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Thank you! I have already decided to go with something else based on your tip. The good news is that it will have greater capacity, will cost less, and be repurposed item. Awesome sauce.
6 years ago
I have a concept that I am hoping to build proof for... but am looking for someone with experience to vet it:

Outdoor, unplugged, year-round, aquaponics in Missoula, MT.

In a 16x16 greenhouse bury a 2x6 round steel stock tank in the ground
Line said greenhouse with standard greenhouse insulation + bubblewrap
Surround this sucker (stock tank) with a rocket mass heater
Build and place an 8x8 platform thingie that has a 2ft perimeter of raised beds filled w/ clay media with a 4x4 plexiglass cover in the middle of it (for feeding and harvesting of the fish)
Install standard flood and drain rig
Run the pump via car battery
Compost goat manure in the corner
Feed composted (or fresh?) goat manure to the fishies
Grow nitrogen loving veggies
Eat fish.
Eat veggies.

I'm hoping that the greenhouse setup + cold frame sort of thing + composting + rocket mass would be enough to keep this puppy warmish in my zone. Thinking to stock perch or trout, despite tilapia being the most widely cited species in aquaponics (at least as far as the internet is concerned) . Perch and trout do well in our nearby rivers and lakes.

Is a steel stock tank not the ideal material for keeping things warm/cool?
Is 16x16 too many cubes to heat?
Should the manure be composted in a spinny thing or should I just keep it piled up and exposed?
Are there any CHEAP greenhouse tips?
OK to feed fresh goat manure to fishies? Compost it first? Put some duckweed in between the two?

Thanks so much nice people!
6 years ago
Very, very seriously considering building an outdoor, year-round, unplugged, aquaponics system in Missoula MT. Very audacious, I know, but I think there's a guy in Stevi doing it. I have so many ideas that I need to get validated but the question burning in my loins right now is this... is it OK (from a human and critter health standpoint) to feed tilapia and/or perch and/or trout straight up goat manure? Or must it compost first? Or must I take it from manure to compost to duckweed (for example) to fish food? And if it must compost first, that is OK, but if I am hoping to get some heat for the "greenhouse" (I use this term loosely) from the composting manure, should it be in one of those spinny barrel things or should it be out in the open so it can release the heat better? I am lazy, so I am not very into the idea of turning the manure by shovel, but if it will keep my "greenhouse" warm, I guess I can deal with that.

I know there is a lot of other things going on here, such as how do I keep the aqua from freezing, blah blah blah etc, but I have those are for another time and place. My question relates only to the matter of feeding manure or compost to various species of fish.

Does this question belong in composting? I figured since its about fish it would go in critters, but there's no fish forum. And since I'm talking about goats... well...

First post, new to the philosophy, please be nice! Thanks!
6 years ago