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Recent posts by Rick Roman

Luv this thread...

BILL WITHERS - I'M HER DADDY - (1971) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SAke0jV-0o
9 years ago
When it gets buggy... I use this light weight army mosquito head gear.
9 years ago
"It ain't necessarily so that it ain't necessarily so" - SUN RA
9 years ago
ALICE COLTRANE & PHAROAH SANDERS - Journey in Satchidananda (1971) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=px45LSsrn8s

And another Coltrane relative...

FLYING LOTUS - Until The Quiet Comes (2012) - http://flying-lotus.com/watch-tiny-tortures-video/
9 years ago
Inspired decades ago by the animated film "The Man Who Planted Trees". I collected buckets of acorns and black walnuts from the largest, healthiest trees I could find. My goal was to diversify a young, mostly maple and ash forest near my homestead. I planted many nuts just to find out the squirrels and other critters dug them up for food. Yes, I did try to protect them with mesh, cages, etc. It didn't stop those hungry squirrels. A whole lotta work for nothing. So, I watched the squirrels bury their nut cache at different times of the season and learned that they know just how to plant an acorn, by rolling it in to the ground, on its side, at the correct depth for optimum germination. So, for the last several years I've been collecting then dumping bucket loads of different types of acorn, at different times of the year, spring, summer and fall for the squirrels to do the planting for me. Yes, squirrels have excellent GPS like memories on where they plant their nut cache, but they do forget some. Now I have hundreds of little oak trees growing in this woodland. I hope in decades I will have a surplus of hardwood and acorns. Plus, plenty of food for the forest critters keeping them away from other nut producing plants like my prized hazelnuts.
9 years ago
Mike Sved, I agree! Stanton Moore has collaborated with many of my favorite artists. I would love to hear more, if you are so inclined. Thanks

Following your lead... the sound of the Super Double Bass and Organ.

GARY KARR & HARMON LEWIS -Adagio in G minor - Tomaso Albinioni / Giazotto - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqAC_6Ia91s&index=27&list=FL6iYC7hC7HkcTMvcQ42qegA
9 years ago