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Recent posts by Talia Ilom

To the housekeeper position...
I am SO there. A few questions...
How should I get in contact? Send 100$ contact service fee via paypal to (who?)
Please point me to where Kaitlin has been mentioned to help me understand what kinda shoes I should expect to fill
About me...
I've been studying/practicing/evangelizing permaculture for 6 years.
2 years (total) experience living in intentional community. I have a natural proclivity to keep community space nice (kitchen, living room, workshops, gardens, etc.) I'm willing to support systems by making signs, constant friendly reminders, whatever it takes through trial and error and communication
Have listened to MANY (but not all, sorry) of the podcasts. I even hung out with Paul once! On Paul's FB profile banner, I'm the lady with her hand in the air.
As cheezy as it may sound, I see this opportunity as a call to duty. Thanks in advance for helping me get in contact to move this forward!!!
4 years ago
Just putting it out there- I fall under the category of a.) having not yet found my entrepreneurial niche and working toward it to be able to be a contributing member of the Lab community through writing/building rocketmassheater shippable cores/whatever else b.) am working toward establishing connections with the Lab through a 'GAPer' opportunity and working toward establishing shallow a/o deep roots through time, $ and sweat equity, c.) am moderately skilled in many areas and would like to hone and polish skills through work-trade, at the Lab and also out here in the urban jungle. Grateful for this thread, it's helpful to weigh different possibilities and see how to craft a path that works... VIVA LA EMPIRE!
5 years ago
Join Andrew Schreiber, Lindsay Hagamen and Ashley Harris of the Windward Community for a weekend of exploration of the design, application and evolution of permaculture ecosystems to provide food, fuel, forage, and construction materials for homes and homesteads of all scales. HANDS-ON CONSTRUCTION of a hugelkultur bed/swale as part of the development of an intensive zone-1 community woodland garden.

More information about the event is available at: http://www.windward.org/2.0/events/permaculture_5april2014.php

5 years ago
Meg darling,
I recommend this book by a counselor in a K-12 school modeled on "expeditionary learning", also sometimes called experiential learning. The curriculum for the school was created by Outward Bound, I think.
This book provides lots of examples for ways to engage and monitor self-led learning, group work, lessons, etc. for different age groups and desired learning outcomes. Quick example-
A middle school humanities class might time-manage this way: 22 min. mini-lesson, 20 min. work time, 5 min debrief, 20 min work time, 10 debrief, 10 min work time, 3 min debrief
The author describes this as a "catch and release" method.
Well, anyway, gimme your email and I'll happily discuss it with you more. You would super-dig this book, it's too cute- the graphics are hand made by an art teacher at the same school.
You can RENT the book, "That Workshop Book; New Systems and Structures for Classrooms That Read, Write, and Think" by Samantha Bennett here...
5 years ago
Saltillo tiles are a terra cotta tile popular in the Southwest and warm climates. Natural grout goes nicely with Saltillo. Not good with freeze-thaw situations because they crack. Some methods involve sealants and glazes, but not necessary. Probably not a good choice for radiant heat tubing below the tiles, I imagine the temp. fluctuation would cause them to crack as well.
I remember when I had the marvelous opportunity to visit the indigenous Tarahumara people in Chihuahua, Mexico. They had natural earth floors, rammed earth I believe. I wiped my feet before I entered the house, which caused a bit of an uproar of laughter. The dirt on my shoes was what the floors were made of! Ah, cultural diversity. Gotta love it! ((Keeping my fingers crossed for the Keyline ticket! This would be such a game-changer in my career and impact on the world!! Best of luck to everyone!))
5 years ago
Hey, Owen! Good to see you in the forums! I have a situation for ya. The site I am working with was once a tree farm and lost much of it's topsoil when the trees were dug up and sold. Then it was scraped of any remaining topsoil to be bagged and sold. So the surface is essentially subsoil. Furthermore, the water table is very high and quite sodic in most places. Having trouble imagining how I could flush the soil of salts when the water table is so high. Would taking a ripper through it do any good? Could the subsoil be "activated"? Could deep tiller root crops survive this high water table and sodic environment without the help of animals? Will shallow, salt tolerant green manure crops with lots of effort on my part have to do? Thanks so much, so happy for you and Sustainable Settings! Bet it'l be a hoot!!
5 years ago
A pond with lots n lots of floating vegetation, maybe growing in some sort of floating medium i.e. duckweed. It was camouflaged in a food forest-type situation. Have only seen a side-view drawn diagram of one. Duke P. Wheaton had it as one of the "bricks" in his Brick Presentation.
6 years ago
I saw in one of Paul W's presentations the "stealth pond" concept. Where can I find more information on this? Thanks!!
6 years ago
I've got a thing for www.milkwood.net a/o http://www.milkwoodpermaculture.com.au/
Very well loved folks in NSW, AU
Also, unfortunately a well kept secret but incredibly fabulous www.windward.org in WA state