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Recent posts by Crt Jakhel

Hi Skandi - thanks for the extra information!

I saw in other threads that the underground water table at the property is quite high, resulting in the soil being soaked and losing oxygen. This can be helped a lot with consistent use of ditches - our apartment from before the purchase of land lies near a marshy area and I see the earthworks and their effects when out with the dog.

Regarding your property, I'll note something unpleasant but maybe realistic and perhaps others could share their thoughts on the topic - my wife is worried that a low, flat coastal area could run into problems if present "weird weather" continues - be it flooding or just the mixing of salt into groundwater / soil.

So I'm not getting her vote for this idea despite the very attractive price; and I'm a believer in the saying "happy wife, happy life".

The requirement to move to Denmark is unfortunately another showstopper for us as we have so many things ongoing in our country. (... Which is one of the younger countries to have entered the EU and having browsed more information I can only wonder at the exceptions Denmark was able to retain whereas the newbies had to be very compliant.)

Apart from those personal reservations the property and the price look very good indeed. We're keeping fingers crossed that somebody permie-minded can step in and continue the development you've done.

3 months ago
Hi - sent you a Purple Moosage.
3 months ago
About 20.000 people. Regional center, probablythe smallest "complete" town in Slovenia in the sense that it even has a hospital.

Try these guys:
4 months ago
That "70" in the ad refres to the m2 of the house itself (minus the cellar and the various additional structures), not the house number.

The location has nothing to do with Murska Sobota -- Trdkova is cca 30 km away. (For this reason this ad might also be interesting - - since it matches your criteria but is much closer to a small city which can be practical.)

I don't think I can give you the link to the cadaster - at least not to the one that is known to me (Portal prostor) as the URL doesn't seem to change with the location. I have the cadaster maps the lady sent on my mobile and we'll have a look tomorrow.

Off now to read & sleep.

4 months ago

Stephen Nakar wrote:Ok. Great. What price do you think he will sell it for? Is this property the entire piece between the house and forest?

1,5 ha + 2500 m2 of a field planted with herbs is thrown in as a bonus.

32.000 is the advertised price but she said (it's a lady) that's still open to negotiation.

For my eyes even if it were fixed at 32 it would still be a very good offer unless the house is completely useless. But I believe a round 30 should be achievable.

I'm not sure I'm able to give you a link to the exact item in the online cadaster (Portal prostor).

I have the cadaster scans on my mobile, we'll take a look tomorrow.

4 months ago

Stephen Nakar wrote:This sounds good. Trdkova 99 Is the address? Which property link is this?

The one on 1,5 ha for 32 K as you requested.
4 months ago
Trdkova is up north in Goričko, near the triple border point Austria / Hungary / Slovenia.

Low rolling hills. Some locations may surprise with being in a steep valley but from the photos I wouldn't say this is the case here.

OK, I talked to the seller.

It's an individual seller. A fellow cancer patient so we talked for a while.

This house was held by an old lady and upon her death was bought by the municipality which then solid it to the current owner.

The house number is still on, I have the address, Trdkova 99. Phone line, water mains, electricity - but sewage is by an individual pit. There ia a cellar.

There's a neighbor apparently with some free range pigs (mangalitsa - wooly pig, very cool animals) and then the road ends.

The property is tehcnically outside of the Goričko national park which simplifies the transaction somewhat.

The house could possibly be habitable but the roof needs fixing. We can go and visit tomorrow if you'd like and see what's what as it sounds quite promising.

The seller is based in Ljubljana and is a retired real estate agent. Language should not be a problem if you like the offer.

If you buy land in Prekmurje I promise to visit you by bike during the warm part of the year
4 months ago
Apparently this used to be an army outpost. But it has some land, a nice price and seems to stand a bit apart from other houses.

This one is a bit remote as well and a very friendly price. I think I got lost here while biking once upon a time. NOTE: mentions the option to rent. Individual seller.

This one seems quite remote - beware, this is a place called Trdkova and NOT really Trdkova street in Murska Sobota

Another one in Trdkova, way low price but a small piece of land

This is a good location and there is an extensive orchard with an eco certificate.

And a special one -- mobile house on a large estate
4 months ago
Oh, you were already there?

I just had a call from the realtor ... She says the house number is still there (big plus) but there's no running water and toilet in the house - the house is like it's been in the old times.

So this is not for you? I should call her back and tell her it's off?

That's Haloze for you -- small hills but serious slopes.
4 months ago
It's an agency ad -- the agent in charge isn't reachable at the moment. But they told me that the ad appears to still be active and that they'll call me back for a possible viewing tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
4 months ago