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Serbia (Pancevo)
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Recent posts by Miroslav Crevar

Hi i am from Serbia and i grow pawpaws and i have few pawpaw trees that bear fruit every year.
This year was good and i had a lot of fruits.

5 months ago
Its best to plant as many as you can, when your trees start fruiting you will see are fruits from your trees are good enough for you and if not you can try grafting over that trees with scion wood from tree that is good for you.

Here are two of mine videos about grafting pawpaw (so you can see how to graft pawpaws).

1 year ago
Hi i am from Serbia and i love to graft fruit trees, i do grafting some years and i decided to share knowledge by making grafting videos .
Now if you want you can learn grafting easy way you can do it by watching grafting videos.

This is my youtube playlist with more than 40  videos about fruit trees and grafting.


p.s. Videos are made in my language but most of them have English subtitles.
1 year ago
Seed if sown directly taken from fruit  don't need stratification  but if longer time are out of fruit then i better to stratify them in fridge  3 month.
Young seedlings is best one or two years grow in pot and than plant outside.
When you grow from seed kaki you will not know when tree will start to bloom and how will be quality of fruits, often from seed grown tree need more than 5 years to start  blooming first time.
Grafted plants can start blooming sometimes in second year after planting.

In this video you can see difference between  diospyros lotus and diospyros kaki grafted plants.

2 years ago
I am from Serbia and this year i have pawpaw fruits from my tree, it was also seedling tree and fruit size is about 150 g max this year.
I have 3 pawpaw trees that will bloom next year and i will help again with hand pollination .
I got seed from 3 different source so i will have different genetic plants.
Pawpaw seeds have very good germination percentage , sometimes 100% sometimes a bit less than 100%.
Snails love to eat leafs.

This is how looks my tree and ripe fruits.

2 years ago
Actually its video on youtube but on Serbian language, you can play video and than you can see how much fruit this tree have.
Josta grows about 150 - 200 cm in high.
People say that on well grown tree it can bear about 4-6 kg on my tree i estimate about 1-1.5 kg maybe more i don't know i eat fruits directly from tree .
2 years ago
I have 4 tree years old jostaberry trees grown from cuttings.
This is one of my trees that have most fruits on it.

2 years ago