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I was borne in the damp cedar rainforests of British Columbia's mossy west coast which is protected from the open Pacific by Vancouver Island. Growing up in the misty woods and
snow capped peaks that are the traditional lands of the Coastal First Peoples, my mother inspired in me a love for nature. After running an
ecological gardening business for 7 years to pay my way through university I discovered permaculture and it was love at first sight. Dedicated to life long learning I have continually taken regular permaculture classes, courses,
workshops, and teacher trainings since
that first day of class. I am inspired explore how nature is designed, and how we can become sustainable designers ourselves. My first PDC
course in 2002 was through April-Sampson Kelly's online Permaculture Visions course with a local group of plant people on a small working permaculture farm in the tiny mountain village where I still live.

Soon after this with Ainsley Krone under the incredible support of Marilyn Magas, we got funding from the Federal Canadian government to set up a full time year long youth program bringing permaculture into the elementary schools in our bioregion. The curriculum included giving 26 young adults permaculture design
certifications through two different online courses that I co-facilitated. The youth program built community gardens to grow food for the food bank, week long permaculture campaigns at elementary schools in our region, and built demonstration sites in a number of public locations. For this two year work intensive I was
awarded a Permaculture Diploma in Education and Community Service from Bill Mollison. Over the next five years I completed a my Masters Degree in Permaculture Education with Bill Mollison.

I have brought permaculture to people of different ages and educational backgrounds including children from Homeschool, Waldorf and Elementary/Highschool systems as well as students from alternative school programs,
college, university and elder college.
This schooling included advanced teacher trainings with the Bullock Brothers on their homestead in the San Juan Islands, as well as with Tom Ward and Jude Hobbs at Aprovecho in
Oregon. In 2012 I completed a second Diploma through the Permaculture Institute. As part of this process I coorganized a planetary permaculture
pilgrimage with Annaliese Hordern and
Tamara Griffiths to do advanced teacher trainings with Rosemary Morrow, Geoff Lawton, David Holmgren and Robyn Clayfield at key Permaculture sites across Australia.
During this time I became an accredited teacher through the Permaculture Research Institute.

With my friends Tamara Griffiths, Annaliese Hordern, Kym Chi, Jacob Aman and Lunaya Shekinah I have cocreated a series of free open source learning and teaching tools, a workbook of worksheets and a permaculture social networking platform on the gaiacraft website. During my second Diploma I took a fourth PDC with Toby
Hemenway including guest teachers Tom Ward, Jude Hobbs, Mark Lakeman, Michael Becker and Larry Santoyo and convened a permaculture teacher training led by Larry Santoyo and Scott Pittman. From this work I became a Field Mentor for Diploma students through the Permaculture Institute. I am now in the mist of a long period of
intensive permaculture work, teaching and media development as part of a Doctoral Study with Larry Santoyo as my mentor. So far this has included courses with Toby Hemenway, Starhawk, Michael Becker, Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo.

In 2015 I have co-organized a Planetary Permaculture Pilgrimage to the UK, taking a series of courses including a teacher training with Rosemary Morrow and Looby Macnamara, a dynamic facilitation course with Robin Clayfield and Looby Macnamara and a Social Permaculture Course with Robina McCurdy, Starhawk, Robin Clayfield, Looby Macnamara and Peter Cow. Through this entire process of 13 years I have been interviewing the Permaculture Pioneers and writing articles for magazines, while co-creating
a Permaculture Workbook and Permaculture Card Deck, an on going process to share core curriculum and insights from all the studies I have taken freely on the web. I offer free introductory days each month, as well as year long permaculture design certificate courses, two and a half year advanced courses, and mentor people through Permaculture Diploma
processes. I have started a new Diploma through the Permaculture Association (UK) with Looby
Macnamara as my mentor and taken a PDC with Rosemary Morrow in Greece to start the new program.
Elphinstone Rainforest
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“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, they find it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir ⠀

Permaculture Design Elements Game. Free Download.⠀
Sharing over 170 cards featuring elements commonly found in permaculture gardens, farms, homesteads and urban spaces.

