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Recent posts by Jaikiran Pai

Note that you have to be logged in to the site to be able to see them *both* at the top and the bottom of the thread. For non-logged in users, it's only shown in one place.
I suspect, it might have to do with your internet connection where in some cases it isn't able to load the images and gives up and displays those "X" boxes.
Like Leila, I can see the pictures in both those posts.

Is it possible for you to get a screenshot of this thread and attach it here, as you see it in Internet Explorer?

Justin Jones wrote: inscribing flat sections with a magnifying glass.

Hadn't heard of such a thing before!

Justin Jones wrote:
She burnt a handful of beautiful signs for us during her stay.

Those really look beautiful and incredible, given the way they were done.

8 years ago
It depends on how one measures popularity. Is it based on number of views or number of replies or number of likes received in that topic or number of apples received in that topic?

Hot topics https://permies.com/forums/hottestTopics/list is the closest we have which uses number of replies as a measure of "hotness".

Angelika Maier wrote:
I would make one simple small and hopefully easy change: I would include "unanswered posts".

Angelika, there's a "Zero Replies" page which lists the unanswered posts. The link to it is at the same place as where you see the "Recent Topics" link. Here it is for quick reference https://permies.com/forums/posts/zeroReplies.

I edited the link to fix it. There was a space between "with" and "this" in that URL which I replaced by a "-".
8 years ago

Robert James wrote:

I would not consider paying to join. I just want to know what is the big deal? What are were you selling?

It's more of a "thank you"/reward for those who supported Paul's kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paulwheaton/permaculture-earthworks-and-hugelkultur-garden-3-d
It's working fine for me on Firefox.

The youtube video that the users are talking about in their reports is the one that Paul setup as an announcement in the forums. That video shows up on top of the forum pages and is about Paul's TEDx talk. However, it hasn't interfered with browsing or posting in the forums. Can you check with them if they are clicking or hitting enter on that video which is causing the problem they mention?