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Always a bit akward to talk about yourself. I guess I'm not old enough. Hey, let's start with that. I'm 31. I realized it a few weeks back and have been saying 30 for the past 7 months, even though I was 31. Age recently became an irrelevant notion.
So, I now live on a 4 acre property in Quebec. Beautiful river at the back, about 1.25 acre of forest and 2.75 acres of land. Well, it's beautiful because I project an idyllic lifestyle on top of it, but right now, it looks like hell. The house is old and broken down. The land is filled with broken glass and all the possible trinckets commercially produced in the 20th century. Lots of work ahead, but I love it.
I studied in information technology, but hated city life and too much time behind a computer. I was restless, but later came to realize that it was mostly due to ... a lack of proper life hygiene/diet. I was also a dedicated bodybuilder for 5 years in my early 20.
Anyhow, after a business venture failure, I sold everything and travelled backpack for a while. I didn't like it as much as some people make it sound as a super awesome lifestyle. I need a routine, and a steady place to be and grow.
So.. I did an apprenticeship as an organic farmer, saved some money while planting a lot of trees in Canada, and made a down payment on this piece of farm. I also went back to school in carpentry as, well... there's a lot of skillsets needed on a farm. And it could bring a steady money input. Oh yeah, I've been very much into herbs for some time now, eating the wild ones as much as I can. Hey, I guess I nailed the biography? But wow, was that a lot of "I"ness. Not sure I'm going to be able to get out of the house now.
Shanti (yeah yeah, I just THAT line)
Quebec, Canada - 4b/5a
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Hey folks

Thoughts on growing cold climate oyster outside in insulated tents (well, early spring) by inserting a 20ft - 4 inch pipe to bring warm-ish air up, no ... no heating, only the initial investment?

1 year ago
Hmmmmmm interesting. Well well... Thanks. Land is very poor here. Trying to bring fertility back to no-mans-land. I thought perhaps biochar soaked with crude, or something... something needs to be done here!
1 year ago
Hey folks,
Has anyone tried saturating a piece of land with crude oil in order to load it up with carbon? Seems to be how they did terra prate back then. Might be a worthy investment. Thoughts. Thanks.
1 year ago
"Can I just ask; what do you hope to do with this information? "

Eventually, be the new owner of the land and kick the tenants who spray.
2 years ago
"To test for all chemicals is just not practical and it would be cost-prohibitive."

Yup my thought too..

Yet, I'd really be curious to know the 59% OTHER INGREDIENTS. It's quite a mess out there.
2 years ago
"Let's be sure to keep this thread oriented at the original question about testing.  If it gets strays into general discussion of toxic gick it will have to move to the cider press. " <--- I'm not sure how that is relevant? "toxic gick" = ?
I want to know what is being sprayed on my soil.
2 years ago
Yup, I know!


And one one or two article?

This shit is spread by the ton every year, and I've been spending the last few days accumulating studies... and it doesn't especially good.

Which is why I'm wondering.
1. Private testing...?
2. Is it possible to test for all chemical presents? Expensive...?
3. Anyone has done it?

I would be very interested to know, and I may very well hunt for a lab soon, then!
I'm in Quebec, canada.
2 years ago
Hey folks,
I'm wondering if anyone has ever performed an independant water test of their ground water for glyphosate/roundup residues.

The formula is 41% roundup and 59% OTHER INGREDIENTS.
I'm wondering how could one detect

For instance, I live in a rural area next to a soy/corn farmer. He sprays. How could I obtain a full analysis of all the chemicals present in the water? Would it cost a butt ton? I'm wondering why nobody has ever done that? There's over 350 millions of us in North america and we're all pretty much sprayed with this shit, yet no one tests the water or knows what are the other 59% of OTHER INGREDIENTS? Which could be even worse..

Thanks for the inputs!
Charley as inquiring mind
2 years ago
Hiya folks!

Best sweet corn for zone 4b/5a?

By best... sweet, good yield, open pollinated?

3 years ago
Well there! WHat is there not to love about permies forum!

I have kidney issues and I was looking to grow this plant.
I'm in zone 5, it is not native.

Please contact me at charles.laferriere (at at I said at! hmmkay? no you ain't getting my email mr. algorithm) for trade/exchange/sell/give?

Merci beaucoup!
3 years ago