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Thanks for the info it was realy interesting what i have seen until know on youtube is that if you conect it to a rope pump it can be cost efective
if it works i wil put some pictures on here
7 years ago
Hey scotos

I tryed the link it seems to work for me here is a nother one

As for me i am in the early stage of making a food forrest i am figuring out how to make my own windmill and some ponds
Oh yea i am 27 3 years ago i just bought a car and carevan with my last mony and drove it from holland to hungary to help some people on there farm
after a few months i found my own farm
You said Hey the plan is that I will figure out a plan someday Thats a little vaige if you wan't something you go for it 100 % the rest will follow
and others will help
I ask this becous i am curios are you going to keep working and save for your farm or buy the cheapest piece of land you can find and build one your self
Some body asked me once what would you do with a million euro and like a light bulb going on i could only think about working on a farm and getting out of the city my logic was i don't need a milion euros to be happy i can do it right now and i was right i ownly learned about permaculture a year ago
and that realy helped keep the mood coing not tryng to make big investments in mony crops just try to consume less and everything will be simpler
I am trying to say is there are much cheaper way's to live i lived in a carevan for a long time i stil have 2 of them you can buy 1 hectare for 1000 euro and just start

I hope you figure out a plan Szia
7 years ago
That sounds good the south is not as beutiful as the north i think its flat and sandy but realy cheap so
In my earlyer message i put a link to facebook i put lots of pictures on there for my famaly to see
You are welcome to viset I can always use some extra hands
Let me know what the exact plan is

7 years ago
Ok maybe i schould frame my question different its not only i can't see steam when i use ground water but when i stick my hand in there it is not warm at al and i am keeping it wet enough i think the same as when it rains i even bought a termometer and when it is misty a day or rainy the temprature realy reaches 70 degrees celcius ! I was just thinking when we make cheese we just leave it in a big box and wait for the bacteria from the air i thought it worked the same with compost I am not complaining my dog likes to hide egs in ther and they are cooked after a day so its just i can notice big swings in temprature
7 years ago
Thanks for everybody's input I had another question when i make compost and i give it ground water to get started and i turn it i don't realy see any steam but when it rains it steams the same day or when it is realy misty its the best i think it's becous of the bacteria in the air that gets mixed with the water and compost Does anybody have the same conclusion ?
7 years ago
I think your right better to leave big quantaties of that kind of waste in the city !
7 years ago
That was my first reaction to but all the people who make compost from there one manure i started thinking this could work
maybe for my fruit trees or i want to start first pioneering with trees and then fruit trees maybe this free waste can be used ?
7 years ago
Thanks for the fat reply John I have no idea what normaly manure costs per ton i use my own horses manure its
The guy said i can have it for a 100 euro delivered

Ps I can get treated human manure as much as i want for free frow a waste water facilaty it has been treated the say they make compost for the city trees and gardens from this but the farmers around me say never to use it i have a friend who works there and he say's its ok
Does anyone have experiance with this its not compost yet !!

7 years ago
Hello Scotos Alba

I live near Szeged Csengele is the town
i have been looking in hungary for a long time and the south and east are the cheapest
Let me know what your exact plans are and I hope i can help you further finding what your looking for

7 years ago
Hello permies

I can buy 20 tons of horse manure 10 years old the structure looks perfict my only question is
has it lost its power or nutriants after being in a pile for ten years

Does anybody have experiance with old manure ?

Thanks already
7 years ago