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Didn't get the 2 of 2; wasn't in the spam folder. Yahoo mail using chrome, windows 10.
Love the dailyish email. It's a good length and number of points in each. I don't search the forums often so it's good to get a few highlights and I really appreciate the freebies. Also really like when there are updates on what's happening at the lab since podcasts have been limited.
How much do you need? I have a research project involving pennycress at UMN and may be able to get you a small amount. Also, you may be a bit late for planting- I try to get it in the ground before September 15th.
4 years ago
Hey Grant, great to see you on here and thanks for sharing the farm hack link; I hadn't seen that one before. On the whole farm GPS keyline system- do you need to buy any of the surveying/ mapping tools/programs or are they available for rental or opensource etc.? Also, do you kn ow if the software that you're using is compatible with arcGIS? Cheers,

5 years ago
Thanks for the advice and for your work spreading agroecology; I'll start some water projects this fall. Gute reise.
6 years ago
Hello all,

I'm planning on adopting some of Sepp's methods over the next few years. I would prefer to go into projects like this gradually- starting with a few hugle beds and ponds then expanding, but think I may lose some benefit by not implementing an entire system.

Have you seen good results from just using parts of Sepp's agroecology approach? And if so, what will give the most benefit over short time spans? Also what practices are key to laying groundwork for future conversion to agroecology?

I'm in the driftless region (west central) of Wisconsin if it affects your answer. Wish I could make the workshop in Duluth, but time and money are tight. Thanks and best of luck,

6 years ago
Welcome! Any other events planned for Minnesota?
6 years ago
Paul mentions corn is subsidized by 80%, as part of his argument that chem ag is more expensive once the hidden costs are considered. I'm not sure where this number came from but it's inaccurate at best. Subsidies are a bit tricky to figure out, but unless corn prices fall through the floor and price guarantees kick in, it's subsidized by 28 cents per bushel which would be 4% or so. There's other subsidy for insurance, etc. but it will never add up to 80%. I'll link an explanation of subsidies below along with a list of how much was paid to who, which will definitely scare you (look at how few farms get most of the payments.

Subsidy database:
I was happy to hear Paul acknowledge that he's been out of practice in this podcast. I've had doubts in relation to certain topics he advocates and isn't practicing, especially making the big bucks with permaculture.

However, the reason I value these podcasts and am willing to pay for them is not necessarily Paul's personal expertise, but his wide exposure to permaculture and ability to articulate concisely what others have learned through experience. The role of popularizer (which I think Paul fills) seems to be a bit thankless and a job few people are willing to take on but is work which I admire. I agree that Paul should return to production in order to increase credibility, though I'd hate to see that take the place of spreading the great ideas others have developed.
Huh! I too thought twelve would be a much better base for a number system; don't think I've ever shared that or heard anyone else say it. If only we'd evolved a few extra digits to count on.