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Recent posts by Rion Mather

I did, then ditched the idea. Basically a rocket stove is already sort of a gasifier. You might as well just build the gasifier.
9 years ago
I wouldn't use the bricks for a final build. Red bricks are great to play around with but they absorb the heat.
9 years ago

allen lumley wrote: I went to a meeting with a resale guru in Real Estate and she said a Stair-Chair lift in a home was Automatically a deal breaker for a young family !

She recommended ripping it out and taking the loss, even come with costs of walls touch-up paints, plaster, etc. Ripping out a rocket mass heater, and
leaving a thimble where 'a wood stove Could be Hooked-up' would just about be comparable, or a little easier ! Just saying ! Big Al !

You are correct, Al. Just don't put a hole in the dining room ceiling.
9 years ago

Steven Feil wrote:Luke, that would be UNTIL you want or need to sell your home. Then everything COULD be exposed for all to see and discredit. Even then, it still may affect the price of the home because it is not "normal", like a woodstove.

This thought is always on my mind when I see what some people do to their homes. One family put a rmh in their dining room. Talk about a resell nightmare. First, I can't imagine the mess with an inspection, insurance, and mortgage (ain't gonna happen). Second, the dining room???

This one reason I lean towards masonry stoves.
9 years ago