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gardening for beginners Back to Eden newbie 6 Lisa Guyer 40 minutes ago
Michael Cox
rainwater catchment Is lime wash bad idea for rainwater catchment roofs? 17 Erik Rowberg 58 minutes ago
John C Daley
rainwater catchment Sump pump runoff 1 Chad Pilieri 1 hour ago
John C Daley
earthworks Need something to hold up my drive 7 Tony Hallett 1 hour ago
John C Daley
homestead Concrete posts for fencing? 18 dragonjaze Hatfield 1 hour ago
John C Daley
lawn organic lawn care for the cheap and lazy
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397 paul wheaton 1 hour ago
John Flower
ponds I want a pond but I don't know where to start. 7 Mychka Champagne 2 hours ago
John C Daley
gear Electric water pump, for irrigation from a creek 12 Seva Tokarev 2 hours ago
John C Daley
toxin-ectomy Get Me Off the Medicatication Cart: Please! 7 Travis Johnson 2 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
toxin-ectomy Tephlon, PFOA and more reasons to avoid tephlon products 0 Nicole Alderman 2 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
composting New to composting tea 27 Dennis Bangham 2 hours ago
stephen lowe
homestead monitoring current fluctuations 5 Laurent Voulzy 2 hours ago
Laurent Voulzy
soil sonic bloom 1 Angelika Maier 2 hours ago
stephen lowe
composting composting wood chips with chicken litter and fungi 1 Eric Hanson 2 hours ago
stephen lowe
soil The wonderful world of water, soil and plants 12 Bryant RedHawk 3 hours ago
stephen lowe
trees Avocados and Frost in Europe
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65 David Livingston 3 hours ago
Marco Banks
finishes !!!! Whitewash source or recipe in Canada? 10 S. G. Botsford 4 hours ago
R Jay
composting Composting in the Desert - Could use some tips 2 Kim Goodwin 4 hours ago
Kim Goodwin
plants Shade/Partial Shade tolerant plants in the PNW 5 James Landreth 5 hours ago
James Landreth
permaculture Looking for advice for landscaping some property 0 Will Soen 5 hours ago
Will Soen
fruit trees Black Walnut tree and apple/pear trees 10 Jay Mullaky 5 hours ago
Ken W Wilson
rocket mass heaters burn plastic in rmh? 11 michael Egan 6 hours ago
Mike Barkley
rocket mass heaters Pumice griddle bricks 3 Aaron Tusmith 7 hours ago
Alley Bate
seed saving / exchange / plant breeding Photos of Joseph Lofthouse's Garden
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222 Joseph Lofthouse 7 hours ago
Joseph Lofthouse
personal care Going poo-less: No Shampoo/Soap in the Shower
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245 Abe Connally 8 hours ago
Cd Greier
soil Too much compost in the soil? Steve Solomon Intelligent gardener 29 Angelika Maier 8 hours ago
Angelika Maier
cob Cob Calculators? 2 Kassey Beardsley 8 hours ago
Rebecca Norman
tinkering with this site Hurdy Gurdy Test 6 Nicole Alderman 8 hours ago
Angelika Maier
food choices Tapioca Flour & Cyanide 1 N Thomas 8 hours ago
Maxi Rice
projects repairing soil - my post barley experiment 16 r ranson 9 hours ago
r ranson
natural building Using a hand dug well as a "standing column" heat exchanger 6 Ed Sitko 9 hours ago
Travis Johnson
plants Pruning everbearing raspberries (help needed) 5 Ivan Arsov 10 hours ago
Nicole Alderman
jobs wanted Anybody need permaculture help in North Idaho/e WA/w MT? 2 Brian Engstrom 10 hours ago
Hardy Reichel
wwoof / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs Couple seeking housing (space for our yurt) in exchange for labor 3 Aria Stroph 10 hours ago
Hardy Reichel
permaculture Permaculture hacks that work 4 wayne fajkus 10 hours ago
Kyle Neath
soil Sources found for Compost Tea recipe and soil biology 5 Dennis Bangham 11 hours ago
Dennis Bangham
hugelkultur Weathering time for hugelkulter 2 Phil Clove 12 hours ago
Michelle Bisson
plants Bamboo in Ecuador, things we're doing 6 steve eisenstein 12 hours ago
Bryant RedHawk
meaningless drivel quotes 24 paul wheaton 13 hours ago
kevin stewart
rocket mass heaters Results of the 8" batch box thingy at the Innovators Gathering
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117 Peter van den Berg 13 hours ago
Peter Chan
permaculture singles SWM 42 Midwest. Looking for partner in life and love. 4 J Scarnucci 15 hours ago
J Scarnucci
conservation Looking at the quality of LED light 7 Shawn Klassen-Koop 15 hours ago
Shawn Klassen-Koop
organic !!!!! Grow Half Your Food - Free Viewing March 20 - From The Grow Network 1 Tracy Wandling 16 hours ago
Tracy Wandling
permaculture Zone 6 Wetland plants and trees 1 Jayden Thompson 16 hours ago
Tripp Noonan
gardening for beginners I have a sprouting in one of my plants that I don’t recognize. 4 Misses McMahon 16 hours ago
Michael Jennings
plants Myrobalan Cherry Plum 1 Jordan Johnston 16 hours ago
Eric Thompson
plants highly productive plants (like dioscorea bulbifera &amp;amp; sechium edule) 0 oscar visquert 16 hours ago
oscar visquert
alternative energy !!!!!!! Getting electricity directly from the soil 8 Jon Guah 16 hours ago
Red Smith
earthworks How to use a sand river 6 Martin Tlustos 17 hours ago
Michael Cox
greenhouses Moderating temperature in hoop house 5 Grace Gierucki 17 hours ago
Grace Gierucki
bicycle Building a Pedal Powered Generator (and in need of help!) 22 Ben Tyler 18 hours ago
Peter VanDerWal
trees Mulberries in zone 3ish? 21 Koren Vangool 18 hours ago
Nick Kitchener
food as medicine Can I stop cavities without an extreme diet? 10 Angelika Maier 18 hours ago
Joshua Parke
rocket mass heaters Rocket Pool Water Heater ---- Need advice Please!!!! 6 Robert Wilson 18 hours ago
Alex Colchester
natural fibers and materials Summer farming clothing 16 Velho Barbudo 19 hours ago
Peter VanDerWal
rocket mass heaters Rocket Mass Heater Foundation 3 Kathleen Sanderson 19 hours ago
Chris Kott
meaningless drivel funny signs
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45 Dale Hodgins 20 hours ago
Jocelyn Campbell
pigs Plant Abortives? 4 Kyrt Ryder 21 hours ago
Chris Kott
rocket mass heaters Rocket mass heater. 2 Randy's Garden 21 hours ago
Randy's Garden
art HOBO QUILT - The Original Blocks are Based on the Secret Language of Riding the Rails 0 Anne Miller 21 hours ago
Anne Miller