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Hi all

I was thinking of this question today after a trip to the Produce place. Now it has appeared in the "Interesting permies threads you might have missed" in my Inbox.

We were asking about buying Organic Certified feed for chickens. Anyhow, the guy said he could get some different grain mixes, mash, etc and also straight wheat, soybeans, and perhaps sunflower seeds. So, my question was something like "What is the difference between this wheat at say $1.50/kg compared with organic grain from the health shop at $5 or so per kg?" would it be a different variety with different taste? (as people have already mentioned) or are the organic specs for growing animal grain different to growing human grain? otherwise, I am guessing it is to do with handling and storage differences? or are we just being conned and the farmers are growing the one grain but businesses along the way add their margins and we end up paying a heap more because of the kind of shop it ends up in?
2 years ago
Hey all, what has happened to the flagship permaethos farm/project? I checked the http://elishasspring.com/ website and it's pretty empty?! is it still going? and are there others in the pipeline?
Local superadobe aficionado to run a superb dome building week long workshop. A mix of theory and much hands on -> preparing you to build your own structure in the future.
See poster and then email to book or for more info!
2 years ago
Yes, nice 2 videos - please do share more..
3 years ago
Hi, I would like to know more info about the seed planting tool used in the film - tried a google search and looking through the miracle farm website but no info on it - it seems amazing - I would like to make one or buy one soon! Anyone know something more about it please? Thanks for your time, cheers from Australia,
3 years ago
has anyone tried the zip file download and had success?
4 years ago
giving up on the dummy account - you can still download using your own Google account

To make access easier, I have uploaded all files in one zip file, download from: http://www.filedropper.com/apdcresourceset-sugarloafpermacultureend2014

Best, Dylan
4 years ago
dummy account password now mlp+mlp+
4 years ago
You are all welcome, thanks for the comments. If you make use of them, please do share back to the community (even if they are quite different - I will not mind!) I really think there are better things we can be DOING than sitting in front of a computer generating resources (which fundamentally are more or less universal and only need some custom adjustments and additions).

Cheers all
4 years ago
2014 was a busy year at Sugarloaf Permaculture. Half way through we started teaching our first PDC that was held at the local community gardens over 14 Sundays. After finishing at the end of November, I was relieved as my evenings were less pressured without the constant preparation and some Sundays were ours again. After some days, while out in the garden, I reflected on the huge number of hours that went into preparing the content for presentation. Yes, I am somewhat of perfectionist and wanted to create a resource that students could keep and refer back to any time (a collection of PowerPoints). But, I wondered how many potential teachers out there were put off by the amount of preparation needed? Anyhow, the thoughts of sharing this resource set emerged and so I decided to go back through the presentations again to improve them further and to ask permission of others who had contributed. Graciously, all were willing to share their efforts. Thank you Cam Wilson, Christian Shearer, and the local presenters from Stanthorpe who are happy to further share their specialties.

People are encouraged to read the accompanying notes before viewing the presentations. If you have a Google account, you will be able to open them in Google Drive and download one by one or the whole folder. If you refuse to bow to Google, then here is a workaround:
* Click on "Sign in" button on the top-right corner of the linked page.
* Click Go to Google Drive
* Use this dummy account; username: permacultureconscience password: mlp=mlp=
* When logged in there will be a folder called PDC course presentations in My Drive
* Click on the folder, then hover your mouse until you find the More actions button (to right of trash can), click it and select Download at the bottom
* It will take few seconds before the folder is zipped and download starts.
* Or you can double click to get into the folder and see what's there.

These PowerPoints are made freely available in good faith. This means that they are used in accordance with the 3 Permaculture ethics. If you do use them to hold a Permaculture course, please do your best to make it affordable and offer places for people who have the desire but not the financial support. Financial limitation should not be a barrier to Permaculture Education!

If you do not intend to teach Permaculture, you are still welcome to go through the presentations and learn something new. Hopefully they will lead you to much further research and knowledge acquisition (remember to put it into use by DO-ing).

If you find these resources useful enough to feel the urge to donate money in their honour, please have a look at www.wethetrees.com and support an interesting project on there! Thank you for your love.
4 years ago