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In Canada there's an organization that specializes in the development and teaching of the sympto-thermal method (STM).

See the following link for more details:

8 years ago
I wonder if you could be stimulated by a topic like this.

I have a friend that moves to Peru. He works with a small community to build a resilient kind of thing with high quality coffee as a source of income for the population.

He was starting with small piece of land in the mountain with lots of rain, sun and heat.

I wonder if you could suggest some GUILD for the coffee tree and other essentials pc design elements with that kind of parameters.

Maybe you know simlilar projet in the tropics so they can share knowledges.

Thanks for any response.
8 years ago
A student from the master of environment from the university of sherbrooke have made an essay on the subject. She conclude that it may be too early to ban the incandescent bulbs in Canada.

Maybe some of you know french!

You can get the complete result here

8 years ago
I will give a recipe that I got from the documentation of an holistic dentist.

Looks like the recipe that Lolly talks about.

It's so simple!

16 oz of water (or an infusion of minth, cinnamon, clove)
1 table spoon of salt
2 table spoon sodium bicarbonate
and a bottle cap of peroxide each time you brush.

Also from the documentation:

That mix control the undesirables bacterias because:
- It reestablish the Ph of the gums
- So it reduce the acidity that the bacterias needs to multiply
- It provide oxygen that kill the pathogenic anaerobics bacterias.

Also a note at the end: Remember to wash your brush with peroxide after use.

That's it. Simple to integrate in any life style.
8 years ago