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Recent posts by Michael Skowronski

I just bought a home and it has a 1/2 acre of vacant land (with empty shed) across the street. I would like to have someone farm about 1/4 acre of it (maybe more) organically.

The other part of that land will soon have an RV parked on it with a view of this be rented out on AirBnB Short Term Vacation Rental.

The intention is for us to have access to fresh organic veggies, you to have veggies and an income from the farm, and our guests to have a lovely view of mother nature at its finest.

Contact me via email to start and tell me your vision, what you require from us, and what you have to offer us. Lets create a Win-Win for us all.

Michael Skowronski
2 years ago
I agree with Ian, nice post thanks for the information.

And Ian said...

memory foam mattresses that are so cool right now, and it is in fact making her back issues *worse*.

The answer to back pains in MOST cases is Exercise and YOGA and good nutritional supplements, especially minerals. Exercise and Yoga will give you the strength and stretching your body needs, and especially Yoga will teach you how to re-align your vertebrae if you pay attention while doing it. The nutritional supplements give the body what it needs that CANNOT be guaranteed to be in your food (in most cases it is not). Without the proper nutrition disks break down, rupture, and cause all sorts of issues for your internal organs including your heart...many heart issues are due to this and once again nutrition is the answer.
5 years ago
Architect Wanted

One of the first requirements we'll have for this project is an Architect.

At this point our plan is to post an add to of a couple of the various freelance sites that solicit help from all over the world including countries that Americans might have trouble competing with...sorry, but the realities of life are that we must get as much done as possible, as cheaply as possible, while still maintaining quality. I feel I know enough to detect quality vs. a BS design. But my skills in CAD are too limited to do this myself in the timeframe we need this done in.

For those who are more like me, talent without a college degree to back it (perhaps you even live in Amerika)...I am open...I am willing to consider any qualified person who can deliver project blueprints via AutoCad or Gogle's SketchUp at an affordable long as a construction foreman can follow the plans I'll be happy.

HECK YOU COULD EVEN START TODAY...with no knowledge of CAD, but just using Google's Sketch Up and follow the various designs you can find on the internet...You would gain enough experience on this project to start a career...we are open to such a person because I have enough of an engineering background to raise red flags when I see them. So don't hesitate to apply if you think you are up to the challenge. Keeping costs low is a priority for us...quality is an equal or higher you had better have confidence in your ability to comprehend the engineering concepts by reading various websites, and consulting the required experts as needed.
5 years ago
I have costing from a company in Spokane, WA L&S Tire Company that will deliver 26 Tire Bales to the property at a cost of $700. To me this seems like a reasonable price and puts this option at the top of our list.

However, there is another option (DefenCell) that could be cheaper in terms of upfront costs and delivery. The labor required to form these into walls could end up costing more but I don't yet have those details...IF YOU KNOW/HAVE EXPERIENCE with this form of building PLEASE COMMENT...

AT THIS POINT these two option seem to be our best options. If you can help with any real world experience and advice that would be wonderful.
5 years ago
I've seen a lot of good advice here, but I admit there was so much I couldn't read it all. Joseph Lofthouse gave some of the best advice that I read here, from my experience he is spot on, but there is still a big missing piece...

  • Mineral Supplements - This is necessary because you cannot get enough from your food.

  • And to echo the other advice I've seen already...

  • Reduce the weight! You won't be healthy unless you do. A good mineral supplement will help you achieve this. It causes you to not be so hungry making it easy to eat less and fast.
  • Yoga - Take a class to learn what your body needs to fix itself, then you can reduce the time you give to it to what you need to get the job done. But that will be down the road when you are feeling good enough to do the yoga...this is a long term prevention and cure for many physical ailments.
  • Reduce all carbs, not just wheat...which really is a bigger problem than people want to admit, but rice, potatoes and SUGARS

    I highly recommend Youngevity's Tangy Tangerine Products. They taste good and are derived from natural chelated mineral sources. This one mineral and vitamin supplement has made a huge difference in the health of our entire family.

    5 years ago
    !!!Thanks!!! Christopher Steen for taking so much time to provide a detailed response. It will take me some time to digest it all and imagine how that will work, and I'll probably have some questions later.
    6 years ago
    Thanks Jerome,

    You will definitely want to find another job soon. The soonest we could possibly start physical work on this project would be spring of 2016. But any input on the unknowns I mentioned in my earlier posts would be greatly appreciated.
    6 years ago