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Welcome to a humorous presentation of a serious subject.

Steiner's Agriculture lectures were kept secret for many Years,
with insistence that the "spiritual insights" enter directly into practical life.

Through the lectures Steiner uses colour on chalkboard to show influence of atomic matter upon compost and plant life.
He uses the words "astral" and "etheric" to describe a polarity that is dangerous to think about.
The words are more responsibly translated from Sanskrit as "subtile" and "causal",
with emphasis on how causal actually means inherently impossible to cause with.
Confusing? Also dangerous.

I am writing to share another perspective,
beginning with the elements themselves,
rather then the Mystery.

Please consider the electron cloud model of atomic structure,
specifically the animations showing the 3p-4p valence levels working with Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen.
Try to imagine especially how Oxygen and Nitrogen "appear" in the Atmosphere.

The two atoms are like, structurally fixed in Oxygen and such able for Chemistry,
whereas the poor Nitrogen molecules are in a flux of internal uncertainty oscillating between the states,
their important relationship with life on this planet largely unrecognized.

It does take some contemplation to understand what I'm getting at,
I suggest that each atom actually pulses with extremely small amount of power,
that is like water flowing in fact - but reasonably understood with the image of
atomic clouds for one's own gardening (and breathing!) adventures,
watching insects "do it" expertly with their antennae.
It is when they (the nitrogen molecules) "get into a groove" that it shows!

I'm holding back the joke...

6 years ago
This song made me think of Paul.

Best wishes from Ontario,
Tomasz Kapler.
6 years ago