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Zenais Buck wrote:

Hail, Fellow AP users!

We are really wanting a Lido 2 but our 2 Zassenhaus (one Panama, one antique) will not wear out.

Hi! Once we started using the AP we loved it. It's our standard coffee maker now.

We roast weekly with a Behmor. Just for our own use.

I make my coffee in a Permies mug with "Weeds - Nature's way of saying she's not your bitch" or something like that on the side. A typical Paul Wheaton saying.

We switched to the Lido 2 based on a desire for a more consistent grind. It made a huge improvement in our coffee taste. Maybe this will push you over the edge......

5 years ago
Home roasters here. After using a Hario Slim for several years we wanted to upgrade to something that gave us a more consistent grind. Recently purchased a Lido 2 and love it. Highly recommend it. The grind is consistent, widely adjustable. For our grind it takes maybe 20 seconds.

We are Aeropress users.

We will hack the unused Hario Slim (per online instructions to improve the grind) use it for travel.
5 years ago
Paul's recent comments about funding new projects hit home to me. I think many of us realize that Paul has given up his prior job and devoted himself to spreading the word and helping advance permaculture technology. By doing so, he's given up a guaranteed income stream that probably took much less time than he devotes now.

Being able to use this forum, and viewing the various videos, etc, is of great value to me and many others. I probably would even pay a yearly membership fee to continue using this service.

As a consequence of Paul's Post I immediately went to the Earthworks kickstarter. Thank you, Paul, for discussing your situation with us!!
Hi Suzanne

Is there room at the Rocket Stove workshop in Sleepy Hollow?


8 years ago