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Husband, father of two, Mensa member, and opinionated bastard.

We're in a suburban, cookie-cutter home and looking for ways we can set up a less consumer-y lifestyle in the midst of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" middle-class monotony. We're not planning to go full-bore with the permie lifestyle, but we definitely want to apply these principles in much of our daily life. If we can grow our own food and sell enough produce to make a few months' mortgage payments each year, we'll be happy.

North of Detroit (5b to 6a)
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For a variety of reasons (mostly financial) I'm starting my gardening projects completely from scratch this year. I'm making half-barrel raised beds, and I'm almost done with them. As a dump truck driver in the construction industry, I have a ready source for plenty of well-draining dirt; unfortunately, it's lain under concrete for 20 years and has no organic life in it. What's the fastest way to breathe life into this abundant but depleted resource?
2 weeks ago
How do I upload a new profile picture?
Nostalgia wave!!!

My grandmother knitted me a similar sweater when I was a kid - probably around 8. Instead of chickens, it had turtles.
2 months ago
I like the idea of papercrete, but I see a lot of warnings about keeping it dry. Wouldn't this make it an inferior material? I life in Michigan: not a rainforest, but far from a desert. Water appears and needs to be dealt with. Is papercrete suitable?
2 months ago

Tim McClure wrote:I have not yet put it on the market I was waiting till spring. Because it snows there in winter. But I will be selling it for less then I bought it for. I plan on selling it for 45,000.

We might talk.
2 months ago

Mike Jay wrote:Two naive questions...  Did the driver not pull ahead far enough or did they dump too much or both?  And what would happen if he/she just drove forward to get out of the mess?

It looks to me like someone opened the hopper doors too soon. The tractor is powerful enough to drive out of that pile, assuming the chips are around the rig but there aren't a lot under it. But the empty trailer would likely get lifted up and/or pushed sideways and damage the surrounding equipment. It could even bring the whole elevator down.

And a responsible driver won't move until his windows and mirrors are clear.
3 months ago
This picture came across my screen today.

As a truck driver, I cringed.

As a permaculture enthusiast, I thought, "No worries. I know what to do with the extra."
3 months ago

Travis Johnson wrote:

Dillon Nichols wrote:Travis, thanks for the laugh. I'm confident that key to your dilemma is reframing the metric such that the goal is a lower CPA(cost per act).

I'm (just) enough of a gentleman to refrain from brainstorming possible ways to accomplish this reframing, that's all on you... Efficiency is a great buzzword!

I wish you luck with this dreadful challenge, and can only hope you are able to rise to the occassion.

Glad you found a little humor in it. Katie, not so much.

Perhaps if I had not mentioned she was "averaging just above a woman upon the street, and just under a call girl", she would have been more understanding, but I think comparing is not really good in any shape or form. It puts a sense of value on things, and brings into question "quality".

I say all this with a little laugh; I have been with (3) women in my life, and married each one. I am hardly a "player".

As for employment opportunities, I did mention to Katie a few times when money was tight, a truckstop was not far away. Katie did not find much humor in that suggestion either!

I was a truck driver for 5 years, and I work as a dispatcher now. With all due respect to your wife, Katie wouldn't make a dime working a truck stop. She looks too good; the truckers would all assume she's an undercover cop. There's more than one reason we call them "lot lizards".

And keep her away from that Swift truck. Swifties are dangerous. We like to say S.W.I.F.T. is an acronym: Sure, We're Insured For That!
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:pulley.  the pulley was invented to move the drying rack closer to the ceiling.

That will deter three of them.
3 months ago