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Be careful---as you might know, many of these herbs and greens have effects on the body. Clover is estrogenic, oatstraw and nettles might be an aromatase inhibitor (prevents testosterone from turning into estrogen) in addition to having a histamine effect, supposedly sage is estrogenic, too. And other herbs reduce estrogen. Probably a good rule is to vary your teas.
4 years ago
My acquaintances (profiled in my book, The Composting Toilet System Book) tell me this works as a preheater but not as a heater. Unless you don't mind lukewarm versus hot water.

5 years ago
Well, you'll need a composter and that has to either go under the bathroom or on the bathroom floor or outside the bathroom and served by a microflush or vacuum toilet.

Good luck, Leta. Don't put a composter anywhere hard to access.
6 years ago
Establish the composting toilet elsewhere.

Poop won't roll horizontally---or nearly any angle---without help via a vacuum or water or somesuch.

6 years ago
Leta, so you are saying you have no real accessible space under your bathroom and you don't want a self-contained system that sits on the floor of the bathroom?

How far away is the outer all or an accessible space below the floor of the bathroom?

A system with a microflush toilet draining via a pipe of some angle (I forgot the slope #%) leading to a composter is your solution.

Or if the purpose is to reduce load on the septic, install a little waterless urinal. Men and motivated women, with or without a funnel, will use it. Or use a pee-jug as we do.
I find women aren't crazy about using the paper funnels called Pmate after the novelty wears off.

Good luck!
6 years ago
Leta, the lazy-susan design is a knock-off of the "Snurredassen" or Carousel composting toilet system of Scandinavia. Bob Crosby in Alaska likes to make these.

No need to make a lazy susan, though. Just use barrels, ideally with wheels. Or move them manually or with wheeled platform. Barrel composters get heavy!

We sell plans for such systems---dry, urine-diverting, and/or micro-flush toilet stools---and will feature the plans in more detail in the future. A diagram is in our book.
I'm happy to explain the system further.

6 years ago
You can purchase a urine-diverting composting toilet or make one.

Urine diverters are available for purchase (here's one I sell: I'll have more in soon).
And of course you can make them out of funnels, as I used to do in Mexico. After making these, you'll see the value of the manufactured diverters. However, a funnel can be just fine. Make the diverter with an auto parts store large funnel or with a cut bottle.

You can make a waterless urinal out of a bottle or funnel or purchase the oil-trap versions or the no-trap versions.
I install low-cost waterless urinals with no trap when then drain to a graywater system or gravel trench.

Urine is a great additive to a graywater system because it adds nitrogen to the carbony water that is graywater, creating a more complete diet for microbes and plants.

Much of this is shown in my book, Liquid Gold, and somewhat in my books, The Composting Toilet System Book and Reusing the Resource.
6 years ago