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Recent posts by Nathan Paris

Are you looking for an opportunity to start living an alternative eco friendly lifestyle? Are you LGBTQ or friendly? If so then please consider this opportunity!!

My name is Nathan and I am president of Project EcoGrid (, also on Facebook and YouTube) Project EcoGrid is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable human habitation and transportation.

I am looking to provide housing to people who are interested in living an "off the grid" type lifestyle.

I own 2 acres in suburban Cincinnati Ohio that I have been developing into an eco friendly living spot.

I currently have a shipping container tiny home, a 25ft RV, and a 24ft Sailboat that I am looking to get people living in. I will be living on property as well in one of these structures.

There is no connection to city water or sewer so you will need to bring in your own water and use a composting toilet. I have used a number of different methods for each of these tasks so I can help out with advice on options.

The most important things are that you have a drive to want to live your day to day life inside a sustainable development and that you are LGBTQ or friendly.

Rent will be provided in the forum of labor to bring in an income for the nonprofit. The main tasks will be to get the greenhouses up and running with an aquaponic setup and heated with composting.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you would be interested in please let me know and we can discuss things further.
4 years ago

Permaculture is one of our main supporting ideas!

Thank you everyone for all your support! We hope you will Wake Up & Retire Early with us!

6 years ago

allen lumley wrote: L@@Ked for it, without luck, empt' space below - - - - BOSS - - - - Big AL !

Looks like we could be having an IT issue folks! Let me know if anyone else is having this problem.

Thank you Big AL for bringing this to our attention!

6 years ago

allen lumley wrote:? Register ? !!! ? W'ere ? !!! Best Big AL

I apologize if its unclear how to register, you would want to click on the link at the top of the page, right below the websites logo LetTheBossKnow, it says "register" and that is where you would want to register.

Thanks though for your input Big AL, I will try and make it more clear on how to register.
6 years ago
We have a TON of projects that weve done over the years, almost all of them are decently documented with pictures. We plan to post these projects in the blogs and have people come talk about them in the forums. I want to keep our projects in an area that is not cluttered with everyones "comments" on them. That way when someone needs the information its easy to find.

Once people register I will start talking with them in the forums until it gets more of a following. I do agree that we need more people on the site, but keep in mind that the post here on permies was our very first ever bit of advertising that we have done on the site. So your seeing the site in its very very begening stages.

6 years ago

David Livingston wrote:but then I speak English and not american so I may not be your target demographic


If you are a human, then you are our target demographic, so we want to reach you! Its just me and one other person, trying to do all this labor to build our life, and now were throwing a website on top of all that... we will make it more "global friendly" when we can.
6 years ago
We are building an electric grid, NiFe batterys, you can attach wind, solar, anything to them. We are building our own grid, Food, Shelter, Transportation, Energy, its everything you need to completely build your own grid.

Your letting your boss know that you dont need them anymore. With everything that we are presenting to people, they could save up, buy everything they needed, and kiss their job goodbye forever. Plus the website name is very easy to remember and already gets a lot of hits from search engines
6 years ago
Thanks for the input!

Do you feel the term "Forget off the grid... build your own grid" doesnt clearly state our intentions with the blog and forums?

6 years ago
So we decided to build a website to document our life @

This is our first "advertising" that weve done for the site, so let us know what you think! Send us an email, sign up for the forums, help us build our own grid!

6 years ago
William - Alcohol could be allowed to just evaporate, but I dont think thats good for clothes and Im very sure the cost of doing laundry would go up exponentially lol. I have no way of disposing of high acid vinegar and I doubt like the clothes would last long at all in an acid bath LOL.

Judith - After seeing what was previously said about peroxide Im going to do a little more digging into it. I have always thought peroxide was very bad for anything living but apparently I was wrong. I will keep going to the laundry until I find an acceptable alternative. I am sure this issue has come up with other homesteaders and I know there is a solution out there and if not then I guess ill be the first person to figure it out LOL.
6 years ago