // or community Ecovillage 2 Javier Ortiz 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
intentional community Searching for a Tribe. Michigan. 5 Briannon English 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
parenting how do I phrase this "rule"? 13 Nicole Alderman 5 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
permaculture real estate Pacific NW: 5 Acres, Small Home, HUGE Barn, Great Well in forest on creek! $119k! 4 kaplan smitherin 5 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
soil Landscaping a seep 1 Sherwood Stolt 5 hours ago
S Bengi
permaculture singles nomadic, gender nonbinary, relationship anarchist seeks partner(s) 9 D. Moonstone 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
homestead Anyone with yurt/off grid land rent or finance? 1 Yulianna Gardener 5 hours ago
Josh evergreen
food as medicine Grumpy gut cooking - Seeking resources and recipes for IBD and IBS
[ 1, 2 ]
53 r ranson 6 hours ago
Cinda Wood
permaculture singles Ozarks/Rural 3 Roddey Cooper 6 hours ago
Josh evergreen
cooking Why I use cast iron pans 11 Dale Hodgins 6 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
intentional community Anyone want to help start a small, family-friendly village/community in SW Missouri Ozarks? 3 Deb Stephens 7 hours ago
Josh evergreen
soil Can plants absorb nutrients from soil without glycans 6 Cinda Wood 7 hours ago
Cinda Wood
projects Permie for Pennies in France
[ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
181 David Livingston 8 hours ago
C├ęcile Stelzer Johnson
rocket stoves Will coal work for a rocket stove? 22 Dale Schlehuber 8 hours ago
Hans Quistorff
alternative energy the new nuclear power - clean? 24 paul wheaton 8 hours ago
Roberto pokachinni
financial strategy How do you save money? Getting $ to save and where to put those $$? 4 M. A. Carey 9 hours ago
Jack Tassoni
rocket mass heaters Converted my J tube to a batch box 11 Denny Romero 9 hours ago
Denny Romero
stone work Which one should I choose for my new kitchen? 28 Kimbery Boice 10 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
rocket mass heaters help with rocket mass heater 3 Christopher Nechkash 10 hours ago
Glenn Herbert
rocket mass heaters Charcoal as Fuel 0 Steven Councell 10 hours ago
Steven Councell
ulcer factory TED Talk: Forests in USA are too dense, causing ecological disasters 1 Matt Coston 11 hours ago
Lori Whit
intentional community Overflow problems in intentional communities? 1 Deb Stephens 11 hours ago
George Lafayette
medicinal herbs harmful detoxification 36 Anna Dim 11 hours ago
Dale Hodgins
mulch Leyland Cypress clippings as mulch? 3 Panagiotis Panagiotou 11 hours ago
Robert Swan
earth bag locations with no zoning/building permits 30 ken finch 12 hours ago
Kim Goodwin
cattle Rotational grazing on small scale 3 Jay Berryman 12 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
fungi Ideal Oyster Mushroom Cultivation Conditions? 1 Matthew Fresh 12 hours ago
Matthew Fresh
wheaton laboratories RMH in a Tipi
[ 1, 2, 3 < ...  <6, 7, 8 ]
281 Emily Aaston 13 hours ago
paul wheaton
rocket mass heaters Batch box RMH insode a Jotul 118 1 Ben Barrowes 13 hours ago
Glenn Herbert
digital market Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater - HD instant view W Destiny Hagest 13 hours ago
paul wheaton
fruit trees We could be planting fruit trees from seed!
[ 1, 2 ]
53 Scott Foster 13 hours ago
John Duda
food preservation pickling garlic in plastic soda bottles 3 Tom Connolly 13 hours ago
Jarret Hynd
earthworks Building a pond in porous limestone mountain terrain 3 Baruch Kogan 13 hours ago
Erwin Decoene
fruit trees Banana tree prep 1 Katie Jarvis 14 hours ago
Steve Farmer
composting hot, fast composting temperatures 9 Rose Pinder 14 hours ago
James Freyr
wood burning stoves Rocket Mass Heater Workshops 2018? 0 Hughie Bruce 15 hours ago
Hughie Bruce
tiny house Ready to go tiny and interested in advice 8 Hadley Burton 16 hours ago
Marty Mac
homestead Wife doesn't want to homestead 30 T. Gardner 16 hours ago
Tj Jefferson
earthworks Fish Scale Terracing - transforming steep slopes to tree sites utilizing goats 11 Liz Hoxie 17 hours ago
Liz Hoxie
soil Fruit Trees in Clay Soil 16 Alicia Metz 17 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
projects ASF Farm - Western Kenya
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
110 Maureen Atsali 17 hours ago
Maureen Atsali
permaculture Matt powers and baker creek seeds 0 Scott Foster 18 hours ago
Scott Foster
wood burning stoves Black Locust for firewood 4 Ori Bee-Shir 19 hours ago
thomas rubino
predators Coyotes 3 zachary welch 19 hours ago
Karen Donnachaidh
communication Dyslexie - finally a font for dyslexia that works 11 r ranson 19 hours ago
Erwin Decoene