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I have a realtor in Crescent Oregon that is really good!! Her name is Donna Werner from Crescent Lake Realty. 541 480 3373.  I see a property on Marsha Way that looks like a good possibility for permaculture. It is high desert, right along little Deschutes river.
8 months ago
I love the ideas here!
I have been reading Dr Jack Kruse' book and FB.  He summarizes health as a result of optimized light, water and magnetism. I try to get as much sun on as much skin as possible. Its more than vitamin D, it turns into a chemical that flows thru our system to give us health.  I changed from tank tops and shorts to swim tops and short shorts for gardening and walking the dogs. In Oregon its difficult to get enough sun. I never use UV protection, hats or sunglasses!  Our eyes need UV light, so I try to get lots of sun first thing in the morning and later afternoon.
2 years ago
Just thought this was a good time to tell you how much I appreciate all the work you do!
Thank you!

Here's my input on the best treatment for a broken bone. Use Homeopathic remedy for comfrey called: Symphytum (it heals it way faster and takes away the pain). Also a 200 C dose is better than a 30 C dose but both are ok. Then for the nerve pain take Hypericum (Homeopathic), and for the muscle pain and bruising take Arnica (Homeopathic). All of these are little tablets that you dissolve under your tongue. Caffeine may antidote them.

The other thing that helped me was eating an anti inflamatory diet! You can't believe how much this helps. I was literally out of pain when I followed it and back into extreme pain when i went off it, in spite of the pain pills. I found that for me Naproxin worked better than anything else for a pain pill but many times I didn't need it if I followed the diet and was careful.

Hope this is helpful!
5 years ago
Thanks for the replies!

The comments about the 400 to 500 degree fire really got my imagination going! Ouch! I've got some work to do!
When you think of the entire forest being an oven it changes the perspective! I wanted to keep the trees because I like the look of being in the woods. If I cut alot of trees then the sagebrush will grow like crazy! The closest water is a mile away. Wells are deep and go dry. I would love to store some water off the roof. A rain barrel of water won't go far. Any ideas on the next best water storage? preferably one that won't grow mosquitoes.

I can see the problem with a toilet in the shower. Love the idea of a composter on wheels to just pull out. I can do that!

Thanks for the ideas!

5 years ago
We have been building a 200 sq foot cabin in central Oregon. It was such a relief to finally get the roof on and the siding finished this week so it's protected from the elements (and we are protected from the mosquitoes)! I have been ravenously reading and watching videos trying to plan the interior decorating. It is an off grid 10 x 20 rectangle with 10 x 10 loft (with the door in the middle of a 20 foot side). I am amazed at all the new multi-functional equipment and ideas! I want it to feel luxurious but be as inexpensive as possible. I also am making it as fire proof as possible as it is in an area that could have a wild fire.

I am longing to see your book! The chapter on fold up beds has my curiosity. I have been wanting a fold up bed but hate the price tags on murphy beds Have been trying to make one at home but it's not looking so good. I want a compact shower/composting toilet (is there any such thing? There's got to be something better than my outhouse) I have to haul in water so needs to be minimal water. Looking for ideas. I have hardiboard T1- 11 for sides and metal roofing to help resist fire. We also used lumber cut off our property and windows we found on craigslist. I am thinking stone tile or ceramic tile flooring (it won't burn).

When I walk in the door, It seems normal to have the kitchen to the immediate left there's about 5 feet to the corner. then it seems normal to have the bathroom in the corner next to the kitchen. It seems like the living area should be the rest of the cabin to the right. I need to have a place for a fold up bed downstairs (and also have a bed or two in the loft). I have to decide between the rocket mass stove or a small wood stove or wood cook stove... Do I put sheet rock on the ceiling above the loft or leave the rafters open for more head room? or just put rigid isulation between the rafter boards and leave it exposed...?? My husband says it makes a big difference to be able to put his head up between the rafters. (He also says just get a microwave for cooking tv dinners and a small woodstove for heat.) I am thinking a 2 burner propane cooktop would be sufficient.

