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Sometimes a question is all it takes...

Just now a few days ago Stephen Barstow published a short video clip of how he stratifies hundreds of perennial vegetable seeds of a mindblowing variety in such a tiny space that you wouldn't believe it. In the small frame he uses milk cartons laid down on the side where he sows around 10 different varieties in each of the cartons, totaling to around 2-300 varieties each year, making sure plants from the same family isn't too close. "It’s just a wooden frame with Enviromesh draped over to stop mainly birch seeds from entering but allowing water to pass through."

Here's the link to the blog post that contains the video and further description: If I knew how to embed I would, sorry about that, but here's a screen shot:

The grower is Stephen Barstow, the author of the book Around the World in 80 Plants that Maddy Harland in Paul Wheaton's Podcast 239 described as "an ethnobotanist dream traveller log". His book gets a solid 100% 5 star rating on Amazon and 10 out of 10 acorns on the book review chart.

Thanks to notoriously curious Benedicte Brun for asking him this simple question of how he does it!

Fun fact: He has aprox. 2000 varieties in his half an acre edible garden, and routinely makes a gimmick of putting hundreds of edible plants in a mixed salad. His record is over 500 different edible perennials in 1 salad, all coming from his garden.
My woman and I have reached a point that somehow seems like a fork in the road. She wants kids now but need to have a clear plan of how to get into a situation that will give us community and permaculture from the get go. I agree with her, but think most of what she brings up as examples of communites smells like rainbows coming out of someones ass.

What to do?
1 month ago
This is seriously great content! 15 hours in (allthough while multitasking) I am very happy I decided to drop the coin for access. I recommend it to anyone that is sitting on the fence.

One question, though: There are references to the course notes that should be on a private forum on permies. Do we onliner's get access to those notes?
1 month ago
Sorry to bother you with my stupidness.

Keep on with more useful work now, you guys rock!
1 month ago
I tried another browser and it works. I guess it's something on my end, then.
1 month ago
Well, it says so where the imbedded video should have been, in every single thread of those I've tried so far (except for the very first one I tried) both from the PDC and ATC.

For instance here:

1 month ago
Hi, I'm having trouble watching the videos. I get the message "Sorry
Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here."

What's wrong?
1 month ago
Hey, I've read the email from Paul and those words make me want do support you. I wish I could afford to go for the 4 DVD set, but I'd have to settle with slightly less. Thanks for your effort, I wish you God speed! Crank it, step on it and bake your cake and eat it too!
4 months ago
Hey, I got the email about the bundle, and somehow I've been all out of money lately. As a strategy I wonder if it is possible to sign up for the $75-bundle and get the downloads and pay later? Hm? No? You see, somehow it tends to work like knowing you owe someone, then you find the money. Silly question?
4 months ago
Want to make money doing permaculture by going pro?

I've been following Richard Perkins and his wife Yohanna's work the last two years from across the border (he's in Sweden, I'm in Norway) through the internet and by the reports of people having been there (several of my permaculture friends). This guy have been doing everything right from the get go and have already in two years made a prime permaculture example. This is world class permaculture, folks! Actually it makes my hobby scale permaculture work look lame, so as I'm writing this I'm in a process of packing my stuff to move out there to intern for 10 weeks to learn of this awesomeness happening there.

You could too! Learn, I mean! He's finishing his book now, I just backed it on kickstarter

2 years ago