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since Sep 15, 2012
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Im from israel and i build the stove up there.
I didnt read it all but i want to stongly recomand a bypass that is conecting the manifold and the chimney. It is very hard here sometimes to create a stack effect and its the only why i found that works.
After that we do long benches and they hold the heat amazingly!
Good days
4 years ago
Satamax Antone - sorry i probably wasent clear. i appreciate your help very much!
what i meant was is rmh is a stupid proof stove. just put the wood and forget for an hour and a half. or is it has to be maintained every 15 minutes.
allen lumley and Peter Berg - thanks. i'm trying this things and your comments are assuring me that i'm not far from the result people get all over.
Peter - i tried the p channel. i couldn't tell the differens.
about the manifold - by your equations we are ok. meaning i believe the gap around the riser is big enough for the smoke profile to pass.
so manny variables.
tomorrow we are going to build another one. people here like these dragons. hope i wont create fals expectations for them.
thanks again to all of you
6 years ago
do you mean donkey's channel?
can you please tell me if you are operating without touching the wood at all?
you are saying some rmh more then others.
do you know about a list of "this is how rmh should behave (in terms of ash, tending, smoke, smoke backs.....)"? things that are not different in every stove? do you understand what i'm asking? i'm looking for understanding just how much a product is it? lets say compering to the average wood stove?
6 years ago
satamx - there was enough wood. this is the end of the load.
the materials are fire bricks for the feed and half the tunnel and kiln bricks for half the tunnel.
riser is a square stainless with ceramic fiber around it.

just for understanding -
do you operate your rmh without rattling the wood at all?

thanks for your time
6 years ago
thanks for the good intentions
i read the book several times.
i also went to a workshop in montana with ernie and erica.
and i've built 10 rmh by now.
feed is not to big. its 15 cm by 15 cm (its a 7" system). c s a is same all the way exept the tunnel which is a little bit lower then 15 cm.
gaps - barrel to top riser its 3" (more then needed. is it a problrm?)
barrel to riser sides - also mor then the c s a.
the manifold is 10" (also more then needed but lots has been said about making it wider)
about the wood - this is part of the quetion - is it has to be so spesific? is it not possible just to put wood and thats it?
notice that if we rattle the wood every 15 minutes the problem quite goes away.
6 years ago
hello racketeers
we are a building group from israel and we have built 10 rocket heaters until now.
we keep on feeling that either we are doing something wrong or that this is the way this things work.
sorry about the noise - people worked there.
i guess i'm looking for sharing of experience.
i'm trying to understand was it a good idea to make this rmh thing a business.
for instance - hight of the wood - if a client must cut it to the hight of the feed it reduces the likability for it to work. also occasional smoke back.
this is our in making web site -
6 years ago