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Recent posts by allen lumley

- I don't think that this source of an industrial level Stirling ''Engine'' has been shared here at Permies !

- as long as there is an approximate 100º ƒ difference between the 'cold pole' and the 'hot pole' the Stirling Engine is capable of

much work using "Waste Heat "

See link below -

Enjoy ! Big AL

Late Note :  A little more information on theSaab Stirling V4 275R can be found in this article !

See further link below :
7 years ago
Bill Snell : have you seen this one ? 

Ryan Sharon : There is a story about a member here using " Wonder Bread " To make up a gasket material between the barrel sections on

a conventional barrel and a half barrel Rocket Mass Heater - Nothing has been printed on longevity of this material but I am told it was used !

For the good of the Crafts ! Big AL
7 years ago
--- Basically , I have lived a found living a 'Poo-less' life style to be 'no big thing' However - in order to tame my wild bushy beard - (see picture above)

That a hair conditioner , Specifically a leave-in hair conditioner for curly kinky hair is absolutely necessary to allow me to have a groom able beard!

It also greatly reduces the bits of food stuffs that I carry around with me through the day !  For the Craft ! Big AL

7 years ago
Antony Serio : Been there, done that ! You have the makings of a Science Experiment gone wrong . As an Old Combat Medic I would trust nothing from the bags !

The bags themselves MAY be Salvageable, You will have to try one (1) bag as a representative sample,and presoak in a bleach solution then wash them in a washing machine !

All bleach is the same, the labels on the cheap stuff from the "Dollar Stores" will give better directions on mixing ratios - or just google it .

Up here in St.Law County there has been an inter-marage between our local Amateur Radio Groups and the Fire Departments' Fire Police that has served this region well !

I am probably less than 35 miles away from you ( If Fort Drum was not in the way )

You might want to look at the Permie-type programs at - Local living Ventures - (We also have a Facebook page )

Good luck and good hunting ! Big AL

8 years ago
Jambo Reece : Seat Belts ! With the possible exception of BIG Curved Blades like Cutlases, Seat Belts are an easy answer to creating your own Individual/Customized

Sheaths for most cutting tools needing covers !

Since the Adaptation of Shoulder Belts/Harnesses For all seating positions in Cars / Trucks, such belting material is Ubiquitous.

Good luck and good hunting ! Big Al
8 years ago
Bump !!! - and a Tip of the Hat to Erica W. Big AL
8 years ago
Jason S.: Thanks for sharing , Im off to try it this myself , This may well be a better Tech than soaking ! BigAL
8 years ago
Dale : Yes I quite agree, especially with the novice campers. If you can't provide enough Body Heat to keep you warm over-night then there is something wrong with You ,

or with your sleeping bag .

A novice will expect the same amount of comfort as they had at home on their Jumbo Sleep-tronic and with a heated bag-liner start sweating inside their bag .

This will create a less effective bag at the same time the battery is running low causing our Nimrod to "turn-up the heat'' running the battery down sooner .

This might have some Hypothermic Treatment value For The victim if carried to the scene by The Forest Rangers and other 1st Responders

For the Crafts Big AL
8 years ago
Jason E. Smith : A couple of quick thoughts to share, Because this post will likely be seen again and again by future Fellow Members , the answers

to your Proposition are posted here as much for their Future benefit as it is for your immediate use ! Second, we need many more Members like

yourself that " Think outside the Box " - Without new ideas we will have no improvement in the craft . Keep them coming !

So if you watch video F.Styles shared (Mr.Teslonian) you only have to have a way to capture and store the resulting liquid/ Vapor Fuels,

then - You can pressurize that fuel and inject it into a simple boiler - In the video below this was gasoline injected at 140 P.S.I. -

Two things to note here : This is 100 year old technology, and the video shows the entire boiler is being rebuilt after an on-road explosion !!!

So all you need is Some one to craft you a boiler, and the deep pockets of a Jay Leno !

AND because this is a Mobil Device You can call it a "Reproduction" and get a license to take it out on the road - much simpler than jumping

through the number of hoops to get a Fixed Facility Steam Generating Power Plant .

8 years ago
- I had some problems copy ing the link: I tested it and it works now ! Big AL

8 years ago