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Recent posts by Peter gallo

I'm looking for a video of a complete build that is sped up over the few days time. I think it was in Spain? At the moment I'm setting up a demonstration of the burn tunnel with bricks. I'm a little confused by the book's photos, so a quick video would help with that.  -PG
2 years ago

Glenn Herbert wrote:For in-depth development and construction info, see Peter van den Berg's posts at, and also Matt Walker's. The Reference section has detailed info.

By the way, it is typically stated that a 6" batch box can give heat output generally seen with an 8" system. Matt Walker converted his 8" J-tube system to use a 6" batch box and reports that it works excellently.

OK, does it have to be more than 3' tall riser? Any specific links or helpful vids to research would be good.
4 years ago

Brett Andrzejewski wrote:I'm glad you enjoyed the RMH class.

Please look at the two examples in the following links: 8" batch box

Innovators batch box. The pictures about 11 posts down help illustrate. It is close to the dimensions you seek.

Yet, notice how tall the heat riser needs to be to maintain the a ratio of around (1:2:4). In the first example it is two barrels tall.

I should have mentioned my height restrictions up top. I have a lot of restrictions ... trying to build the barrel half-way in the fireplace ! I've disassembled part of the outer brick/ chimney wall behind the fireplace to create space for a RMH burn tunnel or batch box. Yes, we'll be feeding from "out of doors" but it will eventually be enclosed patio / porch/ mud-room.

I'd like to use 8" diameter stove pipes, if possible for the mass. For sure I'm going to have to develop my own prototype for this idea... but feel free to contribute!
4 years ago

michael Egan wrote:hi Peter
I just posted a reply on another thread earlier today so some of what i say here is repeating what i said there: I build two vertical feed rocket mass heaters and was not getting enough btus to heat my 34x30' shop so i built a batch rmh and love it. it will take a 36 in. log about 7 in diameter, about 30lbs of wood at a time. This is my 3rd heating season with it. Here's a link to the video i did in March 2013, almost a couple of years ago.

I like the video... good work, thanks for posting! How tall is your heat riser? Is it 8" diameter? Do you have much mass?

I have a restrictive situation in that I need a long (3ft) horizontal feed tube (or batch box), but I have to stay under 3' for the heat riser. So, from what I've observed so far it wouldn't be a very efficient stove.
4 years ago
Thanks for your kind reply. If possible, could you suggest further research "Batch Box" links that include basic descriptions/ videos of this type of RMH?
I haven't had any luck with my lame searches.

I'll work on some sketches of some proposed designs for you all to poke at.
4 years ago
I'm re-thinking my RMH build design based on the idea of a horizontal feed tube/ burn tunnel.

It will have to be at least 2' - 3' long horizontal tube/ burn tunnel to reach all the way through the fireplace from the outer wall of existing brick chimney.
I've heard a lot about "batch boxes", but the main feature I like is the horizontal aspect, and the potential for a nice long feed tube.

Any videos or other links that could assist me in this would be appreciated.
Thanks Brett (Damyo505) for the inspiring RMH workshop!
4 years ago
Albuquerque's "The Old School" is offering a Greywater class on May 31.
Albuquerque Old School "Greywater Recapture"
For more information and a way to sign up for the class see the above link. -Peter
4 years ago
Great photos John Adamz.

Is that the furnace cement that looks like silvery stuff on the edges of yr mortar joints? I'm not too familiar with the stuff.

How about your materials? Those are fire brick for the heat riser, right... and the others are just cement bricks? -Peter
5 years ago
I love this design of RMH 55 gallon drum with a removable top, like in this video by Ernie and Erica...

Since there is no gasket, should there be much concern about fumes escaping into the room? I've read that the wood stove rope works as a gasket for this, but is it necessary?

I've acquired a few drums that have clamped removable tops, but there are threaded fittings in them (2") with rubber and plastic gaskets. So in order to make the Ernie version, I'll need to replace this with a top that's completely solid. Or is there a way to remove a crimped/ welded top so that it fits the way that's shown in the video?

Any sources for solid lids that would help with my design?

Thanks in advance for your thoughtful answers. -Peter
5 years ago
Pretty sure that I have seen photo examples of damage occurring to barrel or other parts of the system on this forum. Probably due to poor construction or unsuitable materials. Can't find it in my bookmarks, tho. I remember it was a barrel with a removable top, so they were able to access easily and I think replace the internal chimney.

Looking forward to building one (55 gal system) in the backyard in 2014. My barrel is already rusty after storing outside for a year (paint burned off). Love this forum... jeep up the good work!
5 years ago