I read some ideas about refrigerators too. Some people said they had problems with the freezer getting cold enough and the refrigerator getting too cold. He did some research and got one that had good reviews (black and decker maybe if I remember) Haven't plugged it in yet.

I would love to know where to find plans for the fold up beds and fold up multipurpose furniture or walls. Ideas on bathrooms: how to build one with a toilet in the center of the shower maybe? We have a generator for power right now. How do you best insulate it for really cold weather? Near zero at Christmas.

I would love to win a copy of your book!

Thanks for any ideas!!


5 years ago
I have tried to garden in the coastal hills of the Willamette Valley for 6 years now. I was really excited about permaculture last year when I discovered it! I thought I had a good plan!

The only successful crop this year was the squash my daughter planted in the horse manure by the barn, (with no irrigation)! Everything else dried up and was overtaken by weeds. My water bill sky rocketed. The voles and underground varmits make their tunnels right under each line of drip irrigation. I love to garden, but unless I find a plan that seems feasible, I think I will quit!

I am thinking a good permaculture plan is what I need. I need help!

My best garden was the one where I followed Steve Solomon's "Waterwise vegetables". At least I could measure the amount of water each plant had with the 5 gallon buckets. I had 4 wheel barrels of winter squash and buckets and buckets of melons, peppers and tomatoes! It saved lots of water compared to the drip hose, which I need to leave on for 24 hours to get a decent amount of water in the soil (at great cost) . I was just hoping to not have to spend the time rotating buckets any more.

Where would you begin?

I have 50 fruit trees, 15 blueberries and 12 raspberries, most of which are not thriving. The ones planted in wild soil are doing better than the one that have had more "care". starting to sound like I should just replant everything onto the wild hillsides and the manure pile and forget my plans.

Maybe I should add that I also planted about 300 douglas fir trees on the lower section of my property (in an effort to maintain forestry status). I am thinking 80% to 90% of those trees have died. I know that I planted them correctly. I think the failure is from poor soil and lack of water. They normally are easily grown with little to no upkeep around here.


6 years ago
I totally love this forum! Last fall I "discovered" Permaculture after researching some books I found for sale through craigslist. Someone had a huge selection of permaculture and related books and information dvd's for sale as they were moving out of the country. I used their list of authors and books (since all the books had sold) and I followed bunny trails where I became obsessed with I watched the videos and read the blogs and went to events. Wow! I tell everyone to start here and follow the trails! What a super great resource! I have a huge hugelculture bed started, planted a new orchard, plan to incorporate Fukuoka variety throughout the orchard. Bought a pig to clear my garden of voles and blackberries, then sold it. I can't wait to make Seth's bone goop to paint the trees! I just can't get enough of Sepp. I just wish I could find someone to help with setting it all up and doing some of the heavy work. Anyone want to play "Let's make a $50 dollar shelter or a Sepp style shelter under ground?"
Would love to hear other peoples trails and favorite authors. I prefer the practical info about doing it.. companionable plants for guilds, this is how to make a pond...etc.
6 years ago
Mullein is one of the ingredients for healing mastitis. Mix it with Lobelia and echinacea equal parts by weight in a tea. I would love to try in on a cow or goat sometime. I know several women it worked great for.
6 years ago
I totally love this forum! Thank you for all the effort put into it!

I remember going camping as a kid and picking huckleberries for pancakes! It was a real highlight.

More recently I get them while horseback riding in the mountains. I have never had enough for a pie. We eat them too fast!
6 years ago
I agree with the list of possible causes of headaches. The most common cause in my opinion is either dehydration or coffee/caffeine or sugar.

Try a gluten free diet if staying away from that doesn't work or the paleo diet. Basically, eat veggies, fruit, meat and gradually work other food back into your diet to see what might be causing the headaches. Try taking your pulse before you eat and after you eat. If your pulse goes up alot, say more than 15 beats per minute after you eat something, consider staying away from it.

Good luck!
7 years ago