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Recent posts by Rufus Laggren

Looks like we're talking crosswise. Perhaps this may not be a good time or fit. I'm going to proceed on west.

Thanks Nicole for your help, Paul for your responses. Some other time maybe and work things out ahead rather than ad hoc.

Best to all.
Ok. What's a "staple". I'm guessing not pop tarts but that's only a guess.

I'm trying to avoid work and cooking 🙃 (though glad to help the kitchen an hour or so a day if I can be of use). So trying to find a foodish contribution that will get me fed and actually make the boss and the cook both happy about it all.

Eg.: 20# white rice? Black beans? Pasta? Whole wheat flower? Carrots? Green beans?

Remember that I'm not buying for myself and it's a little dicey when one is not shopping for themself but trying to provide stuff that the cook will use as usual. And hopefully I can get some nice meals out of it.

Maybe put cook online here for a moment?

Note: Unfortunately I don't have a Costco card.

Got it. I'll check tomorrow when i get back in signal.

Mostly sounds good. I would be happy to get provisions, but it would help to get a list from the head cook so I can get stuff that segs into the WL system. Possibly from preferred suppliers.  I can take orders and I know some kivhen work and would be glad to chop&stir but a cook I'm not. So getting in supplies and helping out some would be my preferred contribution if that will carry my weight.

Nicole directed me here regarding "camping" a few days at WL. I need to stay in a small RV and would probably like to join the common table for most dinners at least.

From what Nicole said, I paypal Paul a camping fee and each meal would be additional. Possibly defray meal price with contribution of food or labor.

So, What are the specifics of meal prices and how do i pay on site?

Regarding parking the RV, would that be in short walking distance to the dinner table or would I need to drive from your other location to make it to dinner? Or is there lots of shuttles to dinner?

Ah, and what paypal address do i use for the initial fee?

Hi Paul and/or Nicole

I've been posting to your fine site for a few years and because it turns that I can have a little time in Missoula I thought to visit. I am done with other needs tomorrow and would be interested in seeing the WL a few days - departing by 9/3 or if things are too wonderful 9/8 or 9.

This is purely "smell the flowers" ie. I cannot offer work and would like to veg out and kibbitz.

I need a place to park a small RV where I sleep and make coffee and try to become human every morning. But if possible I would like to share lunch and dinner with the crew. I would be happy to chop carrots or otherwise make cooks life easier for an hour or so daily if that helps.

Somewhere here there was a post about RV parking and visiting non-combattants but I'm not finding it, hence this post. I can check email every couple hours, and can do texts, during the day. After 7-8pm I dont have phone service, so I'll check 8am or so next day.

Hope to see ground zero but this is last minute for sure snd I understand perfectly if it's not a go, what with the big weekend coming on or other business.

Cheers Rufus
Thanks for sharing. Very exciting. Best luck.l

Only thought is to be paranoid and anal-retentive about water. Where it flows, how it seeps, etc, etc. Water _will_ get anywhere it can - it's ruthless and unrelenting. Also relates to snow levels and melting.

1 year ago

Wow. It sounds like they're pretty close. But doesn't the drilling stop when they get to oil (or give up)? If they get oil, they install one of those grasshopper pumps to get it up and I don't _think_ they're noisy. ??? Or do I have this wrong. I've never had to deal with those people - just see their pumps bobbing up and down.

1 year ago
Sorry to hear your crops are taking such a hit this year. It sounds really desiccated there.

Best luck going forward.


1 year ago
> tiny house...

The folks above have pretty much covered your options. Ie. RV's, "mobile homes", and custom anythings not sunk in mother earth. Of course there is the small conventional house of some sort. I think, not sure, there may still be people selling "kit" houses where you pay your money and a flat bed arrives with most of the materials cut and stacked with a short (or long) manual - kinda like the old Heathkit DIY radio concept. From what I know, those are not cheap relative to the other options. The final approach might be to buy (one way or another) a large storage shed and build it into a home;  that requires a great deal of knowledge of local law, construction, and type of shed that might suit you. Lots of research definitely a serious investment.

Would it be correct to say that you're looking for  a cheap and maybe mobile, in that order, place to sleep and cook and attend to hygiene for a year or two? Do you have any other needs or likes the thing should provide? Regular plumbing? A/C? Stove?  Is this (potential) habitat something you look forward to willingly spending thousands of hours building, improving, enhancing, etc? If the answer is "no", that's a really serious constraint and maybe you want to put it front/center in your planning.

The cheapest quick/dirty is probably a used RV trailer. An RV motor home is more expensive because it can move itself - a possibly dubious feature considering the problems that come with. If "mobile" is actually important to you, an RV of some kind is really the only way to go. You can build  your own RV trailer and call it a tiny house but it will cost a lot more and there is serious risk of a dead end. It's a HUGE job, done "right". If you want to build with your hands, maybe easier to start "on land" and learn construction where you don't have vehicular complications - ie. look at the shed option.

Back to the RV. They can be a good learning experience, especially if you are broke and shop carefully (being broke really helps to shop carefully...). They vary from "gawd-awful" to "ok" and their shiny sterling virtue, assuming you're cautious and cheap, is that you can throw the first two or three away and write it off as educational expense. As long as you avoid parking tickets. At the very least you'll learn how to stop leaks and put a cheap roof on. <g>  Best to start your inspection with your nose. Vermin and mold are non-starters unless you really want to tear it apart and sterilize it.

It doesn't sound right to me to buy a certain vehicle because you want to move something that will likely only move once or twice. U-Haul rents pickups and trucks that can tow most RV's easily. If your habitat is going to (get real now) sit on a piece of land the whole of it's life w/you, maybe just get a standard car that serve your needs in comfort and practicality. Cheap pickups are classic nice, but even if  you get a plum, they are _not_ cheap to run.

1 year ago