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Recent posts by Peter Fishlock

mike mclellan wrote:This is not original but I liked it when I heard on Will Hooker's permaculture NCSU videocast: "Permaculture is revolution disguised as gardening."

this is absolute genius
12 years ago
Thanks for that Paul,

I think that's definitely something worth looking into if you have a knack for this sort of thing, I can remember a numbers of years ago looking into google adwords and doing little adds on the right hand side of a google search, you set it up so it would advertise a given things and everytime someone clicked on your add it chargers you, but your add diverted them to a webiste offering what they were searching for and if they bought on that site clicking from your add you got money.

there was a whole sight with companies you could affiliate for and some of them were offering big money if you got someone to fill out a questionnaire from there sight.
you can experience this now if you try to watch a film on the internet you will get a whole bunch of sites that say you can watch any film after you fill out a questionnaire which is lengthy and gives everyone you details, to bombard you with junk , the people get a pay day and it crashes right after your questionnaire is finished so you dont even get a film.

When I gave it a go I just used google adwords, so there was no scam, but i was that terrible that i got charge more in clicks than i made from questionnaires, infact I never got any done and made no money LOL.

I was a teenager when I gave that ago and I would bother now I would sooner chase goats around through a busy town dressed as a chicken

hubert cumberdale wrote:i like to tell people its farming with style. but what really gets people going is just seeing my forest garden. after that they are hooked.

Farming with style is good but I dont have the forest garden to back it up, Hey Hubert would you do a video of your forest garden and post it as a walk through on here, I would really love to see that , I want a forest garden but have no space, you could describe the plants you have ands there functions, for us noobs.

Nancy --- "Edible Landscaping crossed with Biomimicry, brilliantly designed for optimum efficiency" is nothing short of genius well done for that I will remember that one.

Isaac-- Holistic design system where diversity, multi-functionality and mutually beneficial relationships are emphasized, rooted in the mimicry of natural cycles and systems. I really like this its short and precise and accurately describes what is needed but I think if it was aimed at a sceptic or someone who had

never heard of it before it mind sound a bit flowery. hey I had an idea.

The conversation sparks up and someone asks what you are doing.

You could say, "Edible landscaping crossed with biomimicry, designed for optimum efficiency" (hook)
they say say "that sounds interesting, how does that work?"
you say "We us a Holistic design system where diversity, multi-functionality and mutually beneficial relationships are emphasized, rooted in the mimicry of natural cycles and systems. (ready Hubert) Its like farming with style!!"

"step into my forest garden and be assimilated resistance is futile" he he he he

12 years ago
Hey Guys,

Ok all snow is gone for now, all rants are over (I put it down to winter rage!!).

So I have done a few more layers to my hugel and its nearly there. I have added the 3 tree branches standing up which I am going to attach bird food, hopefully this will encourage them to poo on my bed and eat insects. I hoping they will also just start to use them as regular perches.

You might also notice in the middle a new Worm composting house.

I have drilled 1 1/2 inches holes all the way around in two layers aswell as the bottom. I going to use this as a feature of my system as a way of desposing of myexcess vegetable matter, to one stop pollution and two feed my plants with ultra nutritious worm castings. Hooray.

Its all good.

heres the pics

12 years ago
Hello everyone, I thought i would post this for some fun.

Im sure all of you have been asked about Permaculture before and not known where to start or even how to describe it without a huge explanation.

What I think would be cool if between us we could come up with a sentence or a few sentences that:

1 describe Permaculture
2 make it sound cool
3 make people interested in giving it a go

post below

12 years ago
so if a book is $13.99 you get around 5% of that price?

also, can you link anything from amazon if you get its number and create the link yourself?

Hello Everyone,

This is aimed at Paul, but anyone please feel free to answer.

In one of Pauls posts about income he mentions receiving an income from links to Amazon and E-bay, I wondered if you can tell my how is this done, and also can every or anybody do this?


Hey mike that looks really good, nice pics mate!!!

12 years ago