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I try to be frugal in most things, but in some areas I just can't.
2 years ago
A quick question: What did you plant in the reed bed? I know you said it in the video, but my American ears couldn't quite catch it (despite over half my ancestors being from Ayrshire.)
2 years ago

thomas rubino wrote:Hi Albert; Welcome to Permies!
I'm afraid I know nothing about spores and how to eradicate them. So any suggestions I make should be taken with a big grain of salt .... I could be full of it!

Clean your garage. Start with the rafters and end on the floor!
You might even use a pressure washer. Maybe compressed air to blow it out to start.
Sealing the concrete floor and using plastic walls might be enough in conjunction with the cleaning.
As far as fungicides,  only use organic / natural methods.
If they do not work, build a new shed outside for shroom growing.
Then store your freezer and lawn mower in the garage.

Even after all that, spores from those old, wooden rafters might fall occasionally. I think a simple cover during the innocculation of your grow medium would probably be enough protection. Something along the lines of a restaurant sneeze-guard. You can probably make something adequate out of old wood and a plastic dropcloth.
2 years ago
Not to sound negative, but I see something you might need to address. That's an old garage that has clearly seen some moisture issues. Your first concern might be existing fungi in that space which could compete and interfere with your mushrooms.
2 years ago
Are you staying there after the restrictions lift? Carrots take some time. Depending on your plans, you might want to stick with faster-growing crops: lettuces, radishes, Swiss chard, etc.