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Life facilities are simple, clean and organized, some facilities are in construction. Have enough bedrooms for around 30 people.
6 years ago
Photos of people in Gesaer Farm (2)

pumping underground water
6 years ago
There are about 25 people are now living and working together in Gesaer Farm.

photos of people (1)
6 years ago
Dear Everyone,

We are a community located in China looking for permacuture or natural farming experts to help us restore saline-alkaline land for one of our properties in the westernmost of China, and transform it to a beautiful and fertile farm that are able to provide its residents with abundant organic foods. It would be also good if  this farm can be developed ecologically into a favorable habitat for plants and animals. 

The United Nations, all national governments, and ecovillages around the world are making efforts to achieve the following goals:
·        Protect the natural environment to maintain the balance of its ecological system
·        Prevent land desertification
·        Reduce the exploitation of underground water
·        Eradicate environmental pollution
·        Increase the land production yield
·        Get maximum benefits from the land by inputting minimum resources
·        Maintain the sustainable development of humanity
We are also eager to make our contribution toward these ends by participating in this movement.

Current Situation: The Second Home community of Lifechanyuan has a total of 600 mu (100 acres) of land. We expect to begin our first work in Gesaer Farm that located in Xinjiang Province. It has 10 acres land with 3000 jujube trees and 500 apple trees, with simple but clean living facilities such as bedrooms, kitchen, canteen, bathroom and toilets. Currently there are about 26 people work and live together in the farm.

We want to implement permaculture and natural farming principles to transform the lands into fertile farms which are able to produce high quality and healthy organic foods, but because we lack practical experience, especially with regards to the knowledge of plant characteristics, we find it difficult to carry out the production and other work in an effectively way. We therefore cordially invite global permaculture and natural farming experts to come here and coach us.

The Challenges: The main challenges are to grow the right grasses, crops, or trees on the saline-alkaline soils and to prevent the desertification of the land. This is a dry area and receives almost no rain throughout the year, and the irrigation water is mainly from underground aquifers and from rivers. In the long run, we should consider how to reduce the exploitation of these aquifers and rivers in order to maintain the balance and sustainability of the ecology system. We should also consider how to reduce the use of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and to produce healthy organic foods.

What we can offer: Because our community has just encountered a serious blow, currently our financial strength is very weak, and anyone who is willing to teach us please note that we are not able to afford your travelling expenses or to pay any consultation fee. This is all volunteer work, however we are able to take care of your local transportation, accommodations, and meals. Because our community is a 100% resource sharing community, you can use any material resources while you are here.
Our expectation: We look forward to volunteers who are selflessly dedicated to the sustainable development of humanity come here and give us coaching and guidance in the implementation of permaculture and natural farming on an arid land.

If you are interested in this exciting and chanllenging project, please contact us immediately.

If you know anyone who might be interested, please kindly recommend to us or help spread this message widely to those who have such networks or resources. Meanwhile, anyone who are interested in working with us at one ofl our three farms, please contact

Thank you!

New Oasis for Life
(the Second Home community)

6 years ago