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Did these ship via ups or usps? Still waiting on mine. I dont suppose you did trackjng for all the packages that were sent out to check the status?
Thanks! PayPal transaction has been initiated.
Is it still possible to order one of these jump drives?
I actually prefer the podcasts to video because I currently have a 45 min - 1 hr commute each way to work and consequently, audio is much more conducive to accident avoidence (although I do enjoy the videos as well, when not behind the wheel).
Paul and Jocelyn, great podcast and topic. Finding a means to replace even a portion of one's income from a traditional job moves him/her one step closer to a self-sufficient life and self-fulfilling life. I think you both did an excellent job highlighting how this is important and it was also insightful to hear about some of the "behind the scenes" action of the empire. Paul's frustration with moving things forward to the next level are understandable.

Paul, I know you and Jack Spirko are good buddies, so I'd further point to his series "five minutes with jack" that goes into some of the how-to and nuts and bolts of executing on some of the ideas you presented in this podcast to create residual income streams. I don't think he's done any new episodes in awhile, but the content there can help put into motion the concepts brought up in this podcast.

Keep up the inspirational work!
I think it was episode 201 where it was mentioned that pictures from the most recent Sepp event had been posted in the forums...can somebody provide a link to where these are at?
Thanks for the response Daniel. Do you have a feel for how the local/sustainable food movement and/or permaculture environment is? There seem to be some local/organic farmers in the area (Big Head Farm, BLue Dog Farm, etc), so I take that as a good sign that there is at least some appetite "for this sort of thing" as Mr. Wheaton would say. Any experience with either or the local farmers markets?

Tell me about your educational booth you're setting up.
6 years ago
How familiar are people with the Grand Junction area (Van Buren County)? I'm looking at some property in the area and welcome any feedback from people with knowledge of the area - soil, weather, community, infrastructure, eco-friendliness, reception to transplants, etc.
6 years ago
I wasn't sure what forum would be appropriate for this message, but I just came across this today and thought it might be interesting information for the community.

I first came across this information from this editorial, which I think we can all relate to:

6 years ago