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Lori and I are planning to attend the Schmoozaroo June 21-23.

Armin Voigt wrote:Sue,
Here is a link on where to find lead free 22 mag ammo.

I would not recommend the lead free 22 mag ammo that I linked. I found out that it is designed for varmints and to expand violently on impact, so would not get much penetration. A better choice,in my opinion,would be full metal jacket rounds for the .22 mag since the lead is fully encapsulated and will get lots of penetration.

Has anyone used full metal jacket bullets on pigs and recovered them to see if the copper jacket remained fully intact(no visible lead to spread lead contamination)?
4 years ago
Some deep rooters might be interest in having someone cut/limb/drag/stack trees for a future WOFATI.
What part of the year would be best for this task?
Is it better to work/build with green trees or ones that have seasoned for a few years?
Approximate number of trees it took to build the 400 sq foot wofati?

5 years ago
-Greywater systems
5 years ago
Add me to the list of folks that are interested in building a shippable core.
5 years ago
I know that there are concerns with harvesting stinging nettle over knee high for comsumption as greens. My question is: Are there concerns with using the leaves from adult nettle plants for making tea? If so, what are these concerns?
5 years ago