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hey everybody...
beginner humbly looking for some permaculture advice regarding making compost.
any ideas, guidance, or resources on larger-scale composting?
we've been having a lot of clearing done around here and as a result there are tons of woodchips (perhaps 10 pickup truck-loads at least).
i imagine i could just sit around and watch them decay over the years, use them for mulch, or put them to good use as soon as possible.
i'm experimenting with no-till and i'm working with a 70' greenhouse that I want to keep mulched and fertilized with grass-fed cow manure, weeds, compost, and compost teas; but i'm also interested in making my own potting mixes.
also exploring options for shredding stuff for mulching and composting. i'd prefer to do things without electricity or gasoline...any hand crank or animal-powered shredder/chippers out there? i saw Geoff Lawton using one in Permaculture Soils and that looked ideal!
i'm open to any and all criticism and guidance, your input will not only be helpful for my own learning experience, but for the benefit of others as well.
thanks a lot!
8 years ago