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Chiriqui Province, Panama, Central America
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Close Sebastian, LGD's are livestock guardian dogs.

I don't know about mini-cows. Right now we are still farming in Panama, but when we head back to the states to set up a farm there, we will have to check into those.
But that is dependent on $$$.

Sheep are less maintenance than goats... But I am still a softie for goats and would rather keep a few of them around.

Here we have--cows, sheep, and goats... Planned on having chickens too, but since we will be moving back-- will wait till we are settled on the new farm.

The only predator we have is what the natives call "perro-coyotes"... But our rotties usually let us know if something is coming round.
We are looking into a LGD once we move back.


11 years ago
We have found goats need a lot more care than our cows-- hoof maintenance, etc.
The cows are pretty much on auto-pilot.

And what was stated earlier is true, goats do not like wet weather!!!
They need shelter.

Goats are rather polite at the milking station and do not poo all over. My girls generally always take a moment and 'use the restroom' before heading in.
Cows have no such manners and will just eliminate whenever. Messy. Especially when milking.

Goat milk is better for our bodies than cows milk.

Goats are my favorite barnyard animal. Very personable--especially if you raise them yourself from kids.

If you are only devoting 3-5 acres to livestock, I would recommend goats.

With warm regards--
11 years ago