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Marianne West

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since Jan 05, 2012
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mother, yoga teacher, wife, host of The Sustainable Living Podcast, grandma, owner of two little yuppy dogs, a cat, more than 20 chickens and too many interests to list.
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Recent posts by Marianne West

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:I know amaranth is said to be a nutritional powerhouse, but man the seeds are tiny and the hulls tenacious.

I wonder, could they be roasted hulls and all, put in a blender with water, and strained through a fine mesh for a sort of oat milk?

Hmm, worth an experiment. I don't have a fine enough straint=er but maybe through a cloth might work.

Have you used different grains for milk making?

Hugo Morvan wrote:I dont bother either. But i got mine from réal seeds un UK. Great club of enthusiast in Wales who have been working on  selecting for easily hullable big seeds.
They're 3 colors as a bonus.

That is interesting!
What I have right now are wild seeds. We are for a year on a work assignment on the Navajo Nation and the housing we were assigned to had tons of Amaranth growing. I fought the housekeeping people who want to chop anything that grows down and harvested all the stalks when they were ready. WE can find fun projects anywhere, right?

See Hes wrote:I built a vacuum de-hulling machine based on an YouTube Video.

...a good and successful farmer has a spot behind the barn where lots of scrap pieces laying around, that are actually failed improvements to make the farm work easier... (True words)

Thank you so much for this. Right now, we are in a temporary location but will try to build one when we are back home.

And why do people think that the piles of treasures to be used for great future projects are trash and an eyesore? 🤪

Mk Neal wrote:On a small scale, I have dehulled amaranth by “scrunching” and rubbing  the seeds to loosen hulls, then putting them in a deep bowl of water; seeds sink and hulls float. Of course, then you need to dry the seeds again if you plan to store them.  But maybe you could store them whole, and just hulls them when you plan to cook them.

That is a great idea. I could do that before cooking with them.

Janette Raven wrote: For undergarments, and I make all my own, there is nothing that beats New Zealand merino wool knit fabric.

Can you recommend a source for this fabric? And patterns for underwear?
1 year ago
I harvested a bunch of Amaranth seeds and have a hard time getting rid of the chaff. I tried blowing with the seeds and all on a baking sheet but it doesn't seem to be working that well.
Of course, I can embrace the bran but was wondering if someone found a good solution.

Also, how  do you all cook Amaranth grain?
I love sunflowers and their seeds. Just an hour ago, I harvested sunflower micro greens for lunch. So easy to grow and everyone can have a winter garden
1 year ago

Krella Krentoshi wrote:I use flipflops for both insoles and outsoles.  

What a great idea! I want to make felted shoes and all in my family have super wide feet. The soles you can buy are too narrow and I don't know how to design my own 3 D printing project - or print it for that matter 🤪
1 year ago

Nathan Stephanson wrote:

Marianne West wrote:They look interesting. Only problem is Amazon lol. I refuse to give them my money if it can be avoided...

Great news! I found the manufacturer's website

That is great news Thank you for searching for this info.
1 year ago

Nathan Stephanson wrote:I found this wool felt and cork insole on amazon and thought of this thread.

They look interesting. Only problem is Amazon lol. I refuse to give them my money if it can be avoided...
1 year ago