Download 2021 edition at printable resolution in black and white for free.

Limited and numbered 2020 edition of 100 in full color. 50 have been gifted or pre-sales so 50 remain to find homes in the world.

Printable basemap game boards feature 8 different sites from cool climate, tropics and drylands.
Players are encouraged to make their own basemap game board for where they are developing a permaculture system.

Learn and practice permaculture design in a fun & creative way with people of all ages and experience levels.
This toolkit is perfect for students and teachers, designers, consultants and educators.

Watercolour Illustrations : Brenna Quinlan⠀
Pen & Ink Sketches : Ben Tour
Paintings : Martin Bridge
Design : Alexa Spaddy⠀
Envoy : Delvin & Grace Solkinson
Inspired by a game learned from Michael Becker.

Printed 2020 Edition features simple “google translation” into Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian & German and is best for English speakers.

Downloadable 2021 Edition features personal translation from permaculture allies
Spanish Translation : Aline Van Moerbeke
Portuguese & Italian Translation : Jorge Barbosa
German Translation : Claudia Dörr Proyecto Las Acacias
French Translation : Arnaud Fâche
2 months ago

"We don't need to wait for someone to tell us that we can do good things" - Dave Boehnlein

New Micro-Video : Effective Design with Dave Boehnlein

Produced with assistance from Permaculture Institute North America (PINA) 2019 Media and Communications Design Prize.

Interview Video by: Dana S Wilson
Cinematography by: Jonathan H. Lee Subtledream Photography
Edited by T.j. Squires
Music by: Dixon David Hammond
Interview Team
Envoy: Delvin Solkinson
In alliance with Annaliese Hordern
Brought to you by
Grace Solkinson & Delvin Solkinson
3 months ago
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” - Albert Einstein

Nature Oracle, Design Deck, Learning Game
New Full Color 2020 Web Edition. Free Download.

Sharing secrets of natures success in a 230 card deck of permaculture principles, ethics, strategies & methods.

Art : Brenna Quinlan
Design : Alexa Spaddy
Text from Delvin Solkinson sharing Permaculture Design Core Concepts learned from Bill Mollison, Rowe Morrow, David Holmgren, Geoff Lawton, Michael Becker, Toby Hemenway, Larry Santoyo, Susun S Weed, Robin Clayfield, Hazel (Tom Ward), Jude Hobbs, Starhawk & Looby Macnamara. Additional contributions were inspired by Rob Hopkins, Dave Boehnlein, Max Lindegger, Graham Bell, Richard Wallner, Mark Lakeman, Doug Bullock, Andrew Faust & Penny Livingston.
4 months ago
“To dwell is to garden.” - Martin Heidegger

Final Day to Kickstart Permaculture Book, Game & Cards

Sharing an essentialized set of notes on the core curriculum of the Permaculture Design
extensive information on medicine making, food preservation and animal care
a full teachers manual for teachers of any subject
interviews with Permaculture Pioneers
7 months ago
"You can solve all the worlds problems in a garden" - Geoff Lawton

Permaculture Design Education
Geoff Lawton : Short Video and Podcast with Delvin Solkinson

It was an amazing experience to get to talk live with Geoff Lawton. Enjoy our discussion about permaculture design education.

Listen to the full podcast here

Download the podcast here

I have gained so much benefit from Geoff's online PDC and videos. I highly recommend his online Permaculture Design Certification Course. Geoff brings something very unique to the table.

Geoff Lawton

Delvin Solkinson
7 months ago
“Change can come from anywhere and happen very fast, come be part of the solution on the side of life.” - Rowe Morrow

Brought to you by
Grace Solkinson & Delvin Solkinson
"Study Nature, Love Nature, stay close to Nature. It will never fail you." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Sharing a final presentation for Diploma with the Permaculture Association under the Tutor Looby Macnamara.
End includes comments from Larry Santoyo, Aranya & Looby Macnamara.


7 months ago
Awesome Anne thanks for sharing in this story of the permaculture path
8 months ago
Sharing my Doctoral presentation slideshow on the topic of Permaculture Design Education

8 months ago