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Is there any information out there that can be used to make sure a roof stays up?  Books?  Websites?
12 years ago
Not a bad idea, Let me try it at home and share what i got. Thanks for the idea.
12 years ago

_-~Clinton~-_@$prey wrote:
I saw that mentioned in another thread about SLS and I decided I was going to switch from using regular toothpaste.

I usually dont get canker sores very often and they are very small if I do get them.

Stress, poor diet, and allergic reaction to a particular food are cited as some of the causes of canker sore. Usually, canker sores can go away on its own in a few days to a few weeks. Medicines such as Tylenol can help to mute the pain and allow you to eat without discomfort. Anbesol can also be used as a way on how to get rid of a canker sore.

12 years ago
The phouka household has been sick. Dad had a cold that turned into pneumonia. I caught his cold and had two weeks of asthma, sinus infection, and misery. Mom got the same cold and missed three days of work, which is unheard of.<br /><br />We are under orders to get rid of all the allergens, and I need help.<br /><br />Stuff we've done:<br /><br />- washing sheets twice a week, pillows and comforters once a month.<br />- cat gets brushed daily, puppy gets bathed weekly.<br />- carpets are vacuumed every other day.<br /><br />While it would be best to remove the pets from the bedrooms, that's just not possible. The cat is 18 years old, half-blind, and cannot tolerate the puppy. So, she lives in my bedroom. She sleeps on my bed or sometimes on my face. Not much to be done there. The puppy sleeps in my mom's room (parents maintain separate bedrooms because their sleep habits are diametrically opposed). Puppy sleeps on the bed, in the chair, and sometimes in her crate. The likelihood of Mom permanently removing the puppy from her bed is similar to me hitting a Kuiper belt object while playing fetch. <br /><br />The carpet is near the end of their life, but replacing it is a very large investment in time, money, and inconvenience, and the parents have not considered it.<br /><br />Mom wants to purchase a carpet cleaner, but the previous cleanings we've done don't appear to help much, and now I'm told that it can cause mold to grow under the carpet and padding. <br /><br />Mom is very much impressed with the Kirby vacuum - 2.0 horsepower motor, excellent engineering, HEPA filtration on the bag, dry carpet shampooer - but it is $1300 on sale. She is leery of a used Kirby because of horror stories she's heard (told mostly by the salesman, but still).<br /><br />So, I am tasked with developing options to laying out the $1300 for a new Kirby or getting ripped off on eBay for a fake/used Kirby. I turn to you.<br /><br />Removing the pets is not an option.  However, we must cut down on allergens - especially pet dander, dead skin cells, mites, and mite poo. I'm looking for alternatives to the expense of the Kirby (or possibly accolades which say it's totally worth it), ideas for further eliminating respiratory stressors, and experiences you've had with similar problems. All advice is gratefully accepted.
clicke here
12 years ago
Not sure if iodine is a cure. But tea can be really useful.
12 years ago
I worked bannanas in hI and Australia a bit.

1)stalks can be cut from the corm and transplanted to moist sand, but I never did this. IN the operation in worked the stalk of the old tree was cut down and the keiki (shoot) that was closest to the north was allowed to grow; all others (ussualy 2-3) were cut.

2)corm life can be 15+ years.

3) each stalk will only produce 1 cluster of bananas. a corm will shoot out 2-4 stalks each year; they are thinned to one stalk in commercial operations.

4) I dont know the answers top 4-6, but I would suggest that bamboo does well with banana, if your into that.

im reading loads of stuff on guilding banana with an overstory of nutmeg, breadfruit, comingled with some citrus, and understory of yam, manioc, sweetpotatoes. and I imagine coffee and chocolate. having only worked the bananas, and then before I really started looking at guilds, I do wonder about the soil preferences of these plants, and suggest thats a good place to start- what kind of soil do bananas really thrive in and who else makes, lives in that soil.
12 years ago
i am an unemployed person want a travelling and our job like going in villages for surveys etc
12 years ago
rice and taro in neighboring feilds, 50" rain+, diverse aggregated soil profile... Im wondering what semi?/tropical paradise you are in and what volcano its attached to.

with that much water you are in a great set of conditions for implementing chinampas ( , or lo'i - I highly recommend NOT doing anything to the space aside from subsistence for a year and taking an in depth study of the apu a'a systems used in Hawaii ( in this ancient system watersheds were treated as managemnt units in relation to other watersheds- ecotones between watersheds changes moderately or abruptly according to elevation profiles and wind orientation, insolation etc. This produces hoards of microclimates.

Your 2 ac. sounds homogenous- not a lot of microclimate. in the lowlands ahupua'a had broad scale practices including aquaculture (the island of Kauai is reported to have the oldest continuously managed aquacultures in the world (lo'i) which are  taro paddy/fish pond/garden arrangement. as you have a flat site it will be easy to build compared to steep valley walls.

love to hear what you think after looking at these examples of high water table uses in these and other cultures. permacultures a new name for a globes worth of ancient, replicable land management practices- with a few modern twists
12 years ago