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Recent posts by Paula Scoggins

For more Andy Goldsworthy-- In Missoula, there are lots of books at the University of Montana Library. Other interesting artists of this genre are
Hamish Fulton, Chris Drury, David Nash, Richard Long (see Land Art in the U.K.)

My personal favorite--Wolfgang Laib (Germany)--does installations with elemental materials like hazelnut pollen, beeswax, milk, rice, stone

Also Nils Udo (Germany)

Nancy Holt, Maya Lin (United States)
11 years ago
For Sourcing Local Food, Organic and High Quality Ingredients--These are the folks that come to Farmers Market with backpacks, wagons, baskets and a list every week, every week--with that I'm on a mission look and familiarity with the farmers--all these have Veggie Options

Red Bird Restaurant--Jim and Laura--oh my--you're exceptional--Wine, Experimentation, Flavors--they warm my heart
Silk Road--Abe and Sam--creative, professional, nice and fun--my daughter's favorite for a night out with surprises and oh those spices! Attentive
Iza--Cambodian Monks Curry
The Buttercup Cafe--Molly is sooo passionate about food--homey atmosphere---shiny, sweet faces in the kitchen--such a comfortable environment for tea or coffee with a friend--great space for business meetings--some exceptional soups and pastries too.
James Bar--Especially in Summer--Fresh Oysters and Local Mushrooms (must be Charlies?) Love those Sweet Potato Fries
Scotty's Table- amazing mussels--al fresco dining
Butterfly Herbs--for the Arty folks hanging out or taking a shopping break downtown--pots of tea--the rose peppermint is lovely, bagels, soup, salad--comfy booths

Other favorites--they buy local too.
The Pearl
The Catalyst--their salads make me happy--arugula, beet root and goat cheese--not in season now so I'm yearning for Summer

For coffee, bread, pastries--Le Petite Outre--no indoor seating--sit on the bench just outside the door (Even or Especially in Winter) with a cup of their coffee and a palmier watching the weather and people go by--so good. In summer, sidewalk umbrellas and lazy Sunday mornings with the dog--you'll see somebody from the neighborhood.

Clark Fork Market Food--Kim West in the Edgy Retro Turquoise Food Trailer--locally sourced, artsy, complex Monte Cristo Sandwiches but I do believe she's contemplating Tamales for this coming season
The Waffle Guy--Raspberry and Lemon Curd--I'm addicted and they set up right behind me--I get giddy

Thai Food--Sa Wa Dee--some Raw Choices--love their Crispy Rice Salad, Raw Carrot Salad and the Green Curry-and those fruity Thai beers-I'm so delighted when I end up in the "Elephant Booth"

Cafe Dolce' (the one on Brooks--not the Mall) for Sunday Brunch or Everyday Business Lunch-love how people are "dressed up" for lunch-nice atmosphere, salads, coffee--I'm fond of their French Press Service, smoked salmon, salads, desserts

Nara--Sushi and Tempura--lots of experimentation a possibility

Biga Pizza--I do love the Pizza but prefer to take it home rather than eating in--very creative choices--love the caramelized onion/goat cheese

Ice Cream--Big Dipper--love that social line in Summer and eating ice cream while it Snows in Winter--doggie cones too:)

Good Food Store--I have to mention them because I eat there more than occasionally--While I appreciate so much about this store, I'd be happier with them if their dealings with farmers were more in line with their promotional jargon--salad bar--and a million choices--something for everyone so if you have a group with diverse tastes, this is where you'll all be satisfied
11 years ago
I'd like to meet some Permie folks and food is always good. Perhaps we can chat further about a space--I have some ideas if there is interest. Date, Time, all that?
12 years ago