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since Jan 07, 2012
Off grid in the central Rockies of Montana (at 6300') zone 3-4ish
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A friend dug a hole in the garden and filled it with water. I think he meant well.
1 month ago
Here are a few pictures of our kunekune pigs that we raise on our homestead.
2 years ago
The inspiring story of Jadav Payeng who planted an entire 550 hectare forest all by himself over a period of 30 years.

3 years ago
Mora knifes of Sweden are the absolute best bang for your buck when it comes to high carbon knifes. They are highly regarded in the Bushcraft world.They run from $11.50 up
4 years ago
Silver is used as an antibiotic in past and in the alternative medicine scene. I use colloidal silver for wounds and it works well as a mouth rinse when I am having issues with my teeth.
I also like real silverware because silver is used as an exchange in the place of fiat money. Real silverware is basically an investment in my opinion.
4 years ago
I have been doing this, at least once a week, for years. I've hand loaded wood chips, leaves and organic materials onto my flatbed, occasionally they now load me with their excavator.
We have included the county workers and supervisors to our Forest Garden meetings.
Pat, a Jefferson county operator, is going to excavate our earthworks at The Boulder Forest Garden for free (http://www.growingcommunitynaturally.blogspot.com/). They even donated and delivered 180 yards of chips to the site. The county is also, for now, composting instead of burning the woody debris. They also set aside woodchips for residents to take. Pat is also implementing some water harvesting earthworks at his building site. The idea of a better way of living is very contagious and is spreading in Jefferson county.
4 years ago
“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”
― Henry David Thoreau
4 years ago
Caleb, great question,you beat me to it.
Arthur, you do a wonderful job presenting such useful info, been a listening for years.
4 years ago
Good Day From the Hartman's!

We are down to the final days of our online fund raiser for the Boulder Forest Garden. We are so happy to have raised 75% of our goal of $3500 at this time. With only 8 days left we need help to meet our goal. If we reach the $3500 goal the Indiegogo site that is hosting our campaign takes a smaller percentage of the money allowing more to go to the project.

What is the project? There is a great little video and a write up about the Boulder Forest Garden when you click on the link below. This garden is very special in that it is a perennial system. That means that we don't have to replant it each year. Also, this garden is being designed and planted in a way that it will provide its own fertilizer and mulch as well as harvest some of it's own water for irrigation.

What will it grow? The Boulder Forest Garden will be planted with a variety of fruit bearing trees and shrubs, perennial herbs and vegetables, as well as flowers for pollinators and plants that build soil fertility.

Who will use it?
This edible, woodland park will be used by the local community to harvest fresh food and also be a place for gathering propagation material such as seeds and plants to start similar gardens at private homes. Through a program at the Boulder Elementary School called the 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLS), students will be involved in all stages of development and harvesting at the Boulder Forest Garden. In fact the students have already helped with fund raising and seeding beneficial plants on the site. Through the 21st CCLS we have the funds available to teach adult education classes at the Boulder Forest Garden allowing participants to learn how to develop this type of productive, low-maintenance, sustainable,woodland garden.
We also have developed a relationship with Alternative Youth Adventures (AYA), a youth behavioral treatment facility in our community and will be engaging the residents in their program in our garden allowing them to build skills and connect with nature.

What is happening at the site?
We are actively working on the site with weekly work days and have removed the old fence and with the help of the Montana Conservation Corp have started installing the new deer fence to protect the young trees we will be planting next spring. After over two years of planning Dave and I are excited to get rolling.

The Elkhorn Foundation in Boulder recently awarded us with our first grant for the project! $1000, to be used towards our drip irrigation system.

Please take a few minutes and click on the links and check out our blog site and our fund raiser. If you could give even 5 bucks it would make a difference for this project. Maybe you know someone you could forward this to that may be interested. We appreciate all the donations we have received and the words of encouragement. If you are interested in learning about forest gardening, permaculture or would just like to lend a hand for a worthy cause please contact us.


Donate to The Boulder Forest Garden

Thanks for your support!
Dave and Susie Hartman

4 years ago
Just to reiterate, The Boulder Elementary School will be involved with implementation and maintenance of this garden. I believe this to be a huge step in the right direction. Teach the children and the children will teach the parents.
4 years ago