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Hi Joseph, glad that you conclude with the admission of how electricity/radiowaves/microwaves overstimulate the plants (as with us as humans, it overstimulates the central nervous system). Lots of people quote Tesla but don't realise his own technology made him very sick. He became Electrosensitive and bedridden. His system was tortured by the vibrations (think like the Heisenberg principle) it's like your entire system is breaking apart. that vein...think of what it is doing to the plant's cell structure, and to our earth. All life has a natural resonant frequency which needs to be maintained for optimum health. If you go electrifying everything, especially nature you are in essence making everything artificial and away from the intentions of permaculture. Here are a few studies about the effects of emfs (electromagnetic fields) on our trees and plants.

Trees and plants
Effects on Watercress
Emr destruction to Tulsi & Spinach
WIFI making trees sick (report & link to original Dutch source)

EMRSA gives link path to a dying forest
Tomato plants
ELF Field Interactions at the Animal, Tissue and Cellular Level
Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy
6 years ago
Thank you all for your posts which (for anyone looking in) I have responded to by PM. We are now focusing on France and still love to hear from anyone with an interest, even if you can't physically or financially do this at present, let's turn our dreams into reality by the power of force of Will. We Will make this happen. Step 1...get in touch.
6 years ago
We have just days to lobby the Commission on this one as they need to report back on this on 6th May
All info here
also I haven't checked them all - but Irish link within above link very good with template letter
Please take time even just a few lines to show our solidarity that we will not accept this monopoly on seeds and that we want to keep our traditional seeds
imagine a future with just Monsanto seeds.......
7 years ago
Had to make a comment. "Technology has been more beneficial to women than anything on the planet ..... so women really owe technology a thank you"
Technology is why millions of women have got fibromyalgia ME CFS Electrosensitivity repetitive strain injury and they owe technology a thank you?

Honestly I think it's the other way around, I think people who rely on technology are day dreaming about the glamours of a futuristic society
Technology has retrained the brains of human beings so that they have short circuited the thinking process i.e. philosophical thinking , poetry
Technology is killing the environment (via microwave radiation)
Technology reduces humans to pushing buttons instead of great skills of weaving, creation etc.
Technology created the system which in turn only serves the machine, not human beings
Technology is not making a teepee
technology is the science with machines you can't fool us it is making a teepee(!)

However, that said I am not totally against technology, it has its uses but I think it should be around 30% of what we rely on and the other 70% of human endeavours
otherwise we might as well be robots and that technology should be safe. If as a human race we are going to boast about technology it should not at the same time be killing us all.
7 years ago
Great article Max with a lot of the Experts giving their professional opinions - Many Thanks for finding this. I do believe this is correct in that in the home, the main problem is spiked transients on the electrical system causing "dirty electricity". Your article mentions Dr Sam Millham and I can recommend wholeheartedly his book "Dirty Electricity" which can also be ordered from your local library. It tells of his journey to become an expert in this specific area, takes you to all the places he has travelled and various vocations to utterly convince you that he is top of his game in this area - enjoyable read too. Also an interview with him a couple of years ago I think. It is quite slow but worth its weight in gold Dirty Electricity will be something everyone will be dealing with on a massive scale with the deployment (as the experts term it) of Smart meters for gas and electricity. They emit spikes of high transients which then feedback into the electricity system causing dirty electricity. The best way to avoid these will be to be off-grid and also far enough away from any neighbouring properties that do have these meters. Hopefully where people are opening their minds to a more natural way of living, they will also consider this aspect.
8 years ago
Most certainly Max....
Here is a recent initiative we undertook globally which explains the outline of the problem

A petition with regard to electrosmog with support from Professors & Doctors

Another more specific to the environment

If you click on the link right at the top it will take you to a diagram with many environmental features on there
I have tons of studies and don't want to frighten anyone off by posting loads of links, so if you or others wish for more just let me know or if you want specialist areas
e.g. bees, birds, trees I can provide these no problem.

Thank you for showing an interest.
8 years ago
We are a group of creative, sociable adventurers looking to set-up eco-communities in France, Spain & Canary Islands (& open to suggestions on other places). Principally these will be for Electrosensitives but would welcome anyone ready & willing to be mindful of the damaging effects of pulsed microwave technologies (mobiles/WIFI) & their destructive effects on our environment & on us all. Instead, we advocate landlines & ethernet cabled computers.

We seek a main property with acres++ of Organic land & small ruins to renovate or permission to build additional dwellings. We are particularly interested to join or be neighbours to existing or forming eco-communities/permaculture groups where we may donate land for your project in exchange for knowledge, occasional company (& a few veg).

Our vision is to live a healthy life in nature & with liberty where our environment supports us rather than at present overloading us with chemicals/electrosmog resulting in multiple chemical sensitivity and Electrosensitivity (MCS/EHS) impairments. We dream of a place where we can enjoy a natural resonance, balancing independence & community, building our own eco-dwellings, sharing cultures, experiences, art, music, fun & spiritual growth. We want to create a rich mixture of people from all ethnicities, backgrounds and experience. In time perhaps delve into artisan/natural plant projects for local markets...& who knows. We welcome your visions for this community.

We would love to hear from you if you wish to join us, be neighbours to us, if you know of suitable land (no Masts, neighbours' WIFI, chemical pesticides etc.) or even if you just want more information about electrosmog, we will be happy to fill you in.
8 years ago
Hello Adrian, you sound a perfect match for what we have in mind & will soon outline our our project on the forum. We are a group of individuals who have been struck down with Electrosensitivity and so are looking to purchase land in France, Spain and/or Canary Islands away from pulsed microwave technologies. Some of us from London, others from Europe. We want to renovate old ruins or build strawbale or cob eco-dwellings so looking for people to join us or be neighbours to us without using WIFI/mobiles. It would be great to be linked to others who have some knowledge of permaculture so that we can learn skills but also occasional company and mutual support & friendship. The kind of retreat you outline would fit perfectly with ours - although we envisage using cabled internet which will envisage to be in a shielded booth of sorts to allow some communication & research, but the idea is that
we live close to nature without harm and seeking a relaxed way of life in creativity, liberty and freedom. I get the picture that you want to stay on lands so that you can experience different areas but perhaps worth just keeping us on the backburner if you find land that is out of your range and we can step in to contribute in exchange for finding the place and exchange of knowledge. I'll leave it there for now - see what you think.
8 years ago