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Hello, Dr. Courtney at ukia Calif. can help @www.med_verify.info or 707-937-4937
M. Glasgow, tell him dont stop trying!!
8 years ago
I was raised in the Alaska back woods, and killing animals lost its appeal, when I discovered berries and mushroom's.
And progressed to wild greens, fiddleheads and Devil-club tips as well as nettles Yummm!
Now I teach how to harvest and dry for later use the eatable and medicinal's from our local areas.
Come to Homer Alaska and experiance a walkabout w/ a lifelong bushman and wildcrafter: M. Glasgow @ 907-299-3603 (eves)
And we'll have a great journey and experiance of a lifetime camping-out and forageing for some of the best vegetables on the planet.
I can also be reached at : alaska1spoonguy@yahoo.com, and if your already here, Just ask for Spoonguy! Everyone knows me!
8 years ago
I,ve made utensils and wooden spoon's from the old boat's in Alaska for going on 26yrs now.
Very usable items including Chopstick's and an invention: Spife a wooden knife w/ a spoon on the other end, great for travelor's and camping adventure's quite useful.
The spoons have rune's and majick symbols burned into them, and some even have crystal and gemstone's inlaid.
There is a unique skinny-little spoon, called a star-spoon named after the starbucks fervor to throw-out, these are treasured coffee-stirrer's/ wand's for the spiritually uplifted in us all. (most have either faces carved into or jewels inlaid in them, hence Star-Spoon). call 907-299-3603 (eves) to order.
Look them up online at: spoonguy.tumblr.com or contact Mike at: alaska1spoonguy@yahoo.com.
8 years ago
I have resource to tonnage of wild wood weeds in Alaska, picker's standing by.
At present am picking Devils-Club, Root and stalk, sample's available.
Request's taken for any other type of Herbs.
8 years ago
I have devils club stalk and root by the ton for sale.
Price vailable, on request, samples too!
Fresh- harvested from the wilds of Alaska
  • fresh Harvested: devils club, root and stalk.